UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Tries to Emulate Fedor Emelianenko When She Fights

June 26, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 5-478x270UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey tries to emulate her favorite fighter, Fedor Emelianenko, in her fights.

“My favorite fighter to watch ever I would say is Fedor Emelianenko,” Rousey said during a Facebook chat sponsored by Metro PCS on Wednesday.

Emelianenko held the Pride FC heavyweight title from 2003 to 2006.  In an eight-year span, the Russian strung together an unprecedented 28-fight winning streak.  He’s widely regarded as the greatest heavyweight of all time.

“He’s always going to be my favorite.  It was the first highlight reel I ever saw of MMA.  I loved his style and how he came from a Judo-Sambo background, and I really try to emulate his style every time that I fight,” said Rousey.

Emelianenko retired from fighting on June 12, 2012 following a first-round knockout win over former UFC heavyweight contender Pedro Rizzo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Rousey is currently filming “The Ultimate Fighter” season 18 in Las Vegas, coaching opposite rival Miesha Tate.

She was originally scheduled to coach the reality show opposite Cat Zingano, who defeated Tate in April to earn the coaching position and title shot, but was forced off the show with a knee injury.  Tate replaced Zingano.

Rousey defeated Tate to capture the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title in March 2012.  The two rivals will rematch at the conclusion of the season which airs on Fox Sports 1 in the fall.

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  • KingLettuce

    She should spend less time trying to emulate him in the ring, and more trying to emulate him in her personal life: all class, respect and humility all the time.

    • r


    • Rynosaurus

      Never a classier fighter than Fedor, that’s for sure.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Good call. Fedor the best mma hw in the world! Not only because he kicked ass but also for how he conducted himself in the sport.

      • Werdoomb

        best MMA HW = best MMA fighter.

        All that p4p junk was invented to make little guys feel good about themselves.

        Fedor = GOAT

        • Ian Price

          Well, you got a point there! But I am not sure a fat, cheeseburger-fed, 220 lb Anderson would lose to Fedor. I think it would be a pretty even fight. I also think the same about Silva vs JDS. Cain, however, I would concede would beat Silva. Not via standup, but via takedowns and GnP. Cain is just too big for Silva, and will take him down at will. Plus he’s a wrestler, so imagine a huge Chael Sonnen or Weidman with massive cardio and top control….that’s Cain.

          • Werdoomb

            Prime Fedor vs 220lbs Anderson Silva.

            I agree that Fedor now wouldn’t beat Silva easily, if at all.

          • DULE MARKOSKI


        • Cptmats

          Fedor was the little guy !



    • fsunoles10

      the funny thing is you have no idea how she conducts herself in her private life nor should it matter. yall cant criticize her skill so you have to go another route.

      • Werdoomb

        I am not a big fan of how she has been acting in front of cameras as of late. In the beginning, she was super humble. As of late, she’s been calling out people left and right, and expressing her opinions in a very Mir-like way.

        I see the same thing with JBJ. He can be smug about his talent.

        Overall, however, I do think these two young fighters are super talented and not unbearably annoying.

        • Truth

          idk… Bones has been much worse and more annoying than Ronda.

          • Werdoomb

            but as annoying as Mir or Tito?

  • Cereal Killer

    Nobody cares…

  • Enlightened One

    Who cares? If people in the world would spend less time trying to control others, it would be a better place. Everybody has a different personality, drop your bible and worry about your own issues.

  • Timothy Malone

    It will be interesting to see if her career matches the same trajectory as Fedor’s, with her going on a long streak and gaining legend status merely by being a step ahead when the sport is in its infancy and your opponents aren’t that talented. I mean people argue Fedor is the best ever because he beat guys that Gary Goodridge, Mark Coleman, and Kevin Randleman. What amazing complete martial artists those were. His only good wins were Nogueira and Sylvia, and then as soon as he began fighting modern top guys like Werdum he was exposed and had to retire before he was 35. Rousey is ironically going to have the same fate as her boosting of women’s MMA in popularity will lead to more young women willing to learn and catching up to her level.

    • Judoko

      Wow, I almost never reply to comments but Timothy you are a joke. So I guess Babe Ruth wasn’t any good either because he didn’t face any black pitchers. Wilt Chamberlain wasn’t any good because there weren’t as many tall players as there are now. Fedor, Wilt, Babe dominated their eras. Fedor retired not because he couldn’t compete but because he’s been through hellacious wars for over 10 years. Your fluffy, out-of-shape sorry self wouldn’t understand what that does to a body. Not to mention his wife was constantly pressuring him to retire and spend time with his family. Oh yes, he was “exposed” because he got caught in a triangle by the best heavyweight BJJ in the world. Or was he “exposed” when he faced Bigfoot and was so undersized that it looked like a heavyweight vs. a middleweight in there. Maybe he was exposed when he took a big Hendo right which would knock anyone out but Fedor looked like he was still ready to defend himself but referee decided he was out which happens in the sport.

