UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Deemed Too Violent For Wal-Mart

April 6, 2015
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UFC women’s bantamweight champion and 2008 Olympic Bronze Medalist Ronda Rousey’s biography, “My Fight/Your Fight,” is set to hit the bookstore shelves on May 12, but you won’t be able to purchase it at Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart recently announced that it would not carry Rousey’s book in-store because she’s too violent. You can purchase the UFC video game there as well as a plethora of UFC events on DVD, including ones featuring Rousey.  SEE HERE

“I’m shocked, shocked to discover that censorship is going on in America!” said publisher Judith Regan of Regan Arts to Page Six.

Looking past the fact that you can buy riffles, ammunition, crossbows, and an assortment of items routinely used in random acts of violence at the retail store conglomerate, they sell B.J. Penn’s book, “Why I Fight.”

Penn was sentenced to one-year probation and ordered to pay $2,000 in restitution for hitting a Honolulu police officer during a melee outside of a Waikiki bar in 2005.

Penn was arrested in January for another altercation outside of a Waikiki bar. Licking his opponent’s blood off his fight gloves after defeating them became the Hawaiian’s trademark.

The superstore also sells video games rated “Mature.” Rousey has dominated her opponents since her MMA debut in 2011, but is she really more violent than “Call of Duty?”

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  • Attention WalMart Shoppers

    Violent?? Is that the appropriate word? The woman is the top athlete in her sport. I would be proud if my daughter adopted her work ethic and competitive attitude. I’d be more worried about some of the shoppers in those stores being much more violent than Ronda Rousey.

    • uncle

      Target is better

  • TheCerealKiller

    There has to be more to this. Or is this a marketing ploy to generate more interest?

    • polk14

      I agree, it really don’t make any sence.

      • TheCerealKiller

        But they do sell;
        UFC Presents: Ronda Rousey – Breaking Ground
        UFC: The Ultimate Fighter – Season 18
        and many other UFC games, videos and books.

    • Brian Furlano

      I’m thinking this fell across of a single Walmart executive who is anti-mma, hates powerful woman, or maybe is a Cyborg fan.

  • Guest

    this is too funny

  • damanism

    I was just in a walmart, checking out the straight to DVD B flicks they got, and literally… contemplating if those stuffs were too violent to pick up. Yeah, an obvious double standard with the book.

    Did she not “play her part” as a woman, in some meeting with some walmart exec? Sour he can’t get a date??


    Just say it Walmart! you don’t want to sell a book about a giant c**t

  • justin

    I hope this story gets some traction and they are forced to change their position. Bunch of misogynist pricks.


    So teens can buy guns and ammo from Walmart, but they can’t buy a book, Smart, America, Smart.

    • Brian Furlano

      No teens can’t buy guns and ammo from Walmart. Since your from the UK I’ll ignore your ignorance of U.S. gun laws.

      • Timothy Malone

        A 19 year old can’t buy a shotgun from Wal-mart? Why not?

        • Brian Furlano

          Come now Tim you know what he was actually implying.

  • John Youwer

    There are plenty of Books Walmart sells online that they dont stock on shelves. Which is where you can find her book. Too bad she is too stupid to realize that before she opens her big fat mouth. The woman is so stupid it amazes me that she can find her way to the gym everyday. She sure as hell cant remember to use deodorant everyday. Maybe she can use the money from her book to remove that quarter size mole off her ugly face.