UFC Class Action Lawsuit to be Unleashed Tuesday

December 16, 2014
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A news conference to announce a class action lawsuit against MMA juggernaut the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been scheduled for Tuesday afternoon in San Jose, Calif.

Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana WhiteThe potential lawsuit was originally reported over the weekend by BloodyElbow.com, noting that it consisted of several current and former UFC fighters, who are to be represented by three or four large legal firms known for antitrust litigation.

The news conference to officially announce the suit was first reported by MMAJunkie.com. It will take place at 4 p.m. ET / 1 p.m. PT at Hyatt Place in downtown San Jose. The conference is expected to include several MMA fighters and their attorneys.

Although little detail is known about the suit, the Bloody Elbow report noted that it could potentially enter into the realm of hundreds of millions of dollars if the plaintiffs are successful.

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Not surprisingly, the announcement of the lawsuit comes just days after the UFC announced an agreement with Reebok for the sports equipment maker to provide uniforms for all UFC fighters.

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  • Dana white the bully

    bully bout to get owned

    • smackrightdown

      A bully beatdown so to speak

  • A C Slayed her

    Dana White runs the UFC like a mafioso boss. He’s built a monopoly based on intimidation, faulty business practices, and underpaying his talent. He’s an east coast douche bag that deserves everything coming his way. He brags about putting $50,000 dollars on one hand of blackjack when 80% of his fighters don’t see that amount of money in a year! i Love the UFC and try to support them in any way i can, mostly paying for every pay per view, but things have to change. It also doesn’t help that Dana treats fans media and fighters like idiot pieces of s— that have to be told what is what.

    • John Youwer

      Yet you continue to fill Dana White’s pockets with your hard earned money. You sir are a idiot.

    • StopFitchn

      If it wasn’t for Dana and the Fertitas MMA fighters would be still fighting in alleys and indian reservations. No jury will ever give Fitch a dime once they find out how horrible of an employee he was on the UFC roster. Fitch is just mad because no one gives a hoot about him

  • MikeMcK83

    We don’t even know what the lawsuit is and people are already calling it a loss for the ufc. Good way to keep yourselves off the jury.. Lol

  • Reinmakr

    Dana White is a fu*ktard. How he gets away with not wearing his helmet to protect him from falling down, is beyond me. And yes, look at how he runs the UFC. Of course it’s anti-trust. Let’s take McGregor for example. He’s basically making his UFC debut and fighting for the belt, getting paid like he’s the champ and guys who have fought for 10 years (Douchebag Diaz) don’t get paid squadoosh. I can’t wait for a court to lay the hammer down on Chubby Chubkins. I mean, Dana White. He’s a pri^k…

    • roblo

      McGregor is basically making his debut? McGregor has fought 4 times in the UFC, and his last win was against a top 5 opponent. McGregor will have fought 5 times in the UFC before he gets a title shot, and he may have to fight one more time. Regardless, McGregor will have back to back top 10 wins if he beats Siver. How many top 10 wins did Sonnen have at LHW to get his shot at Jones? Belfort hadn’t fought at LHW for several years and got an automatic title shot.

      Mendes didn’t have a single win over a top 5 opponent in the UFC going into his title fight with Aldo. Think about that for a second. Edgar got an automatic title shot against Aldo coming off back to back losses in another division.

    • MuayThaiFood

      Dana’s an idiot and you’re an anti-trust expert? The fact that you use Connor McGregor as an example of their anti-trust violations makes me think you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about. It’s fine to have an opinion but at least try to sound a little informed before you spew nonsense.

    • bill

      I cant wait to hear Dana tell everyone how he gave them all so much and release personal earnings to the world, when they refuse to ever tell anyone how much they themselves actually make.

    • Azumpire

      Its not your company Reinmakr, NOR is it the fighters company. If they do not like who they work for, then get the f— out and go elsewhere. This is not russia, where communism runs wild. This company is owned by the Fertita’s and Dana. They can do things however they want.. Its not for the fighters to dictate their own pay, and how the company is run. These bitch ass whiners are the fighter wannabe failures, who cant fight well enough to make enough money. So they need to take their sorry asses to the minor leagues. Can you imagine a minor league baseball players suing Major League Baseball???? Its a f—ing joke, and so are these lawsuit bitches who are going to lose this lawsuit in a huge way.


