UFC Champ Ronda Rousey Calls Cris Cyborg a Cheater and a Disgrace (Video)

July 13, 2013
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Ronda Rousey UFC 157 Pre 10-478x270UFC women’s bantamweight titleholder Ronda Rousey fielded questions from fans at the UFC Fan Expo in Las Vegas leading up to UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on July 6.

The topic of fighting former Strikeforce women’s featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino always seems to come up.

Rousey theorized that “Cyborg” left the UFC due to the announcement  of out of competition drug testing and called the current Invicta FC fighter a “cheater and a disgrace.”

“Cyborg” fights for the Invicta FC featherweight title on Saturday in a rematch against Marloes Coenen.

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  • Milosc

    Somebody’s scuuured…

  • tom

    So sick of hearing this bitch talk, somebody take the mic away.

  • drkdisciple

    Rousey fears Cyborg and will find every possible excuse not to fight her…nothing new

    • SZJ

      Why are so many people supportive of a proven cheater?

      • drkdisciple

        many fighters have tested positive for steroid use in the past (Leben, barnett, sonnen, sylvia, reem etc) did you here of other fighters refusing to fight them afterwards? the answer is no…On the other hand if Lousy Rousey has no intention of fighting Cyborg because she is scared she should stop talking sh*t!

        • Wayde Barnes

          Are you a f****** moron or what? It’s not a guy taking a little more testosterone than he normally has, it’s a f****** woman taking MALE HORMONES which turns them into men without male organs, which gives them a serious advantage over every other woman. By looking at all other female fighters out there, she’s the only one who’s done that and should be banned from fighting anywhere for life. That’s what she’s earned. I can’t believe that anyone would even want to watch that shemale fight women. It’s actually worse than the dude who had a sex change, yet nobody’s holding her ass to the fire. Cheating ass wench is all she is.

          • Lisa Rene

            @Wayde – woo hoo TESTIFY!

      • Lisa Rene

        evidently there are quite a few gay men here who love cheating trannys

    • zte

      coz that bitch has been juicing all her life. put her up against that tranny or whatever that thing is called now and we’d have a fair fight.

      • Cptmats

        you’re a loser !

        • Lisa Rene

          zte is on target, again, quit nut-hugging the cheating tranny, loser!

  • Manuel Lopez

    Wow her ego has grown immensely.

    • Chase Brian Beebe

      she is sleeping w/ dana white

  • TheCerealKiller

    I am soo sick of hearing from her, I just might kick her out of bed!

  • Stacreab

    Rousey wants no piece of cyborg!! Cyborg would finish her within 2 rounds. Steroids or not she can’t beat her. If you’re the “best” you’ll fight anybody that wants to.

    • Lionel Slice Jolly

      no bro. if you’re the best you wouldn’t knowingly fight a cheater.

      • Lisa Rene

        ^ logic and common sense for a change, whew!

    • candelario

      Rousey has a big mouth… I hope real #1 women fighter, Cyborg, smashes that pretty face.

      • Lisa Rene

        lmao Cybroid the cheating TRANNY? Ronda would rip her arm off and shove it up YOUR a**…haha

    • Lisa Rene

      um FYI Cybroid is the one who pu**y’d out and declined the first women’s UFC title shot in history that was OFFERED…HELLO!!

      • disqus_gVxh7VGHDf

        Cyborg trains her bjj with andre galvao … i dont think rouseys only move, the armbar, and lack of standup will be able to stop her.

  • I love Ronda, I really do but there’s no point in talking about someone who you can’t fight. I don’t know if it’s on both of them or out of their hands. Maybe the UFC didn’t want to have a catch weight fight when their focus is only on 1 weight division for the women. I figured if they wanted to fight so badly they would have worked something out. Either way Cyborg isn’t in the UFC and won’t be in the next year so why even bring up news that most people know about anyway.

  • Ron

    @CombatScienceMMA Invicta and the UFC work together and Cyborg has a clause in her contract that if a fight can be worked out with Ronda Invicta won’t oppose it. So just cause she is signed to Invicta doesn’t mean this fight can’t happen within the next year or so. BUT Ronda seems to be the only one who keeps pushing all this BS. every time she gets a mic in her hands she takes shots at Cyborg. I’m sick of hearing her talk about Cyborg and then say “If you wanna fight me come to 135” it’s Chicken Sh*t that’s all….

