UFC Done with Cris “Cyborg” Santos

February 13, 2013
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Cris "Cyborg" SantosThe Ultimate Fighting Championship has severed ties with Cris “Cyborg” Santos.

UFC president Dana White confirmed Santos’ release when talking with the media following the UFC on Fuel TV 7 pre-fight press conference on Wednesday.

Asked if Santos is done with the company, White responded, “Yeah.”

“I’m telling you right now, she wants nothing to do with this fight with Ronda (Rousey),” he immediately continued. “This is the biggest show in the world.  We’re working with her to get her a deal or whatever.  When you send a letter from your lawyer and your doctor saying I will die if I try to make 135 (pounds), it’s just the goofiest thing. I’ve never seen anything like it in the fight business.

“Okay, so you don’t want to make 135, but you want to talk about fighting Ronda. First of all, you tested positive for steroids and got stripped of your title. And you’re trying to talk about how Ronda doesn’t want to fight you, but she’s the champion at 135. If Ronda goes and does the fight at 140 and does the fight at 140, it’s not even for a title. The fight just makes no sense.”

The UFC tried to get Santos fights outside of the organization because there is no 145-pound women’s division in the UFC.  They proposed getting her fights in Invicta FC, but Santos didn’t like the idea.

“So what happens is, so we’ll figure something out where Cyborg gets some fights. Ronda defends her title a few times. Then maybe Ronda moves up to whatever and fights… they want nothing to do with that, wants nothing to do with it.  It’s wacky beyond wackiness,” stated White.

“There is no 145-pound women’s division. She’s under contract with us, so we’d get her some fights somewhere else.  We get her some fights.  Let’s play this 135-pound thing out and see what happens, see where this thing goes.  No.”

Women’s fighting in the UFC centers around the 135-pound division, a division Santos can’t or is unwilling to make. So women fighting in the UFC moves on without Santos.

“This women’s thing is coming together.  When I talk to Joe (Silva) and Sean Shelby, we have 10 of the best 135-pounders in the world. We’re gonna do this division.  We’re going to see how this fight goes down or whatever,” said White.

“Cyborg is pretty much irrelevant right now. She really is. She’s irrelevant.  Go out there and win some fights again, get your name back, stay clean, stay off some steroids and get your career back on track and then we’ll talk.  But for her to think that everybody should move around and jump through hoops for her is insane.”

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  • Joey

    A women that will die if she cuts to 135? Maybe if she didnt have all that testosterone running through her veins it might be a bit safer…

    • MrMMA

      Agreed… I’m sure she could drop the weight but it would take her a while with no weight lifting at all to lose some of that muscle mass. To try and drop it as pure water weight without losing the muscle mass up front would be dangerous and stupid.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Good ridence! I don’t want to see this dude wrecking shop with that jaw and manly voice!

      • fan since ufc1

        If you just watch to look at good looking women that is what cinemax after hours is for i watch to see good fights and hopefully the best 2 in the sport decide who is the baddest and what the F is a cobblepott

  • MrMMA

    I’m not really sure I follow Dana’s logic with this one. Ronda’s first ever fight at 135 was against Tate for the Strikeforce title. She dropped from 145. Cyborg has had numerous issues trying to come close to making 145. Why won’t they simply book a fight at 140? What is Ronda and Dana scared of here? Also, Dana claiming a catchweight simply doesn’t make any sense as it won’t be for a title. Really? What about the fights where the reigning 185 champ has moved up to 205 and taken on scrubs? They weren’t for titles and yet they somehow made sense? Now, I’m not saying I didn’t enjoy Silva moving up on occasion. I’m simply pointing out the absurdity of the argument. Who cares if a title is at stake? Make the fight that the world wants to see. Unless of course, Dana is afraid his champ might lose that catchweight fight. Then, it would make sense not to do the fight from the promoter’s perspective. Real fighters will back up their trash talking and fight regardless of the weight. Heck, BJ Penn fought everything from 155 to HW. He never whined about weights. He certainly didn’t whine after being challenged by an enormous 170 Rory MacDonald. I like Dana and normally defend him on most issues but this one leaves me scratching my head.

    • onehitwonder

      I agree , I could swear I heard Dana say a 140 would be great idea just a few weeks ago. I’m surprised Ronda won’t meet her.