    Let me guess… Rampage Jackson is one of those fighters

  • John Youwer

    Hope the UFC and Dana lose millions of dollars. Both White and the Fertitta brother are nothing but scum. They may have been the 3 people who made what MMA is today, but they will also destroy it too.

    • b

      Agreed. They have created an amazing business, but yes they are not very good people imo and really dont care about anything but profit, except maybe a few high profile yes men that push their agenda for them. ie. hughes and liddell(not a knock on them as fighters)

      • Rob

        How the Hell do you know. Who are you two to bash them as human beings…I say it time and time again. Jealousy is a Bitch .Instead of crying over someone else’s success. Grow a pair go out and make your own money. Quit whining about whoa is me.They have more they must be Bad people!!!

  • Straight Talk

    I think that ridiculous Reebok deal was the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • TheCerealKiller

    It can’t be over fighter pay, because it’s not slave labor. You don’t have to sign a contract and fight. As Straight Talk said, the Reebok deal does sound like the likely cause. If you have a contract in place and you have sponsors, that new Reebok deal infringes on your current income. Not everybody is making NOZ commercials.

    I hate to say this, but if they want to make a statement, everyone on a card claim injuries the day before a PPV.

    • bill

      do you really think lying and violating your contract will make a very good statement. Not to mention not getting paid anything???

  • Seth

    I will hold on and wait for more details on this. It has to be about rebook deal, because lawsuit about being underpaid would fail right away. What would you sue them for “Ow, he doesn’t pay me enough”. Would that work in ANY industry? I doubt anyone can sue their boss because he doesn’t pay you enough.

    As far as Reebok deal goes – I can see how that can be messing up fighters’ situation. So I hope it will work out in fighters’ favor.

  • Fanman

    This is absurd. How is it a monopoly ? If you don’t like it go join Bellator or the other numerous smaller MMA promotions in this country. Or you could go One FC internationally. Nothing says that you have to fight for the UFC. If anything there are more organizations in MMA than say the NBA, or NFL, or MLB (1 main organization per sport).

  • Skillia Donut

    I doubt whatever team of lawyers some has-been fighters could trump the team of lawyers that the billionaires of the UFC can assemble.

    • MuayThaiFood

      The firms involved in the class action won’t be paid by the fighters. They will get a percentage of the money the win in the settlement if there is one. They wouldn’t have taken this on if they didn’t smell a payday. They have won major cases against much deeper pockets than the UFC. The Feds are also rumored to be carrying out anti-trust investigations against the UFC. This won’t be a walk in the park for Dana and the Ferttitas.

  • bill

    Wonder if this will include questioning the legality and ethics of things like life rights of name and likeness. The article did say CURRENT and former UFC fighters. This could also be about self regulation and implementing discipline to fighters in what seems to be a fairly inconsistent way for whatever reason. As well as constant defamation of fighters the UFC doesnt seem to like. Also the fact that some sponsors have had to pay the UFC to let their fighters wear logos yet other companies haven’t had to. etc

  • King Of The Spread

    Compared to other major sports the UFC is far from being a monopoly.

    NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA – these are monopolies. If you want to play those sports professionally you have 1 option really.

    In MMA, You have Bellator, One FC, WSOF and 50 other organizations to chose from.

    They will have a hard time proving the UFC is a monopoly.

  • King Of The Spread

    I think the agents and managers of the fighters are more the issue then the UFC.

    I have worked as a contractor and let me tell you, the way these contracts are set up are not the most intelligent way.

  • Fred Dick

    It didn’t say anywhere in the article or any other news stories about this class action suit that it involved “monopoly” issues! You folks are guessing, at best! It may very well be related to fighter pay or some other non-monopoly kind of legal issue!