      There is a reason why most MMA “fighters” (not nerdy MMA fans) consider Fedor to be the greatest heavyweight of all time.

      • natpaukar7

        I would really like to see a discussion spur from this because strangely enough, I agree with elements of what each of you said, also, to add to Fedor’s list of what I would consider “good” opponenets: Arlovski, Mark Hunt, Cro Cop, Babalu…

        I will say though, I believe at any point of his career in an openweight bout Anderson Silva would have ended that streak if the two were to have fought…haha I understand this may spur a bit of controversy but I sincerely believe Silva could have owned Fedor on his best day, fedor’s best day that is

        • Werdoomb

          Alright, I am going to end this discussion here.

          First, it’s unfair to compare Fedor to JDS and Cain. Different generation. MMA is a young sport and fighters have improved dramatically, along with the pay. It is no surprise that JDS/Cain would beat prime Fedor the same way JBJ would beat prime Wandy/Chuck.

          Second, Fedor’s best wins are against Sylvia, Arlovski, Cro Cop, and Nog who were former UFC or PRIDE champs and ranked in the top 5 when Fedor fought them. No other HW during that era did this. This is no different from Anderson Silva whose best wins are against Chael, Hendo, Belfort, and Franklin (sorry but Leben, Thales Leites, and Travis Lutter are not top wins). The difference between the two is that one had no competition while the other (fedor) had competition (Mir, Brock, Carwin) but did not fight. Of course, had Fedor joined the UFC and beat Mir and Brock/Carwin then there would have been no question as to who is the GOAT.

          Third, Fedor did fight a lot of cans. Fujita, Nagata, Zulu, HMC were not even in the top 15 when Fedor fought them. He also fought a lot of weaker top 10~15 guys like Coleman and Randleman. He did not, however, fight anyone in the top 5 ~10 range during his prime (e.g., Sergei, his own brother Aleks, Barnett, Werdum, Overeem). Anderson Silva did fight EVERYONE (literally everyone) in the top 10. I have a feeling this is due to PRIDE’s business model. PRIDE didn’t let anyone outside of Cro Cop and Nog challenge Fedor unless they just wanted to throw a show (example, Mark Hunt or Zulu). Cro Cop and Nog, of course, beat everyone else in the HW division. Nog, especially, mopped the HW division beating Sergei, Werdum, and Barnett (1-1 with Barnett).

          • Werdoomb

            Combined, Cro Cop and Nog beat: Werdum, Barnett, Aleks, and Sergei. These guys were top 5~10 guys during Fedor’s heydays. And, of course, Fedor beat Cro Cop and Nog.

            In the UFC, this would not have happened because of the way they promote fights from a promotion’s perspective, example of this being Weidman vs Silva. Weidman hasn’t beaten Chael, Okami, Belfort or other top 5 guys yet still getting a title shot because from a promotional perspective the fight makes sense. Otherwise, you would be seeing Belfort vs Silva three times a year.

          • Cptmats

            Sry Dude but Fedor fought tougher comp in pride than he ever would have in the UFC. Crocop in his prime would ko any ufc hw in about two min ! Mir ?Brock ? are you kidding me ?

          • Flock__of__Burgers

            Nog’s win over Zulu is legit compared to Fedor’s.

        • Served

          disagree.. Fedor in his prime would’ve taken down Anderson like Chael but would’ve caused alot of damage. Not to diss Anderson but Fedor would have the size and strength advantage, and prim Fedor had amazing movement, deceptive quickness, and can close the distance in an instant.

          For the same reason, I see Bones taking down Anderson (not b/c he’s the best overall fighter) by using his size/reach advantage and using his wrestling. Once taken down, it’s ground control and g&p.

          • Baller31

            Agreed…Fedor in his prime would have beaten Silva, and that fight could have happened, because they walk around at close to the same weight.

        • jeff

          This is one of the most ridiculous comments ive ever read. Not a chance in hell. Owned fedor?????? Youre completely insane.