      • jeremy

        ronda doesnt have too and cyborg does but refuses too… cyborg is the one who need to make the wait NOT ronda.. what every one is saying is so backwards.

    • bajafox

      Maybe my reading comprehension sucks, but from what I read he is making perfect sense.

      Santos is a nobody right now (to the general mma crowd,) she wants to fight in a weight class that doesn’t even exist in the UFC. Womens MMA in the UFC is nothing right now, so trying to make fights at catch weights for a female weight class that isn’t even established yet makes no sense whatsoever.

      If Santos wants to fight in the UFC, make weight or fight somewhere else. It really is that simple.

      • b-soc

        Agreed 100%. She hasn’t fought since getting busted for steroids. She needs to rebuild a reputation, not make demands like “if you want to fight me, come up”. Rhonda is the 135 lb champion. You want to fight the champion, you go to that division. If they fought at 140 and Cyborg wins, then what? Rousey goes back to being the champion. Superfights are stupid. Plain and simple. The lighter fighter rarely wins, the UFC makes a ton of money, and we’re no further ahead.

      • Very well put my friend.

      • MrMMA

        Just wondering out loud here… but if Cyborg really is a ‘nobody’ as you and Dana claim. Why has Ronda been soooooooo outspoken in every opportunity possible with blasting Cyborg and challenging her? Could it be that every MMA fan on Earth recognizes Cyborg as the true beast of women’s MMA and Ronda’s simply trying to feed her own hype train by making an empty challenge that she knows will never come to fruition do to the shear size of the beast she’s challenging? Either way, a catch weight at 140 in a non-title fight won’t kill the sport as some are claiming. It’s the only fight that fans want to see. Anderson Silva has made challenges against GSP for several years now for a non-title fight. He’s now said he’s open to fighting Bones Jones in a non-title fight. Why are the rules different for the guys? Still not seeing the logic here…

        • Cameron Mason

          You don’t get it, Rousey is the only female fighter who currently isn’t a “nobody”. She’s marketable in ways Cyborg never could be.

          Yes Cyborg is a tougher fight than probably any of the other female fighters, but her name isn’t big enough to make any real difference to the numbers so why would they jump through hoops for her? They can get someone else and the numbers will be the same because Rousey is still the main draw.

          If Cyborg can destroy some competition without steroids maybe she’ll become interesting again, if she’s hungry enough to fight Rousey she’ll make 135. (Though after pulling this s***, if I was Dana I’d laugh in her face)

        • OzyEatsBabies

          Oh hi Tito…

          • MrMMA

            Good one! Sadly, no argument here. I watched Tito’s interview on Friday and realize he made some of the same points. Oh well. I’m not a Cyborg fan but I want to see the fight. Ronda came out swinging on Twitter challenging Cyborg to the fight. If you challenge someone to a fight, don’t put restrictions on the weight. Ronda called her out. Ronda should step up and make 140 or 145. Then, after she rips that roided out arm off the beast and puts it on her mantle, she can drop back to 135 and continue ripping arms off there.

        • GoNoles

          p.e.d.’s is all that needs to be said

      • John Bunch

        I don’t know all the details, but Cyborg strikes me as the type of woman who isn’t afraid of any woman…and probably most men. She is 5’8″ according to Sherdog, and Jose Aldo is 5’7″ and I’ve read he really has to work hard to make 145. It sounds like she is taking your advice, and going elsewhere where she feels more comfortable. Part of me feels like Dana is a little relieved Cyborg is not on the horizon for Rousey…the Gina hype train derailed pretty fast once Cyborg got a hold of her.

    • canguy

      Do you understand that the UFC only has ONE women’s weight division?! Why would they want her to fight at any weight class other than 135 if there is ONLY ONE division? Who does she fight if she wins? What if she wins the title then who does she defend against? There’s absolutely no future at any other weight even if they make this fight.

      Those guys you’re talking about that fought at a different weight class went back to their weight class after; that doesn’t exist for Cyborg because there is no other weight class.

      The fact that they offered to give her a contract that involves fighting in Invicta is pretty generous…That’s like JPMorgan giving you one of their contracts to go work at McD’s.

      • Dana made ONE women’s divison for Ronda Rousey, not for women’s mma. They could do the same for Cyborg and have TWO women’s divisions.

