UFC Confirms Aldo Was Offered Florian Fight, Turned It Down

October 26, 2010
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The talk around town last week was the apparent offer the UFC made to WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo to make the jump to the lightweight division, move over to the UFC, and face former top contender Kenny Florian in his debut.

Jose Aldo Manny Gamburyan WEC 51

UFC president Dana White, when speaking with Comcast SportsNet’s Fight Fix show, confirmed the promotion did indeed make the offer, but that Aldo turned it down and opted to stay in the WEC for the time being.

“That is true,” he said. “Here’s the thing, Jose Aldo’s been talking about moving up to 155 pounds. Well, we had a slot and said, ‘alright, you want to move up to 155 pounds?’ and he said, ‘ah yeah, never mind.”

Aldo commented at the time that his managers and trainers opted to decline the fight at this time, and instead the world’s best featherweight will likely face another challenger at 145 pounds in January.

The desire for Aldo to compete at 155 pounds has been talked about for months, and considering the Brazilian’s dominance at featherweight everyone is curious at just how well he would do at the next weight class up.

White says the UFC will leave it up to Aldo as far as where he wants his career to go, but when the offer was made to go to 155 pounds this soon, it was just not the right time. Whether Aldo could potentially make that move in the next year is still up to him according to the UFC president.

“It depends on what this kid wants to do,” White said. “If he wants to stay in the WEC and defend that title, that’s cool. They were talking at one point about moving to 55, so we talked to him and said, ‘how’d you like to move to UFC’s 155-pound division and take on Kenny (Florian) and they turned it down.”

There is still speculation on who Aldo may face for his next title defense in the WEC as well. Rumors had pointed to Canadian striker Mark Hominick as the next choice, but Josh Grispi is also on the radar. Grispi holds a recent win over Hominick, and fights again on Nov. 11 against Erik Koch.

If Grispi is successful in his November fight, he may get the call to face Aldo, but only time will tell what the WEC’s final decision will be.

  • UFCjunky

    Aldo could never beat anyone in the UFC. He is only in the WEC they can’t beat those UFC fighters!! This is crazy talk.

    • God

      It’s just a different promotion. They are not better or worse. Who is this guy?

      • UFCjunky

        WEC is like second string. W anna E ventually C ompete in the UFC! They are not as good and in WEC for a reson eh?

    • jakep

      Your name is UFCjunky, yet you clearly know nothing about the UFC or MMA… The WEC is under Zuffa, just like UFC, they just deal with the lower weight classes, and 146-155. The UFC current lightweight champ could easily cut down to 145 and fight in the WEC featherweight division. So if you are saying Aldo is to light to fight anybody competitively in the UFC LW division you are an idiot. If you are trying to imply that the UFC fighters are more talented than the WEC fighters you are also an idiot. The organizations only have 1 weight class with an overlap, and the WEC plans to do away with this division as soon as they adopt a 125 point class.
      WEC uses the exact same business model, and production as the UFC. The only difference is the WEC fights are consistently more exciting, and less expensive to watch. Fuck you for hating on WEC.

  • bluelou44

    Aldo is the real deal and if you think this guy can’t beat anyone in the UFC you are sadly mistaken. This guy is going to be a stud at 155 and there is nothing wrong with saying you’re not ready.

  • backinshitup

    i believe,that aldo is waiting for the bully to beat the “answer”,because in gray maynard, u have a possible,dominant champ,and thats who aldo wants to beat,jus one man talkin…

  • camthemusicman

    To be honest,Aldo would murder Florian.He should have taken the fight.

    • bluelou44

      I wouldn’t he would murder Florian but he certainly would be the dominant fighter in my opinion!

  • Shane

    Cam, it would be a closer than people think

  • That would be a tough 155 debut for Aldo, imo. Florian is a smart fighter that adapts well to his opponent’s strategies and rarely gets dominated. I’m not saying Aldo couldn’t or wouldn’t win, just saying that it’s no walk in the park, especially coming up in weight too.

  • God

    I will see what I can do…

  • God

    I predict the 2 promotions will merge in 2011