UFC Class Action Lawsuit News Conference Audio

December 16, 2014
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Listen in on the news conference announcing Cung Le, Jon Fitch, and Nate Quarry‘s class action lawsuit against the UFC, claiming the MMA juggernaut has used unfair practices to crush the competition and deflate the market value of elite fighters.

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  • truebleublood

    Yeah look who is sueing…the ones that weren’t good enough to make it in ufc so now the want some free food stamps and insurance with commission…what a joke

    • MikeMcK83

      The middle of the road guys would be the ones who are most impacted by the claims the legal team made. If for no other reason than their sheer numbers. Current top notch guys also would have a much harder time claiming damages so you need guys that are more apart of the past than the present. Anti trust law is crazy though. It’s the most complicated unpredictable portion of law we have. It will be funny to see all the teenagers who know exactly how it will turn out though.

  • Anthony De Nigro

    This was uh, painful to um, listen, uh to. This er, lawyer uh, needs to, um, take some, ah, take some, uh, speaking, um, classes.

    • rion

      Uh agreed uh lol

  • Uhhh Ummm L.L.B

    and uhhhh and ummmm and uhhhh and ummmm.. i got my ummm law degree at ummm community uhhhhh college ummmm

  • Smart judge

    Let me ummm.. tell you ummmm… ummmm… umm. umm umm.. my umm. name umm is umm..

  • Smart judge

    Tourettes much umm?

  • PT

    Ii can’t believe that a college educated Law degree man can get away with speaking like this…,umm umm ,uh,uh umm, umm …what a dumb dumd!!!!! Guy drives me nuts listening to him.!!!!!!