UFC Ends Tyler Manawaroa’s Octagon Dreams After Racist Instagram Post Uncovered

February 11, 2014
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Tyler ManawaroaThe Ultimate Fighter Nations Aussie fighter Tyler Manawaroa, 19, will go no further than his performance on the UFC reality series after a racist post to his Instagram account was recently uncovered.

Team Canada’s Kajan Johnson pointed out the racist post, which stems from 2012. After being brought to the UFC’s attention, the promotion informed Manawaroa that he would not be offered a contract regardless of how far he goes on TUF Nations.

Manawaroa responded via his Twitter account, saying, “racism isn’t funny I know that. It was a joke.”

Manawaroa (10-0) recently moved into the semifinal bracket of the tournament after winning a unanimous decision over Canada’s Nordine Taleb, giving the Aussie team its first victory on the show. But whether or not he continues to move through the brackets on the show, Manawaroa will not be offered a spot on the UFC’s roster.

“The UFC organization had hired an investigation company in Australia to conduct thorough background investigations on potential contestants for The Ultimate Fighter Nations television series,” read a statement from UFC officials on Tuesday. “Unfortunately, the background checks did not uncover all of the social media history by contestant Tyler Manawaroa.

“The UFC is committed to having an environment that is free from discrimination. Consequently, UFC has notified Manawaroa that regardless of how far he advances in the completed television series, the organization will not be offering him a contract to compete in the UFC.”

The TUF Nations Finale takes place on April 16 in Quebec City, Quebec.

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  • mark dowell

    words or pictures only have power if you give it to them get over it already judge someone as a whole not due to one incident

    • MuayThaiFood

      Just joking, get over it already.

      • mark dowell

        ok like i said its just words not a cliche person but i do know the correct way to spell cut,,,ya wanker

        • MuayThaiFood

          I was trying to keep the C word from being censored, think about it. Then again, you didn’t see that I was trying to make a point that your simpleton cliche was meaningless. You were obviously offended, so I guess words do have power after all because it was my intent to get a rise out of you and I did. Why make excuses for people saying or doing stupid stuff? Do you think his “joke” was funny?

          • mark dowell

            i think it was tasteless however ive been called redneck ,cracker,white boy and that perfectly ok. so why cant i use similar meaning words

          • MuayThaiFood

            So, you want to be able to us the N word is that what this is about?See, that’s interesting because, while I am white, I’ve never been called a cracker or a redneck. Maybe that’s because you can be white without being a cracker or redneck. I personally would not like being called either one and I can see why you wouldn’t like it either. I suggest you stop thinking like a redneck, stop using racial slurs and you will probably won’t be called that anymore.

  • TheCerealKiller

    It was a picture of a black baby in a shopping cart and it said, “Get used to looking tru them bars little N word with an A.” And to think the NFL has convicted felons and murderers working for them.

  • Johhny J

    I always questions why Dana White doesn’t promote his black fighters even if they are really really good verses other fighters. this dude made an old post and where is this post???? I wanna see what he wrote..

    • Kevin Syers

      Dana doesn’t promote black fighters? News to me.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Yeah he didn’t promote Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, D. Johnson etc. etc. etc. WTF are you talking about idiot!?!

  • mrtim30

    Time for Kajan Ragin Johnson to change his nickname to The grass. What a dick move.

  • Timothy Malone

    If it was just the picture I could see it as him just joking around but the caption he wrote with it made it seem like he was actually racist (he wrote ‘Damn N****rs’).

    This is only significant if he actually made it to the finale

  • The Best Eva

    How stupid is this guy? What the hell could you possibly be thinking.

    • King_DG

      he was 17 and probably wasn’t thinking.

      • The Best Eva

        That’s only two years, you don’t change that much in that time.

        Still he should have better values than that, I guess if you don’t want to blame him you could blame his upbringing.

        I was smarter than this at that age, age is no excuse for crap like this, he knew exactly what he posted and wrote.