        • 12to6elBRO

          but still, how the hell would that solve this dilemma? its not about getting cyborg to fight in the ufc, its about getting her to fight rousey at 135 and no other weight, period

        • Dang Ren Bo

          But everyone who used to fight in Strikeforce’s 145 division is now in the 135 division, and the SF 145 division used to be almost empty, anyway. Who would Santos fight?

        • OzyEatsBabies

          But why would they when Cyborg is currently known as a PED abuser and isn’t marketable at all? She needs to work her way back up proving she’s capable of winning while clean before thinking anything is “owed” to her

        • TigerMask

          Is she reliable enough to do that? Santos’ skill comes from a syringe.

    • drkdisciple

      I agree dude its obvious Dana knows what will happen to Roussey if Cyborg gets her hands on her. Fact is Roussey as the face of woman’s mma sells a whole lot more then cyborg….so they found a way to fix the problem b y getting rid of Cyborg. Its pretty obvious that Roussey will beat the next ten “Liz Carmouches” that are hand picked for her. Even a fighter like Marloes Coenen will not be signed by the UFC because she represents too much of a threat.

      • Agreed, Dana had no interest in women’s mma til last year when he saw the draw Rousey has: She is attractive and her fights aren’t bloody. She is a mainstream dream. On the other hand, Cyborg has demolished everyone brutally and looks scary which turns men ( the main demographic viewer) off. Dana never wanted to sign Cyborg based on the above fact. He therefore stresses that she is irrelevant and afraid of Rousey (although she strikes with grown men daily) in order to persuade the public to forget about Rousey’s greatest threat and most likely the favorite to win: Cyborg.
        In Dana’s mind, Cyborg would kill women’s mma by crushing revenue because people would never forget the monster who deformed the beautiful champ..

        • Gunther

          You dumb cunts are acting like “know-it-alls,” knocking on Ronda Rousey, and you can’t even spell her name correctly.

          • elpasc-the13th

            The name caller is playing the grammar police role….How childish!

          • Amanda Martinez

            Again, why can’t you people see this. Dana would easily match them together if Chris could make weight. Why wouldn’t he? It would sell better than most men’s fights, and if cyborg won he could market her as this crazy monster, which contrary to what the panzies here think, men would buy. I’m a man (pay no attention to my handle), I loved watching cyborg. Why would I care if it was women?

            The bottom line is it isn’t dana keeping cyborg out, it’s cyborg staying out. She CAN cut muscle, it’s not like shes skin and bones and has nothing to drop. She is muscled like a man, she could easily drop 10lbs of muscle, make 135, and prove us wrong. She is scared, because she knows her arm would get broken. All this talk about dying is lame, stop lifting and eating like a horse and you lose weight.

          • Andrew

            Would also help if she got off the juice.. which is the only reason she can’t make weight. I love how everyone just ignores the fact that Cyborg has only been dominate while on the juice. The reason she won’t cut to 135, not can’t, is because she knows she would need to stop taking the roids so she can lose the muscle weight which removes her distinct advantage at 145, more of an advantage than a male fighter taking roids. Because she has the testosterone levels of male athletes and has the same muscle mass as most males at 145 all other females fighters had been forced to either take roids or gain fat weight to make the 145 division. If you take the roids from Cyborg she will lose the power and her lack of technique will be exposed and she will bee a 2nd tier fighter at best.

        • Andrew

          As stated above… only reason Cyborg has demolished anyone is because she is on roids. Without the roids she will have less power, less muscles mass and her lack of technique would be exposed. BTW Rousey would win R1 with an armbar.

          • She only tested positve once, how did she win her other fights?…By solid straight punches and a ferocity unmatched by any other woman ala her husband and the old chute boxe crew.

          • Eric Cutler

            Dawson…are you that naive?

            Cyborgs failed drug test proves she is a cheater and she’s most likely cheated b4, but this is the first time she was caught.
            As MMA has become more mainstream the testing is more common and fighters are getting caught. Many organizations in the past didn’t test for PEDs. If they had done more random drug testing outside of fight camps I can almost guarantee she would have been caught. Why do you think she sounds more like a guy today then she did 10 years ago…hmmm? That’s not from Stanozolol. Clearly she has been using other drugs with androgenic qualities! Late puberty…I don’t think so.

