UFC Champion Jon Jones Admits He Doesn’t Pack Punching Power

March 18, 2015
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The top-ranked pound-for-pound fighter in the world, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, has been a puzzle that 22 fighters haven’t been able to figure out. If there are holes in his game, no one has been able to exploit them.

Jones faces his toughest challenge to date, top contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson, at UFC 187 on May 23 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. There’s one thing that Johnson brings to the table that Jones admits that he doesn’t have.

Jon-Jones-UFC-The-Time-Is-Now-02-750“He has much more striking power than I do. That’s pretty obvious. I haven’t knocked out anything,” said Jones during a recent press conference. “Rampage said I couldn’t bust a grape, and I think that is true.”

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Jones’s first title defense was against Quinton “Rampage” Jackson at UFC 135. Jackson, who is known for his punching power, fell victim to Jones’ takedown ability and lost via rear-naked choke. Like he did against Jackson, Jones believes he’ll find a way to defeat Johnson in May.

“I have a great staff of people around me, really smart coaches. We’re not naïve to our strengths and our weaknesses. We’ll come up with an appropriate strategy to be successful,” said Jones.

Johnson is on a nine-fight winning streak and has knocked out three of his last four opponents. Whatever strategy Jones comes up with won’t include standing and banging with the 31-year-old knockout artist.

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  • Seth

    Coke takes up too much space, so he has no space left for punching power…

    • James Mckaskle

      So does retardation. Still waiting for your “smart” comment.

      • Seth

        Well, you are the one responsible for posting “smart” things, alongside with mmalive and his boyfriend. Meanwhile, me, CerealKiller and Timothy Malone will focus on smart stuff. Join us, when you graduate from your high school 🙂

        • TheCerealKiller

          Props to Tim!

        • earlsimmons

          Yes you guys are the “mature” group here on an internet mma forum full of bros and trolls. Congrats that is so difficult to pull off. Must be hard typing with one hand and patting yourself on the back at the same time.

          • Seth

            Wow, you put together 3 sentences at once. I guess I will take a break from patting myself on the back and pat you. Good job, you are making a progress. Try to go for 4 sentences next time, Im sure you mom will be proud of you.

          • earlsimmon

            You sound like a typical liberal. Do not comment on the substance or try to dis prove it but attack grammar or the person character, not the facts. Stay in school you clown.

          • Seth

            I…actually am in school, techniclly. Depends if you count university as school. And ow irony, you say I attack your character in the same post where you try to call me on political views you have no idea about. You just forced me to not take you seriously, kid 🙂

        • James Mckaskle

          I’ll join you back in elementary school.

    • jrcr_15

      Coke also makes me feel bloated and gasy

    • TheCerealKiller

      He already said he prefers Pepsi. Sooner or later everyone gets beat. This is the first Jones fight that I’m picking his opponent. Two years ago when Rumble moved to LHW, I wished we could see this fight, but he was in WSoF and I didn’t think Dana would bring him back. Obviously the plan will be to tie up Rumbles arms, so I hope it doesn’t turn into a wall and stall.

      • Seth

        Well, that’s gonna be hard. Coming any close to Rumble is pretty bad idea if you ask me…Im sure Rumble can take a punch from JBJ. But…can JBJ take a punch from Rumble? That I highly doubt…and that what makes this fight really interesting. And yes, I also pick Rumble – just because I don’t think JBJ can survive getting hit by those rocket launchers.

        • Look See Do fighter

          22 fights without being knocked out and people are still doubting Jones ability to take strikes..Smh. If Rumble had sooo much power he wouldn’t have any decision wins or better yet he would be undefeated like Jones is.

          • TheMod

            Gustaffson was never knocked out or tko’d either and he gave Jones the closest run for his money. That ass is in trouble.

          • Seth

            His only decisions at LHW was against Davis, when he completly shut down Phil. Want to add something else?

    • shakejunt

      ooohhhhhhh sick burn. you got him good.

  • Joe Dog

    He may want to take his training camp to Poland.

  • cheflacsto

    Jones is a great fighter, I am curious to see what he does with Rumble. I am not sure the strategy that he used against Glover will work against Rumble. Rumble seems to be just to strong to be pushed up against the cage and elbowed. Rumble also has good wrestling which may negate some of Jon’s. Should be a good fight.

    • Guest

      Rumble has good wrestling, just not as good as Jones. He sure as hell doesn’t have a submission game or good defence once put on his back.

      • TheMod

        Based off of his 170lb performance you say he has no submission defense. That was a lifetime ago MMA wise and he has yet to be put on his back since against Phil Davis or Gustaffson who put Jones on his back multiple times.

        • Guest

          phil davis’ striking sucks and still does and gus is not an accomplished wrestler like jones so your argument is flawed.

      • cheflacsto

        I agree to point. We have not seen him on his back at 205

  • KJK

    There is a list of reasons I hope Rumble wins that mostly include reasons I want Jones to lose. I think Rumble has a shot and I sure hope he pulls it off….but until I see it done I can’t see picking against Jones. Here’s to hoping Rumble brings his absolute “A” game and Jones his “C-“.

  • peeter mans

    What he lacks is power he makes up for with his eye poking ability.

  • Brutally Honest

    He always beats opponents with their own strategy. Just because everyone is saying he won’t stand with him straight up, means he probably will and win, bye haters

    • SergeantJamesDoakes

      Lol. okay. So did he KO Rampage? Did he GnP Chael to a decision? Did he KO or TKO Glover? LOL.

      • Dr. Kachurcokoff

        I remember him out boxing rampage and glover then out wrestling chael AND cormier like they where 10yo’s … better examples would have been machida or gus… not saying you are a hater, but your argument is lacking. Just because he didn’t finish them in their style doesn’t mean he didn’t dominate them using it.

        • Brutally Honest


    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Bones is the champ for good reason. He implements his plan consistently in the ring and he is devastating in the championship rounds. I do not see Bones letting Rumble anywhere near his chin. I also think Jones will have an easier time with Rumble than he did with Gus. I really hope to see Gus get another crack soon!