UFC Champion Jon Jones’ Foot Not Broken, Toe Already on the Mend

May 4, 2013
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Jon-Jones-UFC-129_9613UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ broken toe isn’t broken after all.

Following his victory over Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, Jones took to the microphone for his usual post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, but right away, Rogan noticed something was off kilter; namely, Jones’ toe.

Jones’ toe was jutting out at an unnatural angle, bleeding, with the bone trying to sneak a peak through his skin. It caused more than a few stomachs to churn when the cameras focused on his injured foot.

“Aw, man!” exclaimed Jones as he looked down at his mangled foot. The Endicott, N.Y., native limped away in a brief moment of disgust, but returned for his post-fight interview.

“Well, I wasn’t planning on breaking my big toe,” Jones said with more than a hint of displeasure. “It’s all nasty, man. I was supposed to go to Jamaica, man.”

A week removed from the fight, Jones tweeted that his toe was not broken as was first thought, but severely dislocated.

“I recently found out that my toe was never broken, it was just a really nasty dislocation,” he wrote on Twitter.

He was initially expecting to be sidelined for a few weeks before returning to training, but with the discovery of the injury being a dislocation instead of a fracture, the situation appears to be progressing well.

“Right now my toe is in very little pain and already has pretty good movement,” Jones continued on Twitter on Friday. “Taking antibiotics as I wait for the stitches to heal.”

Jones at the UFC 159 post-fight press conference said he would like to face Alexander Gustafsson next.

The toe injury looked like it might derail any hopes of a quick return to the Octagon, but Jones’ current tweets could be an indication that the timeline for his return could accelerate.

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    So John Jones can wear the rising sun but not GSP?

    • MAD_Agent

      ur an idiot, thats not a rishing sun, do u see any red rays? such ignorance

      • MICHAEL

        close enough phuck

        peace away troll

        • Rence

          They arent trolling. Not being polite about it but not trolling. The Japanese flag up to WWII had the rays of the sun. It was during that time that Japan committed war crimes against the Korean and Chinese peoples. So that flag is to them what the Swastika is to Europeans and Jews in particular or what the Confederate flag is to some here in the U.S. That flag being changed to the current Japanese flag of just the round red sun on a field of white was part of the conditions of Japans surrender in WWII.

          That is why TKZ politley pointed out to GSP and Hyabusa why it is offensive to many Asian people to wear the older sun burst type flag, just as it would be for someone to come out with a swastika on their Gi or shirts to people from the western hemisphere.

          I imagine there would be an outcry from some if a fighter came out wearing the Hammer and Sickle on a field of red.

          But lets face it, in todays world, someone is always going to be offended by something…

          If you were unaware of any of this, i hope it explains why there was an outcry over GSP’s gi. If you knew all of this then I at least hope you dont think i was trying to be a “know-it-all”.

          • Timothy Malone

            The Japanese military still uses the Rising Sun flag to this day though.

          • Rence

            strictly speaking, the ensigns of the JSDF are slightly different than the WWII Imperial Japanese flag. the differences are slight, but differences no less. And they piss people in asia off also. It would be like someone trying to use the swastika, only making the outter lines curved. Different, yet just as offensive.

          • Cheese&Rice

            are you making this up as you go?

          • Rence

            No. But now i kind of wish i had just cuz that long of a stream of consciousness that was pure bs would be awesome hehe

        • Agent119

          How embarrassing for you.

    • John

      Rising sun doesnt have suns rays like GSP

  • stevemcz11

    Good news. Hopefully Okami or Rockhold are ready by the time JBJ gets healthy again

  • Francisco Rodriguez