        • earlsimmons

          LOL listen to this liberal. Since when does being racist=being dumb? When you live near a low income craphole filled with minorities who deal drugs and commit crimes around the neighborhood you will have a different opinion. Living in an all white highclass neighborhhod with mommy and daddy and you think you know how people are LUL bro grow up.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Since when does “liberal” = bad? You think there aren’t blacks living in middle and upper class neighborhoods all over the country? There are plenty of whites out there dealing drugs and committing crimes too and most of them don’t live in “highclass neighborhoods”. If you can’t see that crime is linked to poverty and not race then you are a dumb racist.

          • earlsimmons

            everyone knows liberal=bad…..

            “There are plenty of whites out there dealing drugs and committing crime” Please look up statistics before you post garbage like this bro. You have no clue wtf your talking about.

          • MuayThaiFood

            Well Earl, it’s obvious that you have a very narrow view of your little sh**tty slice of the world. The statistics on race and crime don’t prove that race is the causal factor in crime. If you bothered to look at poverty levels you would note that it is highly stratified by race also. What makes you a dumb racist is that you don’t even make a distinction between the minorities committing the crimes and ones that are contributing to society in a positive way. News flash Earl, Liberalism has been around since the 17th Century. The word was not invented by Rush Limbaugh. Now do us all a favor and go get a vasectomy.

          • The Best Eva

            You are an idiot do yourself a favor and stay away from people because you are the kind of garbage that get people hurt and killed because of useless hate.

            White people do cause crime, are you really that much of an idiot.

          • Arxangel1

            You unwittingly pointed right to socio-economics by pointing out income discrepancies. Perhaps you are resentful and ashamed of yourself for finding yourself so close to poverty. Racism is DUMB. The greatest asset in life is KNOWLEDGE. You gain knowledge by exposing yourself to ideas and viewpoints that that are not your own. Every person that is not me has something I can learn as I have not walked in their shoes. I’ll gladly take the knowledge. So, to button this up for you, anyone who precludes themself from knowledge, such as a racist, is literally and figuratively DUMB. .

          • earlsimmons

            HA ashamed because i live near poverty? Wasnt like that until the minorities moved in so what does that show you? No drugs or crime until they moved in either. Racism isnt dumb its called living in the real world bro. Look up statistics please before spewing garbage. And because you think your high and mighty handing down life lessons doesnt impress any1.

          • The Best Eva

            You are the dumbest person to ever reply my posts. Never again please you are complete moron.

            I have Jamaican and Filipino people in my family and I’ve grown up and still live in a very mixed community.

            I’m not a shallow loser like you who condones being racist because a few people give others a bad name.

            I clearly know far more none white people than you because I clearly know that anybody can be a success.

            Once again you are an ignorant loser.

          • earlsimmons

            Well im sorry to hear that you have them in your family that must suck. And im not a hippie like you who thinks we all must get along and be friends. I live in the real world where crime happens. And from where im from there are only a certian type of individuals who are commiting them. Call it racist or whatever you like but I believe in numbers and statistics so live in your fantasy world and think you are a better person you just another liberal who has no clue and is makeing the world a worse place to live.

          • The Best Eva

            Clearly It’s people like you ruining the world. Wherever you are from sounds like s**t why don’t you move.

            You are racist if you think It’s okay to hate groups of people based on the actions of few.

            It also just points out you are uneducated and an embarrassment to humanity.

  • King_DG

    meanwhile CHael Sonnen gets a title shot after making racist comments about Brazil. Double standard?

    • The Best Eva

      How can you make this comment and then defend him on my post?

      • King_DG

        I wasn’t defending him, you asked what was he thinking, and I said he probably wasn’t thinking. I only answered your question

        • The Best Eva

          Dude you want them treated fairly you can’t look past this guy for not thinking and being 17.

    • shakejunt

      brazilian isn’t a race, but you make a good point.

      • DamianCross

        EXACTLY. Brazilian is a species.

  • mitch

    I thought he was of mixed blood looking at him, what and who was the so called comment directed at?