            The UFC is implementing a new random drug testing that can be done at any time to a signed fighter even if they do not have an upcoming fight. This means she would not be able to cheat during downtime to build up muscle and then go into fight camp a few months before and pass a drug test. She knows this and that’s why she bailed on the UFC. Without her strength advantage she lacks both speed and technique. Without the drugs she would be irrelevant. She could lose 10 lbs of muscle …if she wanted to. The only fair fight for Cyborg would be against that transgender fighter.

          • TigerMask

            It is obvious that wasn’t the first time used steroids. The woman is a total fraud.

          • Brian Hull

            you know they are warned ahead about the tests right? cycle off… test… cycle on.

        • Brian Hull

          male hormones change your jawline, your throat, your body hair and your vocal cords. there really shouldn’t be anybody left idiotic enough to believe Cyborg hasn’t juiced herself silly. some of those changes will reverse if she stops- lets hope she does. women’s MMA should be for women.

      • Andrew

        Or maybe Dana does not want to put stock into a roided up freak. Cyborg dug this grave for herself, if she wants out then she needs to lay off the juice.

        • TigerMask

          The steroids are the main issue here. This “woman” has no one to blame but herself.

    • justin_e

      They know that the place for this fight to take place is at 145. That is why they are saying 135 or nothing. Dana and Ronda don’t want the fight. Ronda will get killed. Along with women’s fights in the UFC. Everything hinges on painting Ronda as the number one fighter. A fight with Cyborg at a weight they can both make and have both fought at numerous times is the last thing they want. Not that I support steroid use. But that is the situation.

      • Ron Couden

        Ronda will get killed? ha ha

        • Jas

          Yes, Ronda WILL get killed!

        • TigerMask

          She probably would since Santos is a man.

    • Pennot

      BJ was also too lazy to cut to 155

      • MrMMA

        When was that? When he was destroying Jens Pulver, Sean Sherk, JoeDaddy, Florian, and Diego? Not arguing BJ being a ‘lazy’ fighter but he did rule the roost for a while before Frankie got there. Just sayin…

    • 12to6elBRO

      what part about it didnt u understand? a fight at any weight other than 135 will not be a title fight. end of story bro

      • fan since ufc1

        Is that all you watch fights for is if they get to wear a belt if they
        win, myself i watch to see a good fight they hype rousey as the best and
        Cyborg feels she can beat her why not put on a fight the fans want to
        see and settle the question big deal if a belt is on the line or not a
        lot of title fights are crap i just want to see them fight and rousey
        would not have to cut much weight if any and cyborg would have to cut
        some. Every body talks of the roids, just test her before and after the
        fight and that takes that out of the equation. Rousey is just Dana’s
        golden child and he does not want to have her rep tarnished before he
        can make a fortune off her. As far as Cyborg being a nobody in MMA right
        now she was the best in MMA a year ago roids or no roids i don’t think
        everyones memory is that bad. No matter who you favor let them fight and
        settle it obviously the interest from the fans is there just by the
        amount of comments any story about them receives on here. Dana only has
        one womens weight class so obviously favors Rousey if Cyborg can not
        make 135 what is she supposed to do to get a title. A title on the line
        does not make a fight. I am definitely no expert but have been watching
        MMA since UFC1 and do like to watch entertaining fights

    • Salius

      who is this “world” you are talking about that wants to see Rousey vs. Santos? Sure women in the UFC sounds like it may be exciting but whether it will even be nearly as successful as the men is still a big question mark. Why would Dana from a business perspective try to establish 2 mediocre weight classes to appease a washed up fighter like Santos when he is unsure UFC fans will latch on to even a solid 135lb. womens weight class? It just does not make sense to have your first major fight in a class you are trying to legitimize to be a catch weight fight. If people are to take it seriously Dana has to make it look legit instead of getting in fighters that are unevenly matched simply because they are girls and have achieved a bit of fame.

      • MrMMA

        When has Cyborg looked “washed up”? I’m not a fan of hers by any stretch but come on. She destroyed her last opponent as well as every other girl she’s been in the cage with. She single handedly destroyed the hype train around Gina Carano and sent her into retirement. Cyborg-Rousey was the fight that Zuffa was trying to put on for months under the Strikeforce banner before it folded. All of a sudden it would be the end of the world as we know it if it were to happen in the UFC on the big stage? I don’t get it. Also, where is this “solid 135” division you speak of? They have what 6 fighters under contract now? Wouldn’t exactly call that solid. They’ll need to get at least 25 to 30 girls in that division under contract before we can even begin to grade it. Not only that but we should wait until they actually have fights before we say they’re solid as well. My only point with the original post is that this fight should happen. Otherwise it’ll be just another missed opportunity to cash in while the fans care and fighters are still at their peaks. Waiting another couple of years for this fight is a waste as both will most likely come back to reality.