  • Brown Clown

    You are assclowns. The UFC is THE promotion all these guys wanna fight in. It is NOT the only promotion. The person who mentioned the NBA, NFL and MLB below is one of the only people responding here who has a clue. The UFC paved the road and took all of the risk and/or have bought those who did (and were likely to fail if the UFC didn’t buy them). If I don’t like my job I go find another one. All these dudes who are bitching would be fighting on garbage local cards for 500 a fight if it wasn’t for the ufc and ABSOLUTELY WOULD NOT HAVE CAREERS AS FIGHTERS not to mention the fighters on their way up. I don’t agree with all of their business practices and think they do some dirtball stuff but they have employed and supported thousands of people and have entertained millions with their content. If you don’t like them, don’t fight for them, don’t watch them and even bitch about them, but PLEASE don’t be a moron and call them a monopoly. You same clowns don’t complain about your iphones and call apple a monopoly, do you. NO! You pay their ripoff price and keep supporting them? Does lamborghini monopolize the exotic car market? NO! People buy ferraris all the time.

    • Brown Clown

      Oh…and someone below was also SPOT ON! The lawyers will CLEAN UP and the fighters will get SQUAT. Last class action suit I was a part of was against Verizon or someone like that I think it settled for $36M and I got $10 bucks. Now if the UFC are scumbags, which they might be, they will start to cut or ban the fighters from the gyms where these whining losers are from. Fighters at Sean Sherk and Rampage’s gym can thank them when they never fight on TV again or their careers never get off the ground. Give that some thought when you support the flunkies that join this suit as a result of sucking, being too old or towards the end of their careers. All they got left is to sue and/or move their way up from french fires to shakes.

    • Horus

      UFC is hurting the fighters in the sport in general with the Reebok deal. UFC has paved the road, but actually PRIDE really paved the road. A monopoly is a predatory business practice in which rival companies are bought up and folded. UFC does that! They took away Strikeforce, which I used to attend live all the time. They were an exciting organization and the UFC ate them. All of the “competition” is now overseas. Just because the UFC pioneered(after Pride) much of MMA doesn’t mean we owe them unquestionable allegiance when they monopolize the sport and engage in business practices, like the Reebok deal that F**ck with everyone. The fighters are the ones who really make this sport. I’m sure the UFC has lots of dirty secrets and ties to, if not out right being run by the Mafia ( check Fertittas background.).

      • Brown Clown

        Listen Horus. I suggest you stop patronizing the sport. Your assessment is lunacy. Maybe the fertitas came here on spaceships too. Every business in the world has questionable things tied to it, including EVERY SPORT. Do you know why all these promotions sold to the UFC..BECAUSE THEY SUCKED AND WERE DOOMED. Every last one of them. StrikeForce events sucked. They were cheaper yes but sucked. Bellator events suck. IFL sucked. They all suck comparatively. ONe reason why…rarely was a fighter a PROFESSIONAL ATHLETE and usually worked a real job and fought part time. The reebok deal is junk short term in my opinion but there’s two sides to every story. THINK ABOVE THE FIGHTER and stop siding with them. The world’s best will do very well, don’t you worry. If they suck, they might not but anyone who sucks rarely does better than the top people in their craft, at least on my planet. Without UFC they don’t have reebok, , budl light, harley, etc. Dicks Crab Shack written across some dude’s ass doesn’t do BIG things for the sport. In the long run big sponsors do big things and help make fighters and the sport mainstream. This is a marathon and not a sprint and I hope the sport outlasts Dana and Lorenzo, so should you. What professional sport can you name where uniforms are not the norm? I’ll give you 65 years to come up with an answer. Maybe you see some logo on a tiger woods’ shirt but it was most likely paid for to and with the blessing from the PGA. dicks crab shack won’t make the cut.

    • Azumpire

      Well Said.. I hope the UFC wins this lawsuit, and then cuts every one of the son of a bitches that filed that lawsuit. Its almost like me sueing McDonalds because I make minimum wage. Its f—ing ridiculous. If I dont like the job or pay, I can go elsewhere. So can these MMA fighters. The UFC does not have to answer to the demands of the fighters. Its not the fighters company. Its the Fertita’s and Dana’s…. So all those bitch ass fighters who are butt hurt can go fight for WSOF or Bellator….. They are going to lose this lawsuit, and then hopefully be cut.

