UFC Counterpunch: Jon Jones and Rashad Evans Go Toe-to-Toe (Video)

April 11, 2012
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The two sat down with UFC Ultimate Insider host Jon Anik, getting into a heated discussion about their time training together with Greg Jackson and Mike Winkeljohn, as well as their respective outlooks for their fight.

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  • jon jones looks like evans is geting under is skin bad, could be bad! come fight time for bones. All that built up emotion in the cage!

  • Jon Jones will finish this fight…..I respecet Rashad but Jones will finish hhim we are looking at a guy who could get on Anderson Silva type roll!!!!

  • ultimatebrosky

    I think Jon will be fine… he’s just not as good a $hit talker as Evans or rampage… rampage looked like he was getting under his skin too and he did well.. I think he ‘ll be fine

    • Lesnardo

      The best way to get under Rampage’s skin is to talk about his loss to Shogun.

  • browill70

    I think Jon Jones is the better fighter but it’s still a toss-up. Rashad might shake up the world.

  • switchkick

    Getting over all this hype ( or drama ) for this fight – who cares what happened in the past. Its about the fight, and whos better!

  • Booker T

    Evans has a snowballs chance in hell and I think he knows it.

  • omcclave

    I’m putting it out there Jon Jones is scared of rashad because of rashads strength. You hear him say I’m probably just as strong as you now. That is stating two things, the first being rashad was stronger when they trained and the second he’s not confindent that he has the same strength yet, just “probably” does. Hope rashad makes jons skip to his Lou. Nothing worst than backstabbers. Obviously Greg was going to corner Jons dude is the fakest two face dbag on the planet. “I love you rashad please come back my doors always open, I miss you. But my new shiney pet jons is the hottest toy since the tomogachi so I’m going to train him and corner him to put you unconscious but my door is still open.”