    • SZJ

      1. The reporters keep asking her about it, it is not her brining it up.

      2. Cyborg is a proven cheater. FACT.

      • Cptmats

        1. You’re and Idiot. Fact

        2. ………….

        Guess that is it !

        • Lisa Rene

          uh guess again, shemale nut-hugger 😉

    • Lisa Rene

      yeah Cybroid is chicken sh*t, all she/he has to do is drop to fight a smaller girl but is too much of a PU**Y! the fight was ALREADY OFFERED for the UFC TITLE biggest MMA org in the World. Ronda is already the UFC Champ why would SHE go to Invicta which is an upstart feeder org, that’s ridiculous. , lmao #numbnutz..

  • DamianCross

    Did you bros not hear 3 different people ASK HER ABOUT CYBORG? Get off her jock and maybe she’ll stop talking trash.

    • TheCerealKiller

      Put her on the undercard of the Fox1 show.

  • lamont

    Rhonda is a one trick pony, “armbar “.cyborg will crush this promiscuous ho.

    • The best eva

      One trick my ass. It’s her go to move and it has yet to fail so why go for anything else. If an MLB player can hit a homerun at every up at bat why would he go for a base hit?

  • Cbrend

    Rousey should give it a rest, she’s not doing herself any favors. However, has anyone actually seen Cyborg? This isn’t a case of a one-time failed drug test. She’s barely female and would likely fail an Olympic xx chromosome test. Guys getting a slight edge with a little extra T is not even in the same league as a woman taking T for long periods. Completely changes the dynamic. Did you see what happened to Ryker when she fought a man ( same weight)? GOT DESTROYED!!! It matters, A LOT. Let cyborg test drug free ( blood tests) for 2 years then see what happens. Then it will be a test of skill, not skill vs. testosterone. Neither should fear that scenario if they’re true champs.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Barely a female? You do realize that there are many butch women in the world right? Cyborg isn’t feminine we get that but the ‘barely a man’ bulls*** is just hateful crap at this point. Check out the power lifting competitor women how they appear.

  • Ruah

    Rousey is scared…Ive never heard anyone use excuses to NOT fight someone as much as her. And Dana wont allow his cash cow to get smashed…he saw what happened to the other Barbie(Carano) when put in with Cyborg

  • randy

    first off rousey is scared to fight cyborg ,period !
    seconf know matter how much juice a person takes it does not make them a better fighter ,they dont become experts in fighting because they take juice ,alls it does is allow them to recover faster and get a bit stronger ,since they still have to make weight and still have to cut water weight ,they are only a bit stronger .there has been many fighters who have taken roids and still got there asses handed to them ,leben vs bisping ,leben got destroyed by bisping .and leben was on roids the night of the fight .i aggree that roids can be looked at as cheating but not as people think ,it does not enhance your reflexes or your hand eye skill.and in fighting those matter .the ufc picked rousey and created a weight for her to win at ,they knew that cyborg could not make it .rousey just talks to much s*** and it makes a sexy lady very ugly and trashy ,because wether or not cyborg is a cheater is not the point when you know that you can beat somebody ,her excuses are for not fighting her is weak.

    • Manuel Lopez

      Well said

    • Wayde Barnes

      You know absolutely NOTHING about steroids. A little bit stronger? It makes men a lot stronger, but has an even bigger affect on women, since they have only trace amounts of testosterone in their systems, taking steroids actually starts turning them into QUASI MEN. Look at her and tell me that she isn’t the ugliest women in the fight game. She looks like Bev Francis did when she started setting all the powerlifting records back in the early 80’s. I saw her on the cover of Powerlifting USA magazine, and couldn’t figure out who that dude was. Everyone saying that Ronda is scared is just jealous of her. Why not just require her to fight men so she can finally get beat. That’s all you want anyway. If she required Santos to come down to 135, she’ll have to lose some of that ill gotten muscle, which will make it at least a half way fair fight. One last thing. You say that Ronda should just shut up about her, yet it’s alright for Santos to wear a shirt during her interviews that says, Ronda is my bitch? Ronda just calls them as she sees them.

      • Lisa Rene

        @Wayde Barnes ^ BULLSEYE!

    • Lisa Rene

      Quit nut-hugging the cheating tranny. Cyborg was offered a shot at the first women’s mma title in UFC history and would have banked a mint win or lose and CHICKEN SH*TTED OUT! Cyborg should be the one to drop she/he was the one who got caught CHEATING…wake the F up!

