UFC Counterpunch Part 2: Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Go Toe-to-Toe (Video)

April 16, 2012
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Jon Jones and Rashad EvansJon Jones and Rashad Evans, ahead of their UFC 145 showdown, sat down with UFC Ultimate Insider host Jon Anik, getting into a heated discussion about their time training together with Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, as well as their respective outlooks for their fight.

Check out UFC Counterpunch: Jones vs. Evans (Part 2)…

UFC Counterpunch: Jones vs. Evans (Part 1)


  • rashad is full of it saying he would of never fought jon jones… b s when jj took the title rashad new he would eventually fight jj. all this drama and betrayal b s. it is all just hype bs

    • rsnowbass

      For sure. At the end of the day, every fighter in the game is looking for the belt I’d assume.

      What the hell is Rashad smoking saying Jon’s not the champ until he beats him? Not the wisest choice of words.

      From my eyes, Rashad is the one who’s cocky, arrogant and super high on himself. That’s one huge ego on a former Champ that couldn’t even defend the belt once. Jon has already accomplished greater feats in his short career than Rashad has throughout his entire career IMO.

      Rashad was a short-lived champ who only went through Forrest to capture the belt. He needs to not only beat Jon Jones, but defend the belt once or twice before considered a “great” fighter.

      Again, only my .02
      Feel free to piss on it!


      • opposition13

        Good point….

  • KBEsq

    How many of these videos are they going to have? I get that the drama sells, but it’s like UFC All Access; UFC Insider; UFC Outsider; UFC BFF. Maybe they should have them both play each other at Magic the Gathering to see who wins. Then they can play Whack-a-Mole.

  • ardog

    waste of time… I don’t want another drama video just a good fight.

  • keltoncopeland

    Evans a champion in his own right???? Lets looks at the facts – 1) Evans won the title from Forest Griffin (enough said). 2) The very nexy fight Evans gets dominated & KO’d by Machida. Last I checked you are not a true champ until you succesfully defend your title. 3) Evans has only lost 1 fight but who has he really fought worth mentioning?? A past-prime Chuck Liddell & Tito (2x). Rampage when he was coming off a + year layoff & way out of shape cutting from 250 lb. The rest of his past opponents are too young to mention with the premium level LHW’s or just seond level talent all-together. This will be the 2nd time he fights a top-level LHW in his prime. If you need a reminder what happened the 1st time he faced one, see above {Machida}…

    • rsnowbass

      Couldn’t have said it any better! Thank You.

      Rashad is Rashad’s biggest fan…and delusional.

      He’s a Good fighter though, and good for the sport. You have to give the guy some respect…he’s earned it.

  • MMALibrary

    I find this so incredibly uninteresting! I might as well start watching the WWE. Brock Lesnars storyline is probably more interesting. Let’s just get this fight over with already.