  • shakejunt

    not looking likely, but imagine if he actually was a finalist?

  • bvol

    If that was what he said its racist as well as Cain Velasquez’s tattoo “brown pride”

    • TheCerealKiller

      No white guy would ever do it, but I love to see the reaction to a “White Pride” tattoo.

      • MuayThaiFood

        The difference you don’t seem to understand is that Whites have been the oppressor race and have throughout much of recent history looked down on other races as inferior as a justification for the oppression. White supremacists wear tattoos like that all the time. If I saw someone sporting a White Pride or White Power tattoo I would assume they were racist or a complete idiot but probably both. I don’t assume the same of Cain Velasquez.

        • bvol

          I don’t see a difference and that seems to me as an excuse. Racism can be towards any race and there is no “pass” for oppression. A lot of people have been oppressed. All Races want equal treatment and equal means held to the same standard.

    • Mike

      There is a documentary that came out years ago about Mexican American hip hop artists called “Brown Pride” i don’t think it’s racist. it;s not the same meaning or motive behind White Pride

      • bvol

        Mike, to me it is. I think that if a Caucasian fighter had that tattoo he wouldn’t be allowed to fight in the Ufc. That’s just my opinion and respect yours. Today’s society doesn’t usually care what the “motive” is and usually is more in tune of the political correctness. While I think today’s society is too sensitive I don’t believe one fighter of a certain race gets a pass for claiming “heritage”.

  • http://loymachedo.com/ Loy Anthony Machedo

    Chael Sonen can make Racist Remarks Over Brazilians But Tyler Manawaroa cannot. Double Standards of UFC which is a Trademark of all Americans Politicians and America as a Country.

    • Arxangel1

      Velasquez has the same “Brown Pride” tattoo that the infamous gang wears. If someone had the term “Black Pride” “White Pride” or any “{insert color} Pride”, they would be immediately released from the UFC or not signed at all. They know they can make money off Cain, so they allow it.

  • Kyle Piercey

    Aussie team. Enough said.

    • TigOlBitties

      Idiot. Are you American or British? In either event, I’d stay away from putting the racist label on anyone else.

  • DiamondBackPain

    Manawaroa responded via his Twitter account, saying, “racism isn’t funny I know that. It was a joke.” <– Most Ignorant statement ever. Good for the UFC.

    • TheCerealKiller

      So Richard Pryor making fun of white people wasn’t funny? Daniel Tosh making fun of every race isn’t funny? I heard a lot of people laughing. Racism is funny, you’re too serious.

      • Bogo

        That’s not even remotely the point. The point is the guy said racism isn’t funny…and then says the racist post he posted was a joke. So either racism IS funny, or he’s too dumb to realize what he just said. In other words Manawaroas is the one who said racism isn’t funny in defense of a racist joke he made…

    • Louis Blank

      he’s saying, that while the picture he posted is a racist joke, more intense racism in the form of say, institutional racism, is not a joke, or funny… Ironically enough the picture he posted could easily be a social statement on the racist slant that the justice system has.

      • DiamondBackPain

        Racism is nothing to joke about period. It is time that this world moved on away from being bigots.

        • Louis Blank

          being racist isnt funny…racism is a joke….

          • DiamondBackPain

            Do you read what you type? You make no sense whatsoever.

          • Louis Blank

            you dont understand english well or what?….one definition of joke is..4. a person or thing inspiring ridicule or amusement. In the case of racism, ridicule is inspired… In other words, Jokes arent always funny…

  • horace

    Racism is good and keeps others on their toes.

    • Bucket of Chicken

      And lets cowards like you hide behind a keyboard and computer because you don’t have the balls to express your ideologies in public.

  • SmH

    Well Kajan can’t win, so why not be vindictive and make sure no one else has a future either. I’m glad you got your jaw broken, I’m glad you cried on tv and looked like a little bitch, it fits your actions. If he had a job, he wouldnt have time to go through 2 years of posts on instagram. Back to the ghetto with you jiggaboo!