        • Brian Hull

          the dope sent Carano into retirement, if you can call up and coming Hollywood starlet retirement

      • fan since ufc1

        and why would anyone continue to watch women’s MMA when all the fights are one sided when Rousey walks through all her opponents why not fight the best out there and put on entertaining fights. As far as Cyborg having to prove herself i think her past record speaks for itself roids or no roids, although they make a person stronger they dont improve your skills and most of the fights Cyborg one she walked through her opponents with stand up skills. As for as her being a nobody in MMA she and Gina Carano brought women’s MMA into the forefront long before Rousey was heard of.

    • jeremy

      with that logic then cyborg should cut the weight and fight at 135 pounds. its the only female division for woman in the ufc. she will die if she cuts the weight? lol oh please, she gets off the juice and makes it easily. she needs to shut her mouth and go win some fights.

    • rappingandroid

      At this point the womens div only has fighters at 135lbs. Say the catch weight bout goes through and cyborg wins, ronda still has the belt and cyborg is left with nobody to fight unless she drops down to 135. Its just a one off fight that wont help develop the ufcs womens div.

      Also as others say, cyborg has really damaged her brand in the eyes of fans, so she really has to prove herself as a clean fighter before she can throw her weight around.

    • Cptmats

      This is Dana Protecting his Poster Child all over again, just like he protected Tito From Chuck for years when it was clear Chuck was the best LHW in the UFC !

    • Amanda Martinez

      Silly logic. Cyroid has been big into the weight lifting for years, that is one of the reasons she was always so muscular. Do you lift weights? I do, have for two decades, and something very curious happens when you stop. You lose muscle weight. All she has to do is cut back on protein, cut back on WL, and poof, she can make 135.
      Her real issue is, she doesn’t want to lose any strength she has had in the past, but you can’t have it both ways. Rhonda is @135, it has nothing to do with whether Cyborg can make 135, she simply doesn’t want to lose the muscle. At the same weight, @135, Rhonda would ragdoll her and she knows it.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Completely agree, but BJ challenged Rory. Just saying! As for the fight at 140lbs doesn’t make sense?!? But he wanted a much smaller GSP to possibly fight Silva at a catch weight, even Silva vs Jones was possible at a catch weight of 200lbs, but 205 makes a lot more sense.

      It’s funny how Cybirg has never fought below 145lbs a d even had trouble making that weight, while Rousey has competed at 150lbs and she even fought at 145lbs, but White Wants Cybirg to fight at 135l s?!? It’s clear Rousey and the UFC know Cyborg would destroy Ronda, which is why they want her withered to death at 135lbs.

      BTW: It was Rousey who called out Cyborg, and then says she has to move down to fight her? WTF?!? Since when do you challenge someone and then expect them to be inconvenienced, all bc you said so? Just like Silva challenging GSP, when was the last time anyone in a higher weight division challenges a much smaller opponent, and then expects him or her to fight at a weight they never fought before. Makes a lot of sense …… wink wink.

      At least BJ went to the guy he challenged and fought him at his weight class, he never asked or expected GSP to make LW. BJ had the balls to go to him, unlike Silva & Rousey.

    • Anonymous

      Ronda Rousey would DESTROY Cyborg, dude. Ronda’s NOT afraid of Cyborg, and never will be!

  • Cameron Merryman

    I think her biggest loss is the fight with the ugly stick. Jesus I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more hideous woman

    • Matte

      Who of you guys likes such as retarded troll comments as this?

      Put your portrait up for display Cameron.

    • Brian Hull

      she was quite normal looking before the doping imo

  • Ron Couden

    I wish Ronda would just kick her ass at 140 lb. Rousey would submit Cyborg just like she does everyone else. I wasn’t a believer until I saw her humiliate Kaufman & Tate.

    • MrMMA

      I would love to see her armbar that beast. That would be awesome! But, if she sticks to the no catch weight stance, we’ll never see it happen.