      • Timothy Malone

        I’m not saying Fedor isn’t good, I’m saying he isn’t great. Compare him to people who are actually great and you can see that. He had to retire when he was 35 because “he has been through hellacious wars for 10 years?” Anderson Silva started in 1997, years before Fedor. He seems to be doing alright. Maybe Fedor did retire just because he wants to be with his family but he wasn’t on anyone’s top 10 rankings by that point.

        Fedor didn’t just get submitted by Werdum, it was the fastest submission Werdum has ever gotten in his whole career. And yeah Fedor may have given up 30 lbs in that Silva fight, but he isn’t any shorter than Velasquez or Cormier who handled Silva with ease. And again, an over-the-hill Dan Henderson (also fighting since 1997, those hellacious wars you know) knocked him out in the first round. Henderson can hardly knock out his fellow light heavyweights anymore.

        Of course alot of fighters pick him, because people pick guys they watched coming up and were inspired by. They have rose-colored glasses for the good old days. I don’t buy the “best for their time” arguments. It doesn’t make sense. Whoever the first fighter ever was must be the best because well no one else at the time could match him, right? No, MMA is at it’s highest level now and whoever can dominate today is truly an amazing fighter.

        Again, Fedor is good, he’s above average, but I don’t see how you can look at his record and say he is one of the greatest p4p ever.

        • Flock__of__Burgers

          Herring, Schilt, Arlovski, CroCop: all relevant at the time when defeated by Fedor. Plus submitting an Olympic Gold Medal winning Judoka with an armbar in under one minute is quite impressive.

          • Werdoomb

            Silva medalist.

          • Flock__of__Burgers

            Silver? I was positive that Ogawa was gold medalist. Thanks for the correction!

          • Cptmats

            Yoshida was a two time Gold medalist

          • Flock__of__Burgers

            One amazing Judoka. He also submitted Ogawa at one of the Shockwave events.

          • Cptmats

            You forgot to mention he threw that Judoka on his head then arm barred him !

          • Flock__of__Burgers

            That’s right too.

        • Billy IV

          I daresay you have rose-colored glasses for your own butthole if you think pointing out that Fedor lost a tiny fraction of his fights and beat a few cans makes him merely above average. You might as well claim Anderson Silva got ‘exposed’ by Daiju Takase then got lucky fighting washed up cans, or that GSP got ‘exposed’ by Matt Serra then just gave everyone greasy hugs until superchampion. Pffff all he did was be better than everyone at everything that only makes him above average DURRRRRRRR

        • VietboyP

          Anderson fought at middleweight that’s why he can fight longer. Not as much damage. Also he fought in the weakest division. Besides Henderson who else did he beat that is good? Don’t even say Chael cause he’s a joke and anderson was getting his ass beat. Not to mention Anderson lost to 2 natural lightweights, lets not forget about that.

        • julian moran

          Again, Fedor retired following his father’s death.

          Big foot had over 50 pounds over Fedor come fight night.

          Velasquez is slightly bigger than Fedor, at his prime and a Wrestler. Styles make fights. Your Big foot fights comparison is like saying Velasquez could not finish Kongo in 3 rounds, Nelson finished Kongo in 2 minutes, therefore Cain is not as good as Nelson. It is stupid.

        • Cptmats

          “MMA is at it’s highest level now and whoever can dominate today is truly an amazing fighter.”

          There were just as good of fighter twenty years ago as there is today, there is just a lot more of them now !

          A would bet on a prime Marco Ruas against any current UFC LHW !

      • Flock__of__Burgers

        Fighters only get exposed after going undefeated for a decade. That’s the rule for MMA marks.

        It’s interesting that people say Fedor fought cans yet he’s fought similar opponents as Big Nog, who people call a warrior (including myself). Also, the same people saying Fedor is a fraud will immediately applaud Wanderlei for his wars yet some of Wanderlei’s championship opponents were Japanese cans too.

      • shakejunt

        dummy, babe ruth is considered great because prior to him a homerun was rare. he marks the end of the dead ball era.

        pre-ruth someone had A LOT of homeruns if they had 10 in a season.

        had nothing to do with how good pitchers were especially considering that spitballs and doctoring the ball were still legal at that point in time.

        gain some knowledge before you start spewing garbage you see through your kaleidoscope

      • Cptmats

        A prime Cro-cop would would send Cain to the ER in about 2 mins.

        Fedor beat him at his own game.

        Gary Goodridge ? maybe he is not the most well rounded fight, it’s not that Fedor beat these guy, it how he beat them. Goodridge still has decent heavy hand a solid chin and is a K-1 tourny champ. Fedor stood with him and almost punches a hole in his head. Fedor vs Coleman 1 was one of the slickest sub in mma history !

