UFC Champs Excited the Door is Opening to Fight Strikeforce Champs

May 22, 2011
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UFC champions Frankie Edgar, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones, and Cain Velasquez, at the Super 7 Q&A at UFC 129 in Toronto, spoke with Joe Rogan about the recent Strikeforce acquisition.

All the fighters seemed to be excited about facing the best in their respective weight classes from Strikeforce, and although none of those matches has been made just yet, the door has cracked open for UFC champions to face Strikeforce champions.

  • Diaz170King


    Diaz vs GSP is a close one but I think Diaz can pull off this upset.

    • Diaz170King

      Don’t know what happened to my first comment, lets try this again.

      • Diaz170King

        ok this site is messing up my comment. anyways, i got silva beating jacare

    • Cptmats

      Sry man, but Diaz is a joke ! A lil thug who thinks he a gangster and the best 170 in the world ! Truth is the dude has 7 losses, three to guys that GSP destryoed ! Diaz isnt even top five and would be an easy fight for George ! he would take Diaz down and smash his face into the mat til Diaz’s own mother cant recognize him !

    • sorry77

      jacare is a middle weight but of course anderson silva would never fight jacare cause there training partners so yeah gsp vs souza would make sense, except is souza to big

  • phrankthetank

    Diaz is out of his league. He’s got talent, but GSP will put him on his ass and pound on him. Too overwhelming for a guy who hasn’t fought an elite fighter in a long time. As for Overeem, I don’t know how good he’s gotten. He beat up Brett Rogers, but Warpath almost did too. He just hasn’t fought any real competition in a long time. Hard to judge.

  • phrankthetank

    Oh, and Edgar would beat up Melendez too

  • bdono554

    Overeem would get effed up! long time is an understatement its been five years for both unless you count sergei but I dont cuz Overeem got KO’ed by him. nether one of these guys should be in the top ten with there wins against the JV of the MMA world.

  • RealmmaFan

    Strikeforce vs UFC talk is cheap.

    Overeem>Cain = seriously a mediocre k-1 fighter chieck kongo almost knocked out cain now put him in there with the 2010 k-1 tournament champion and he would get destroyed even though cain looks almost unstoppable now taking the title from wwe star brock lesnar isnt that impressive.

    Jon Jones – Gegard Mousasi = mma super fight.

    Anderson Silva – Cungle/jacare = fight with cung le would be a strikers dream match fight with jacare would be some very scary moments if it got to the ground.

    Gsp<NateDiaz = people talk shit about diaz because they have a bad attitude but so what he delivers! whens the last time you seen gsp finish anyone? years Diaz is a master gameplan with much better standup than shields im looking for diaz to upset.

    Edgar<Melendez = good fight but in my opinion gilbert looks unstoppable on his feat and on his back the only person I see that can ko gilbert is gomi strikeforce LW tournament anyone?!!!!!!!!!!