  • Trentrage

    Of corse Rousey would likely get beat! She is a natural 135, and Cyborg is so roided up she can barely make 145. It would be like Aldo fighting GSP. And she can make 140 but not drop 5 more? BS. Dana makes sense to me. You don’t see challengers an any other division asking the champ to move up or down from their weight class

    • MrMMA

      Anderson Silva has been calling for a catch weight fight with GSP for how many years now? I wouldn’t say Ronda’s a natural 135 when she’s only ever competed at that weight once in her career including the Olympics. She dropped the weight to fight Tate for the title because there were no other challengers in Strikeforce.

      • Dollartime

        Comparing Silva v GSP to Rousey vs CyRoids is nothing short of a riduculous and irrelevent statement… People want to SEE 2 HOF fighters fight each other at their peak.. That’s why it is a superfight! How can you have a fight that is worthy in a division that has yet to even display a fight..

        • Daniel Winge Stride

          in wmma this is like silva vs gsp.

  • Bugster

    I dont’ see how Dana continue to ask GSP to move up to 185 or a catchweight to fight Anderson but Rhonda doesn’t have to because she is suppose to be Miss UFC. Is really hard to respect Dana for doing this. If Cyborg doesn’t want to be part of UFC, is it necessary to bash her and talking down on her. Show some respect Dana, this is a free country. Is hard to consider the UFC as a legit sport when the head of the UFC is this kind of person.

    • Maddawgmar

      Because Silva doesn’t dope. If Silva was a cheating roided out freak them he would insist on Silva moving down. If Cyborg moved to 135 and made it, it basically say she stopped the roids, and isn’t cheating.

      • pt6776

        you might want to recheck your facts. another reason dana is a hypocrite

        • Maddawgmar

          You want me to recheck my facts on a comment that I made 2 years. That was 100% accurate at the time? This is a moot point now, so keep swinging on Cyborgs nuts…

  • Really

    So she asked for her release refuses to fight 135 is coming off a suspension for steroids the UFC still offers her a contract to even fight in another organization and sum how dana is the one screwing her over interesting

  • Really

    So she asked for her release refuses to fight 135 is coming off a suspension for steroids the UFC still offers her a contract to even fight in another organization and sum how dana is the one screwing her over interesting

  • Timothy Malone

    I don’t understand her and Tito’s strategy here. Either they sign with the UFC and also are allowed to take outside fights, or they just take outside fights. How is the latter better than the former? The UFC offering a deal like that in the modern era is unheard of.

  • gnodeb

    it’s funny to hear that DW care about sense is match making… what about people he cares about… they want to see that fight more then Sonnen vs JJ and they don’t care if it is for title or not… yes, right… JJ will win with one hand, but Ronda may lose, and there goes all money you spent on promotion… he is right, no reason for Ronda to go up if she can stay down… but we know who is scared of who here…

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    alot of fights in the ufc dosent make sense.make it at 140 and evry one is happy.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Tito is “managing” her, so I’m sure she’s not getting very good advice.

  • Otávio

    All this excuse about roids is making Dana look like a hypocrite. So that wasn’t a problem when it was interesting for him to put Sonnen facing Silva. Overoids just got a top contender shot for HW against Bigfoot and is going to get another against JDS. So these guys can come back from the juice season to the top ranks and Cyborg can’t? I’m not saying I support roids, but I do support coherent decisions. It’s like saying Bendo can kill Velasquez, but Cain has to be at LW. Besides, all these girls fought at 145 before, and saying “there is only 135 division” is not good enough because there was no fights, there is no division yet, at all.

  • Just Sayin’

    How about the fact that Dana planned to have Cyborg as the center of the Women’s Division? Do you guys remember that? And then she messed up, got busted, suspended, and fined. Plans had to be rearranged. Then comes Rousey, made a name for herself, and Dana has himself a marketable champion again. So with that little information right there, why would Dana not make the fights based on Rousey’s terms and the rules of UFC, as opposed to what Cyborg wants? Cyborg lost all face, as far as I’m concerned. She needs to earn the right to make demands at this point. And I’m sorry, but I don’t buy the can’t make weight because I’ll die argument. But stick a needle in me to alter my chemical make up that will no doubt have severe side effects? Yeah, I’m cool with that.


