UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Wants a Chance to Beat Bethe Correia

August 31, 2014
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 5-478x270Bethe Correia has defeated two of the “4 Horsewomen,” and now she wants a chance at their leader, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

In response, the 135-pound queen told MMAWeekly.com on Saturday that she would like to fulfill Correia’s wish, but she better keep winning if she wants a shot at world’s No. 1 women’s fighter.

“I just hope she doesn’t lose before I get a chance to beat her myself,” Rousey wrote to MMAWeekly.com via text message.

Correia fought on Saturday’s UFC 177 card, beating Shayna Baszler and earning a technical knockout in the second round of their main-card fight. Baszler is one of Rousey’s teammates and one of her closest friends.

In her previous fight, Correia beat another of Rousey’s teammates, Jessamyne Duke, which started Correia’s push to take out the champ’s team.

Rousey has recently been busy with her Hollywood responsibilities, shooting scenes for film roles in “Expendables 3,” “Entourage” and other movies. She currently has no fights scheduled, but most expect her fight towards the end of the year.


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  • Shred Man

    Bitch Corea would get destroyed.

    • sfdjfkfl

      Ur right Bitch would get destroyed

  • Slapnutz

    Obviously Ronda wants the easy fight! wish she showed that same determination in wanting to fight Cyborg.

    • Maddawgmar

      Big difference is, Cyborg can’t make the weight. At least for now, and she isn’t in the UFC. Which fight isn’t easy for her in the current list of contenders? Until Cyborg can make 135 and fight in the UFC, both of them have fights with people who are on paper way beneath their level. Plus I don’t see Cyborg going out of her way to make the fight happen…

      • drkdisciple

        I respect your posts on this site even though I don’t always agree with you. First you know as most of us do that Cyborg’s next fight will be at 135. My big problem is that when it comes to Cyborg, Ronda will always bring up the weight issue. However she is willing to overlook that in a fight with Gina. Obviously Ronda is willing to overlook weight against Gina because she knows its an easy fight, the same cant be said against Cyborg. Even when Cyborg makes weight I am sure Dana will continue to protect Ronda and wont make the fight!

        • Seth

          I said that MILLION times. Fight with Gina will be exhibition at best. It’s not real fight. So it doesn’t matter what weight they will fight at.

          As you said Cryborg’s NEXT fight WILL be at 135. So we still don’t know if she can’t make the weight. And yeah – Cryborg isn’t really up for that fight either, because she knows that without her T, she can’t beat Ronda. Let’s face it – without chemical help, Cryborg isn’t special.

  • eddie eagle

    Big nose Corea is very average aRhonda wants the easy fight. Make Corea fight Meisha Tate in a huge nose scrap.

    • Seth

      There is no one in the UFC that is on Ronda’s level, so who ever she will call out – she will call out weaker fighter. So your comment is just dumb.

  • eddie eagle

    Baszler has no business in the UFC. Baszler is terrible and always has been terrible.

    • brad king

      Baszler looks more like a man than most men, but how she was winded so fast, was pathetic. I first thought she was gonna wipe the ground with her opponent dunno what i was thinking.

      • eddie eagle

        Bazler is 40 years old and a complete failure and a terrible MMA fighter. Bazler has no business on a PPV or anywhere in the UFC for that matter. complete loser is bazler.

  • eddie eagle

    4 horsewoman are terrible. Toothpick and stinkin Baszler are glue factory ready now. what a joke the 4 horsewoman are. 3 burros and a stallion.

  • eddie eagle

    Hey UFC? Do youwant to get rid of Carano just announce an UFC 145lb division for Woman and the 1st PPV fight is Carano vs Cyborg. Watch Cowrano run away then and disappear another 5 years. Carano will be 200lbs plus after spitting out 2-3 kids. watch this fraud fade away now.

    • Seth

      145? You sure Cryborg can keep her T low enough to make 145?

      • eddie eagle

        Cyborg will fight soon at 135lbs

        • Seth

          “Will” and “soon”. Those words mean she didn’t (so far) made 135lbs limit. Once she makes it (and remain clean doing it) we can say she is 135er. But for now Cryborg is just cheating 145 pound fighter

  • eddie eagle

    Cyborg has balls asking for a Rousey fight at 135lbs.


    Dana will never set up a fight between rousey and cyborg-do you really think for one minute, that he wants to lose his cash cow!

  • dandogood

    Bethe is very average because Baszler and toothpick Duke are terrible and have zero business in the UFC.

  • dandogood

    Rousey knows Betthe is a very easy fight and an easy win. let it happen. But Rousey got to dump the 2 losers Baszler and toothpick Duke the 2 tattooed whatever gender they are.

  • Guest

    Wana see Ronda in a proper fight wiv a well matched

  • Emma Avinitlarge Lancaster

    They need to match ronda wiv anopponent worthy of givin hr a propa bloody, sweaty fight wot we all wana see! Nearest so far was Meisha Tate tekin her to 3rd rnd.

  • Emma Avinitlarge Lancaster

    Ronda is The bomb 🙂