        What made Fedor so great was that his number one priority wasn’t winning it was giving 100% and leaving it all in the ring every time. No body before or since goes for it the way Fedor did.
        He respected everyone and fear No one !
        And he sure as hell never ran from anyone the was Silva ran from Maia and Leites !

        Sry Bro i usually agree with you but not this time
        Fedor p4p great mma fighter of all time.

        • Brom strokers

          I agree …however no way does cro cop put Cain in the er..prime or no prime..I think Cain tears through prime cc like the tazmanian devil. Takedown..GNP..rinse and repeat.

          • Cptmats

            He couldn’t take a fresh JDS down if his life depended on it, He couldn’t take Bigfoot down either No way he would of been able to take a prime Crocop down. His Take down defence was some of the best ever !

          • brom strokers

            He actually took both of them down..you do know he fought both of them twice right? cc would not have gone 5 rounds with Cain without being taken down. No way!

          • Cptmats

            Second fight Cain didn’t take JDS down until the second round when he was dead(shouldn’t have even been fighting). First round JDS stuffed nine straight take downs.

            Bigfoot got caught throwing a kick in the first fight. Second fight Cain shot twice and Bigfoot stuffed them both !

            I don’t think Cain would take Crocop down. Crocop fought more than a couple high level wrestlers.

            Just my opinion, guess we’ll never know though !

          • brom strokers

            You are right we never will know for sure…a takedown is a takedown though…Cains successful wrestling in mma has a lot to do with his cardio and his ability to out pace many of the heavies. We will just have to agree to disagree. Enjoy the fights !

    • Jack Burton

      She’s pretty much legendary already, she’s the reason female fighters are even in the UFC.

      She uses the same technique every time and wins, they can’t stop her.

      Fedor fought above his weight, he was overweight, like Roy Nelson but not as much. He could have easily fought at 205. So his entire career he was at a disadvantage and still managed to be hugely successful. Ronda doesn’t have that problem.

      • Sir_Roy

        Thing is, many feel that the heavyweight division is actually easier to find success in than the light heavyweight. Myself included.

        I’d much rather face 90% of the fighters in the top 10 HW division than those that are to be found in the top 10 LHW division. Compare the two list of names and tell me I’m wrong. And this despite a potential 30lbs weight disadvantage.

        Cain and JDS are exceptions to that rule. The only two I can think of really.

        • Werdoomb

          I agree and disagree.

          For some reason, I have to agree that the talent level in HW is not deep in a sense that there aren’t many well-rounded guys in that division compared to, say, LW.

          But I have a hard time accepting the above perception the more I think about it. Big guys are bound to be less dexterous than smaller guys. And there is less pressure to well rounded since fights often do not go beyond the first or second round. One mistake and you are done at HW.

          At the end of the day, MMA is essentially a fighting sport. And the baddest man on the planet is the HW champ. And that is where its popularity comes from.

          No offense to lighter guys, but sometimes I don’t really want to see 3 rounds of technical back and forth battle of skills. I want to see some raw beast power KOs.

          • Sir_Roy

            The 205ers often walk around at 230 – 240lbs.There are very few heavyweights that actually have to cut weight to make 260lbs.

            The true 205ers (not the blokes that can cut weight and fight at 185lbs) are not far removed from the size of a heavyweight. Few would argue that Jon Jones, for example, could not easily fight in the heavyweight division.

            How many truly cut heavyweights do you see walking around? Big Country and Cormier are the obvious ones. But even folks like Werdum walk around with a few extra pounds that don’t necessarily add to their athleticism. There is a deeper talent pool at 205 and the 205ers are generally far more athletic than the heavyweights.

          • Werdoomb

            Dude, so what is your point?

            Are you saying that all top LHWs are intentionally fighting at LHW even though they know that they can destroy the untalented HW division?

            Your thing about blokes that are true 185s applies to LHWs as well.

            Don’t you see that Nog could weigh-in any where between 245 and 220? Nog’s natural weight is 245, he cuts down to 220 when he believes that he needs the speed.

            So…you see no size difference between:

            1. Cain – JBJ
            2. JDS – Lyoto
            3. Cormier – Gustafsson
            4. Werdum – Rashad
            5. Bigfoot – Hendo
            6. Barnett – Lil Nog
            7. Frank Mir – Shogun
            8. Overeem – Glover


            Big Country, Cormier, and Cain (the shorter HWs) are BIG BONED. Their bone structure is larger than skinny bros like JBJ and Gus.

            U R DOMB.