      • Lisa Rene

        and BTW again it’s not just that a female using male hormones gets WAY more of an unfair advtg, but she/he ALSO targeted notheing but smaller blown up 135ers the ENTIRE career…go take another glance at Cybroid’s record FILLED with natural 135ers..she/he is the biggest coward/sham in MMA..period!

    • jtridexter

      Anabolic means body building tissue. Anabolic steroids builds muscle tissue and increase body mass by acting like the body’s natural male hormone and testosterone. And although steroids cannot improve an athlete’s agility or skill. The user will definitely gain more muscle, get a lot stronger, more aggressive, and hit much harder than those athlete that are not using.

      That being said, it would be unfair to put Cyborg in the ring with Rousey, Cyborg is now basically a man, and In my opinion, Cyborg should not even be fighting women, instead, they should put her/he in the ring with transgender fighters, that way at least the fights would be fair and a lot more entertaining.

    • diretsolang tayo

      am awakened to these kind of stuffs because of news about ronda, how come people looking/speaking like men are allowed to fight in a woman’s world. is this cyborg a real woman? or does mma means mixed genders also? pls clarify my ignorance.

  • Bill white

    The dude Cyborg would destroy Rousey just as Carano the cow was destroyed. Cyborg is a guy with jewels hidden up in there. Guys beat woman every time. deal with it. Dana doesn’t want the stench of Cyborg in the UFC. Hell keep Cyborg in brazil and out of the USA.

  • InformedOne

    @Stacreab/candelario, morons through and through. So you hope a known cheater is the new champ?You think steroids or no she would finish Ronda? If you like watching MMA then you should know it is still fighting for legitimacy in the world. The last thing we need is the biggest promotion’s champion being one who was busted for chemical enhancement. In case you think roids makes no difference, I wonder why people take them. Surely if you are going to risk being stripped of titles, fined thousands of dollars, and being suspended for up to a year, there would have to be some advantage. It makes you strong, powerful, aggressive, coincidentally all adjectives that have been used to describe Cyborg. In the case of a woman, it makes you more like a man. Why not just ask Frankie Edgar to fight Ronda??

  • InformedOne

    We should also underscore the comment about Cyborg leaving the ufc bc there wasn’t a 145 division yet. It is well documented that she does a lot of weight lifting. Guess what, when you cut down on WL you lose body weight. You can keep lean, drop 10lb of muscle, and “shazaam”, you are now a 135’er. Cyborg refused to sign up when she knew the testing would be a problem. Struve shouldn’t try dropping a weight class. Nate Diaz shouldn’t try to make 145. Cyborg has plenty to shed and stay healthy, there is simply another reason she doesn’t want to fight in the UFC.

  • realitycheck

    LMAO! @ all the fagboys nuthugging the cheating tranny Cybroid. she/he is clearly the one AFRAID of Ronda or she/he would’ve dropped, end of story.

    • #1mmafan.

      You’re a dork!!! Nuff said

  • Stephen Quadros

    She aint lyin

  • James James

    cyborg was one of the most tested athletes this last fight apparently. The fight went the way I thought it would, if Cyborg never hits the floor she KO’s Ronda the Brat! If it goes to the floor she smothers her till she gets up and then pounds on her again. Ronda and Dana are no dummies, they smack talk while ducking the fight as much as they can. She aint fooling anyone, Barbie the fighter is scared of the Mean Brazilian chick!

    • Lisa Rene

      lmfao! the cheating tranny’s the one who ducked the title shot which was offered. get it straight while you’re nut-hugging a shemale…

  • uncle

    We know your scared Ronda just stop talking about
    Cyborg if you won’t fight her

    • jtridexter

      why are you calling Rousey scare when she said she would fight her, all Cyborg has to do is go down to 135, so obviously the one that’s scare is Cyborg because she knows that if she/he goes down to 135 she/he will most definitely lose the fight due to the fact that she won’t be able to use her steroids!

  • Matt

    Could someone please explain why Cyborg still has so many supporters? Are they the same supporters that still think Lance Armstrong is a champ. Some people still rank her as number 1 in women’s MMA. How many fights has she had, clean, to prove that? If Armstrong was allowed to compete again would you be saying he was clean now because he had done his stand down period? There are certain athletes you watch that commonsense tells you are on something to look the way they do or beat athletes who have been caught taking something.

    • Wayde Barnes

      Lance Armstrong IS still the champ in my eyes. Everyone in the top tier of the Tour de France is juicing, which made it a fair competition.