UFC Champion Jose Aldo Confirmed to Have Fractured Foot in UFC 163 Title Defense

August 5, 2013
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Jose-Aldo-UFC-129-Pre-8257-450x260Following his UFC 163 featherweight title defense against “The Korean Zombie,” Chan Sung Jung, on Saturday, champion Jose Aldo believed he suffered a broken foot in the opening round.

“He knew that I was going be giving him low kicks, so the first combination I think he left his knee there.  I kicked straight at his knee.  I don’t know if I broke my foot.  It’s very swollen.  I can barely walk properly,” said Aldo during the UFC 163 post-fight press conference on Saturday.

Aldo attended the post-fight press conference, but departed early to go to the hospital and have his foot evaluated.

On Monday, MMAWeekly.com confirmed that Aldo did indeed suffer a fractured foot.

The featherweight titleholder has been medically suspended for 90 days with no contact for at least 60 days.

Aldo was up on the scorecards, winning the first three rounds.  Jung dislocated his right shoulder throwing a combination in the fourth round.  Noticing the injury, Aldo unleashed a flurry of strikes, forcing the referee to stop the fight.

The win was Aldo’s seventh title defense.  He defended his 145-pound belt twice in the now-defunct WEC organization and five times under the UFC banner.  He is currently ranked the fourth pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

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  • If it wasn’t for the shoulder injury, KZ could’ve won this.

    • MMAMA

      He was losing every round, and never once really threatened Aldo at all… why do you think he would have won? Taking into consideration the first two round weren’t pushed at a pace that would really bring Aldo’s cardio into too much question.

      • I think if KZ won, it wouldn’t have been by decision. Seeing that injured foot, and 10 minutes or more left to go in the fight, KZ would’ve noticed by then and would’ve probably donesomething. I mean, who knows.

        • MMAMA

          Ah, by the way you worded your first comment, “KZ would have won”, I figured you had some realization I’d missed during the fight. Rather than something like, “KZ could have won” or “Might have” etc. Cheers.

    • Maybe Jose Aldo would have slipped on a banana peel and got KO’d. lol. I usually don’t say this but worst comment ever. (On this post anyway)

      • Truth

        not really, before the freak shoulder injury, KZ was definitely turning it up in the 4th. Not to mention that last flying knee that KZ threw just BARELY missed and would’ve crushed Aldo in the face.

        It’s not a guarantee that KZ would’ve won b/c he would’ve had to finish Aldo, and would’ve lost the decision 48-47. But things were really heating up before the injury.

        KZ was the one who inflicted the broken foot by checking Aldo’s leg kick. KZ was CLEARLY waiting to counter more leg kicks and seemed to throw him off when the leg kicks weren’t coming.

        Biggest concern is for KZ b/c that shoulder injury looked to be very serious esp. w/ Aldo kicking it more times and most importantly, KZ just came off of shoulder surgery. Now, possible KZ will never come back and even if he does, that shoulder will NEVER be the same and will always have a higher likelihood of popping out again.

        Hopefully Aldo’s foot will heal, but that injury should be fine and may not even need surgery. Even if it does, it will heal w/ proper rehab.

        • Worst fight for KZ. He should have just went for it. He’s 3-3 in his last 6. I honestly thought he was waiting until the 4th round to really bring it to Aldo. It just wasn’t his night. I’d like to see how he does against guys like Chad Mendes, Ricardo Lamas and Charles Oliveira. Aldo’s foot was busted up and he showed what a champ he is by hanging in there. KZ would have not won this fight in anyway even without the shoulder injury. Let’s be real.

          • Real

            Let’s be real, KZ should be 4-2. The only other real loss was to George Roop, which taught KZ to use some defense and not just engage in slobberknockers.

            If you really think that KZ lost that first fight w/ Garcia then you must’ve thought that Davis beat Machida.

            KZ was losing the decision, but he WAS turning it up in the 4th. Also, KZ was obviously ready for the leg kicks as he broke Aldo’s foot on the first one he threw. Who knows what would’ve happened, but bottom line KZ still fared ALOT better than ANY other challenger Aldo has faced while champ, except arguably Frankie Edgar. Let’s be Real.

          • What KZ should be and what he is are two different things. He lost the first fight against Garcia. Somebody had to win that fight and it wasn’t him. I like KZ but his performance wasn’t the best. I would have rather seen him lose fighting the way he did against Garcia. This isn’t a fairy tale this is reality and the underdog doesn’t always pull it off sorry to tell you.

    • Kris-tyahn

      I understand where you’re coming from, b/c we all know Aldo looked a little tired/slower in that 4th round, but I think TKZ needed to press the action a little more in the first 3 rounds, to make Aldo more tired. Aldo usually “fades” in the later rounds, with a broken foot, TKZ definitely had a greater chance at winning, now, whether or not he would have done enough to stop Aldo, is possible, but very unlikely.
      Though, ring rust was clearly evident on TKZ’s part/performance. Which is why I really would have loved to see Lamas fight Aldo, rather than TKZ who was out for a year with an injury. I still think Pettis could & would beat Aldo, especially at LW. Hope to see that fight a lot sooner than later!

  • AlvinKaz

    I think the real story of this fight is Aldos lack of aggression and pretty much no leg kicks.(and know we know why) From where i was standing KZ was looking to go punch for punch with aldo… actually letting aldo get of first and trying catch him in exchanges… I think when aldo didnt fight the way he normally does KZ didnt know what to do. Its not like rushing into the buzz saw that is aldo has ever worked out for anyone in the past.

    • Kris-tyahn

      Very good argument, but let’s not forget that ring rust played a big part in TKZ’s “weak” performance. Being out for a year with a serious injury, and your 1st fight back is vs. the Champ, is like not fighting for 2 yrs & then fighting a top 10 opponent ….. almost impossible to win! Except for Weidman, but that’s b/c of the style & the fact Silva didn’t respect Weidman’s KO power, which I still do not understand why he didn’t.

      • AlvinKaz

        yea… no kidding right… i understand a little flashy bobbing and weaving here and there but he bobbed weaved and did the harlem shake lol of course he got knocked out! I really think cruz should really think about how hard its gonna be for him to beat Barao after a 2 year lat off

  • shakejunt

    i’ll give aldo a pass on this one. weird injuries, weird results, weird card. let’s just hope both of these guys get healthy soon.

    • Truth

      Jung’s injury was much more of a freak injury. Aldo’s injury was caused by Jung checking the leg kick. This injury is actually quite common by using this technique. Jung just didn’t know that he had injured Aldo. Apparently, a fractured foot is easier to mask than a separated shoulder.