    • StopFitchn

      “THE WHOLE WORLD HATES ME AND IS AGAINST ME” I’m not boring and MMA fans don’t understand the sport of MMA. I am a legend in my own mind

      Hey Fitch Dana wants back the $ 400 baby basket he bought for your first born. I don’t remember the last time someone who hates me bought me something that cost $ 400

      Jon Fitch

    • StopFitchn

      My favorite video clip second only to Hendo’s KO of Bisping


  • Jason Elvee

    I think people are letting their love or hatred of the UFC dictate where they stand on this one. Personally I’m an MMA fan but I see both sides; on the one hand, the UFC enables fighters to make names for themselves, and guys like Jon Fitch would be virtual unknowns if not for the company. If you don’t like the contract, then don’t sign the contract. If you sign it, the repercussions are on you. But on the other hand, it’s long been known that the UFC pay scale is out of whack. Guys at the top make good money, but guys from the middle of the card down make so little that most of them have day jobs. I think Stipe Miocic, who is the #4 ranked heavyweight and just main evented a card, still has a day job as a firefighter. And the UFC did gobble up most of their competition, leaving guys that have been black-balled from the UFC like Paul Daley wondering where they’re going to make a decent living. So the powers that be within the UFC aren’t saints by any means, but as I said they didn’t put a gun to the heads of these fighters and force them to sign these contracts either.

    • Brown Clown

      Jason, please. Paul Daley is a scumbag of the highest order and you’re worried about where he’s going to make a living? How about you don’t suckerpunch people and you’ll keep your job. If you suckerpunched someone on live TV you wouldn’t deserve a job either. John Fitch is a loser and has been 100% a loser since Dana White cut him. I self-fulfilling prophecy and now palhares is probably shitting his pants that this pussy is gonna sue him too after last week’s thrashing. He’s unmarketable and has gotten waxed. The sport has simply passed him by and his career post fighting is…..NOTHING or in this case lawsuits. He was a grinder and nothing more. Cung Le, washed up, slow and finished. Quarry, unmarketable and a highlight reel chump who shot himself in the foot. See the theme here. THESE DUDES HAVE NOTHING NOW and the only way to survive is the potential this suit presents. Sadly they’ve all taken too many ass beatings to realize they’ve put the fate of their financial futures on false hopes and have done nothing more than create wealthy attorneys. Remember this thread. All three of these yambags will absolutely regret this suit, mark my words. The UFC wins whether they win the suit or not. None of these chumps will win and any future employer might even fear signing them out of concern they too will be sued.

  • StopFitchn

    Hey Fitch i heard the UFC has already figured out a very fair settlement for you. They just need to you to drive your BIG KID 100k monster truck over to their old storage locker in Vegas from 2008 that hasn’t been opened or used since then and load up all the UN SOLD Jon Fitch action figures. The report shows over 10,000 were made and less than a hand full were ever sold and the only one known to still exist outside the storage locker is on Ariel Hawani’s desk for his radio show

    Oh i almost forgot the UFC counter suit says the UFC can easily prove Jon Fitch was over paid about 99% of the 1.4 million they gave him. UFC lost a ton of money having Jon Fitch on their roster and was willing toi just eat it until now. I think Dana will be auctioning off Fitch big boy toy monster truck for charirty by next year. Hey Fitch you may want to talk to Ken Shamrock and ask him how his lawsuit against the UFC panned out for him. In case someone doesn’t know Shamrock has court judgement against him where he owes Dana a 100k. In Shamrocks case he actually made the UFC a lot of money with his ongoing feud with Tito Ortiz and the PPV sales were very good. UFC will be able to easily prove they lost a ton of money having Jon Fitch on their roster

  • StopFitchn

    I would be willing to bet Dana will would spend a BILLION $$$$$ on lawyers before he ever gives Fitch a dime. Fitch was the lowest rated most boring fighter to ever set foot in the octagon. If anything Fitch should be paying UFC back most of that 1.4 million dollar salary OVER PAYMENT.

    I will never forget how much of a big baby poor sport Fitch was when Josh Burkmann beat Fitch fair and square and Fitch got up and stormed out of the cage and REFUSED to shake Burkmann’s hand after Burkmann had went out of his way to chase after Fitch to shake his hand and show respect. Fitch has always been a cry baby and the entire time he was in the UFC he bad mouthed Dana and the UFC. I don’t know about you but most people who bad mouth their employers get fired. UFC doesn’t owe Fitch anything whatsoever. BTW Fitch your “LIKENESS” is worth less than the sweat on my b’lls