UFC Champion Benson Henderson Signs New 8-Fight Contract with the Promotion

January 12, 2013
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UFC lightweight champion Benson Henderson appears to be a very happy man after signing a new fight deal with the promotion on Friday.

Henderson, who most recently capped off 2012 with a dominant victory over Nate Diaz at UFC on Fox 5, announced the new contract via Twitter and Instagram.

“I’m very excited to let you guys know that Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta aren’t tired of me yet. Proud to announce that I just signed my new contract, which will keep me around for at least 8 more fights,” said Henderson.

2012 was very good to Henderson who captured the UFC lightweight title early in the year before he defended it twice upping his overall record with the promotion to 6-0 since joining the UFC in 2011.

Henderson’s next test inside the Octagon will come later this year when he will most likely meet Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez as he transitions to the UFC from the now defunct promotion.

“This deal made me think long term and what it all means and what I’m here for,” said Henderson. “Am I really doing all this just to buy stuff and pay my bills? Or do I have this platform/stage for something more? I hope I can use these few years to really inspire, introduce, encourage and do some of His will. I hope I can do all of this with my actions and not just my words.”

At 29-years of age it would appear Henderson is started to reach his peak years as a fighter, and with a long term goal of breaking UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva‘s title defense streak (currently at 10 title defenses), he’s ready to put the work in to achieve his dreams.

The new 8-fight deal will keep Henderson in the UFC for quite some time although there has been no formal announcement about when he will return to the cage later this year.

  • roflcast

    I wonder how much he is getting under the new contract. After hearing what he made recently on twitter, it was sad

    • Joey

      When will people start to understand what fighters make publicly and what they actually make are completely different figures

      GSP publicly made something like 400k for his last fight but when he was negotiating to fight Anderson silva he mentioned making around 4 million for that fight. So yeah they make a lot more then what is released.

  • George Sperry

    He will rip Melendez a new one.

  • champkc

    another 8 boring fights by decision (in addition to his 6 boring straight decisions so far in the ufc as well)…..nice to get rewarded for not ‘putting it on the line’, ‘going for the finish’, ‘laying and praying’, ‘neutralising’ and ‘smothering’ your opponent……..yawn……zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • doug

      Are you serious

      • champkc

        I’m serious, not an idiot and certainly not a redneck. Henderson is a safety first, conservative and a points based fighter since arriving in the ufc, winning points round after round, decision after decision. 6 decisions in 6 fights, his record speaks for itself.

        Its certainly not ‘putting it on the line’ as Dana likes his fighters to do in the octagon, and also fans expect. Its his prerogative, playing it safe, hitting and not get hit, coasting to one decision after another without any hint of excitement or going for a finish. He doesn’t want to get damaged or hurt, playing it safe, fair enough his decision, it will lead to a longer career. But fans at the arena and those watching on tv will bear the brunt of this style, and won’t help him become a draw as well. I’m not fooled by Rogan and Goldberg cheerleading him and sugarcoating his performances. While racking up decisions, with this contract lets hope he can develop a ‘killer instinct’, excite the fans, and hopefully become a draw, and not put us to sleep.

        Lets hope Pettis is given a shot at the title as he was the last person to beat him, although Alvarez/Melendez getting the shot I won’t mind. They may drag a good fight out of him hopefully fingers crossed.

        • champkc

          He is not the current record holder for longest average ufc bout time (19min) for nothing.

          Lets hope he can tackle Gray Maynards record of 7 consecutive decision wins and equal it, and hopefully surpass and smash it.

          Facts are facts.

        • Brown

          Bendo is a smart man. He is also thinking for the future. Are you willing to go balls-to-the-wall and all out bang in the Octagon, risking the future and what is holds for you? I didn’t think so…..all mouth.

          • champkc

            I agree that he is smart, he is the one in the octagon, but that doesn’t mean the fans have to like him. To be exciting and making a fight interesting and entertaining to watch doesn’t mean banging it out (refer to classics such as couture rizzo 1, sanchez/parisyan and many others) as you refer to. But if you want to be a draw, you gotta have a personality the fans can connect with (instead of spreading gods message after every interview) and/or a fighting style that fans will like and find entertaining/interesting.

            Safety first and fighting conservative, if thats what you like, fair enough. But I want to be entertained, UFC is entertainment, not cruising and picking up point after point, round after round.

          • bmc92

            i agree with you man i cant take all this god stuff and the point fighting other people will just say “all you wanna see is guys standing and banging” well thats not the case i love a great jits fight or a good wrestling match that leads to a ground and pound like randy or matt hughs used to but this safe stuff is just so boring and its happening more and more look at clay guida great fighter but greg jackson turned him into a point fighter against grey maynard its really sad in think guys should come to fight not to play it safe

          • champkc

            have to agree with you there. I guess a win is a win, and that is the most important thing, not matter what dana says about ‘coming to fight’. but coasting to a decision and just picking up points (or just keeping a dominant position), thats very fustrating as a fan, and a real turn off……………

    • johnnygago

      another redneck rock em sock em idiot

    • Ep

      Your are an idiot.

    • Cptmats

      What a retard !

      • champkc

        Nice intelligent comment ahahah. If you like to watch a point fighter fighting safety first win one boring decision after another thats your prerogative. In the premier mma organisation in the worlds, premier fighter should deliver more and be more exciting as watching paint dry. He record (current longest fight time and consecutive decision wins) says it all. If Lyoto and Fitch can improve, im sure Henderson can.

        • Cptmats

          Like I said, What a retard !

          • champkc

            Nice to know what your are by your comments. You just confirmed it !!! congrats !

  • Timothy Malone

    “Henderson’s next test inside the Octagon will come later this year when
    he will most likely meet Strikeforce lightweight champion Gilbert Melendez as he transitions to the UFC from the now defunct promotion.”

    This is only because the Bellator lawsuit is dragging out the Alvarez signing. The contract he was offered gave him a title shot before Melendez.

    • Dana said in an interview yesterday that Alvarez would not have received an immediate title shot, only that he would face a top ten contender in his first fight. The language of the contract saying “we intend” lets them have leeway on that one.

      • Tepin

        In other words they were blowing smoke up his ass to foster resentment towards Bellator.

  • Dude

    Damon, fix the “made me thinG long term” in the 6th paragraph.

  • El Gvapo

    I was enjoying his comments until the “do some of His will” schtick. Spreading god’s word through beating somebody up? Now I respect anyone’s beliefs and their right to express them and i advocate tolerance towards all, but come on man? Keep that stuff for the church and get on with trying to be an exciting fighter. (I’m also aware of my own hypocrisy in that statement too).

    • champkc

      Gotta agree with you there. It does become really overbearing in his interviews, and makes you roll your eyes, especially after cruising to a boring points decision. He should just try and concentrate on fighting in a more exciting manner instead of just fighting to win points and rounds and one decision after another.