          • Sir_Roy

            You’re creating an argument that wasn’t there. And making blanket comments that I never intimated. And being an arrogant douche in so doing.

          • Werdoomb

            Dude, Rashad 240 is when he doesn’t work out for several months chillaxing eating/drinking.

            No LHW “walks around” at that weight, unless “walks around” means not working out and chillaxing/eating/gorging.


            U sound so doomb.

          • Sir_Roy

            You really do go off the deep end in discussions don’t you.


          • Werdoomb

            Are you saying that LHWs would do better at HW but choose to fight at LHW because that’s where the challenge is at??

            You gotta be shitting me. Rashad wouldn’t break top 10 at HW. End of story.

          • Sir_Roy

            No. I’m saying smaller heavyweights like Cormier and Big Country are caught between a rock and a hard place (losing the extra “empty” calories should land them closer to LHW than HW). Moving down to LHW does not land them on easy street because, I feel, the top echelon in the LHW division is more rife with talent and athleticism.

            I’m not saying every light heavyweight can beat any heavyweight by default as in certain situations the size differential is too extreme. Though not as extreme as some may think.

            I think a lot of LHW could defeat many in the HW division.

          • Baller31

            Forrest has always walked around at 240 when not getting ready for a fight, and Dolce said that Sonnen is walking around at about 240 now. Most of the lhw’s are walking around between 220-240 now.

          • Sir_Roy

            Not to mention Rashad who at only 5′-11″ fought at HW during Ultimate Fighter. Rampage Jackson hits 240lbs off season as well. Jones walks around at 230lbs these days too.

          • Werdoomb

            discuss what Forrest does when “not getting ready for a fight.”

            And compare that to what most top 10 HWs weigh when not getting ready for a fight.

            Trust me, after the 12 weeks of camp Forrest is around 215. He cuts 10 pounds prior to the fight. 240lbs is when Forrest is not going to the gym, eating anything he wants, and just being a lazy bum.

            Forrest at 240lbs is FAT.

          • Baller31

            nobody just cuts 10 lbs to fight…GSP walks around at 195 and that’s with very little bodyfat. Jones at 230. Anderson Silva at 220. Maybe a couple guys fight near their natural weight, but in general fighters cut a lot of weight, which is why trainers like Dolce are so busy these days.

    • Baller31

      Fedor was never ‘exposed’. He took on all comers and was undefeated in his prime. He is the best of all time, in my opinion, and fought at heavyweight weighing less than most light heavyweights walk around at nowadays.. and slightly more than Anderson Silva walks around at. He earned legendary status by beating legendary fighters who were in their primes at the time, including coleman, nogueira, cro cop, arona, etc.

    • julian moran

      That you mention people thinking of Fedor as the best because he beat Gary Goodridge, Mark Coleman, and Kevin Randleman, shows how biased and false you are.

      People considered Fedor as the best because he dominated his era like no one else. At his era the best HW’s were considered to be Nogueira, Crocop, Sylvia, Arlovsky and Couture. He fought 4 and beat them all. We all know what would have happened if he had also fought Couture..

      That he lost to 2 top 5 HW’s and was on the bad end of an early stoppage with Dan Henderson does not make him over rated.

      By the way, he did not retire after his 3 losses (which he got 3 wins after) but following his father’s death at which point he decided to retire to spend more time with his family.

  • Always nice to see some Fedor love.

    • Dana White

      b/c it means they’re actually knowledgeable about MMA and not just UFC fanboys or MMA noobs.

  • Baller31

    Sure, if Fedor was a one trick pony.

  • Supaman

    She still lacks the standup to fight like Fedor. At this point she has to rely heavily on her judo.

    • Werdoomb

      So far she has been a hybrid of Royce Gracie and Brock Lesnar or WMMA. While I wouldn’t say the current talent level of WMMA is comparable to that of Men’s MMA during Royce’s days, I do think women are not yet ready to face a world-class grappler in Ronda.

      Also, the level of athleticism in WMMA might not be comparable to that of Men’s MMA. Essentially, like Brock Lesnar, Ronda is able to out muscle her opponents.

      Fedor came into MMA when fighters started getting more and more well-rounded. Let’s give Ronda 2 to 4 years to see if she can still remain at the top.

  • james j

    Rhonda and the rest of the female fighters are the best the thing to happen to the UFC

  • ricky

    the only fighter that ever inspired me was fedor. watching ronda do all those wins via arm bar is amazing. i’d watch her fights anytime. I bet you she’d even finish off that trans-gender fighter. lol

  • Sam

    I can’t stand that bitch.