    It sounds like Dana bent over backwards to get her to fight even offering Invicta. I don’t think Cyborg will fight anywhere that does serious drug testing. If you’ve ever seen her first fight you know she has juiced like crazy ever since. She had a normal women’s body back then and was outclassed in the ring. I don’t think she will ever allow that to happen again and because of that she will never give up juicing.

  • Bud*

    Danna is definitely one of the most hated persons right now by may MMA lovers. He destroyed Pride which was a much better event, missed many great fights like Fedor vs. Brock, and is now kicking out the best woman fighter in the history, just because she doesnt have a model look and therefore wont give him money as she would destroy his second beautiful star Ronda, just like she did to Carano. That would blow his plans, but for MMA lovers we want good fights!! DANA, YOU ARE FIRED!!

  • iceman4

    I agree with you guys; Dana’s new love child is Rousey and he knows at 140 Cyborg would destroy her.

    To tell Cyborg fight at 135 or nothing, and then act like she’s insane not to do it is ridiculous. Dana’s dictatorship gets old.

    • Brian Hull

      when u challenge the champ you fight in her weight class. how is that even a question? oh right, because Cyborg is a roided out freak. check out her first pro fight before the roids. doesn’t even look like the same person.

    • Rodney Hamlett

      you are smoking some serious weed. cyborg would not get out of the first round with rowdy and truth be known she does not even want to fight rousey

  • bart007

    who the hell is screaming for this roided out man/woman to fight? She can’t make weight because she doesn’t want to pack on lean muscle instead choosing for the roided out version of what she was; she has skill but truthfully she was washed up the minute that she got caught juicing. She is irrelevant to the sport just because Rousey made comments about her doesn’t make it sensible to put them in a ring together business-wise or fight-wise. I don’t think people are clamoring for a Cyborg fight, much like we aren’t looking for Lance Armstrong to hit the road in the tour de France. You ruined your reputation and you have to fix it before you get a shot at anything.

  • OG turtle

    she can make weight i know a kid whos 6,4 and makes 145

  • Jones

    Forget roid testing – get that man a DNA test – I bet she is not even a woman!

  • jack

    I don’t know much about this cyborg person? It seems to me, if you want to fight in the UFC, you play the UFC game, right or wrong.

  • dingy harryreid

    cyborg is a man. period. let him/her fight nate diaz and lets see how the steroids hold him up. nate would destroy him/her/it. cyborg is a man that wants to fight women. kind of like mayweather beating his wife.
    ronda rousy was right. this cyborg is a freak.

  • Tone

    Look… I’m just going to say what everyone knows and is afraid to admit. The marketability of women’s MMA is dependent upon having a female champion that is physically attractive. The first time women’s MMA came close to becoming mainstream was when Gina Carano was around. She was decent-looking enough to be the face of the sport. When Cyborg beat her, the world lost interest… because the new face of women’s MMA (Cyborg) was an ugly one. Now that we’ve got a female MMA champion (Rousey) that looks decent enough to appear in Maxim, women’s MMA is a part of the UFC and in our main events. If someone as unattractive as Cyborg ever competes in the UFC and dominates, that will be the end of women’s MMA as a marketable sport.


      Bologna. MMA isn’t a beauty contest. MMA isn’t even what Dana White keeps trying to accomplish (to line his pockets). Cyborg is the real deal not some Barbie wanna-be Rousey who used to fight at around 160, but is suddenly too scared to touch Cyborg with a 10 foot pole.

    • Thomas Lucas

      Cyborg is grossly disfigured from using male hormones.


    Dana White and his Barbie-doll Rousey approach to women’s MMA is like a viper killing the sport with the toxin he injects from his fangs. Cyborg is a genuine credit to the sport. Her love for professional fighting has even taken her into different arenas like Muay Tai. Scaredy-cat Ronda Rousey instead dreams of Hollywood fame and movie appearances.

    • V8Supercar1

      Cyborg is a genuine credit to the sport? Are you kidding me?? Cyborg is a disgrace to this sport. She is a known multiple cheater. She can hardly even make weight even in the 145 division.


        A known MULTIPLE cheater? Perhaps you know something that I do not. Please list her past transgressions.

        • V8Supercar1

          Yep. She was busted twice for using PEDs. And even before then she could hardly make 145.

        • Thomas Lucas

          Her face shows signs of years of male hormone abuse. She is grossly disfigured from juicing.

  • Thomas Lucas

    Cyborg’s face is disfigured from years of using male hormones.