UFC Champ Junior dos Santos Headed for Surgery

November 15, 2011
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A victorious Junior dos Santos

Junior dos Santos, fresh off capturing the UFC heavyweight title from Cain Velasquez, is headed to the sidelines.

Although he injured his knee just 11 days prior to the UFC on Fox main event, he stuck it out, capturing the belt in the process. But he won’t be seeing the inside of the Octagon again anytime soon, as he is instead headed for the operating table.

“He’s gonna make the surgery soon,” Brazilian journalist Marcelo Alonso said on Monday’s edition of The MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo. “He didn’t say exactly when, but he’s gonna make the surgery.”

That’s not really a surprise, considering dos Santos was on crutches a mere 11 days prior to the fight with Velasquez.

“When Cain was throwing some kicks, I was worried about that because Junior tore his meniscus before the fight, 11 days ago,” the new champ’s training partner, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, told MMAWeekly.com after the fight. “So he was on crutches for a while.”

Depending upon the extent of the injury and the duration of the recovery time, the surgery shouldn’t interfere all that much with the timeline for dos Santos’ first defense, anyway.

It would be ideal for him to defend the belt on his home turf when UFC 142 lands in Brazil in January, but that wouldn’t have happened even if dos Santos were healthy. UFC president Dana White has declared that the Dec. 30 fight between former UFC champion Brock Lesnar and former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem at UFC 141 will determine the first challenger to dos Santos’ belt.

Stay tuned to MMAWeekly.com for more updates on dos Santos’ recovery.

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  • bajafox

    Wow that sucks. Hope they release details on how long he will be out for.

    Also wonder if it’s too long if the winner of Lesnar/Overeem will be willing to wait

    • wonggfan

      I wouldn’t be surprised if the surgery affects JDS’s next performance and he loses the belt.

      MMA fighters are beasts. They should be paid more.

      • Black Belt

        Who the fuck are YOU to determine what they should get paid? Have you ever run a business? Have you ever put your financial life on the line for anything? Outside of daddy giving you a couple of dollars to swallow his pole, have you ever done ANYTHING that required financial risk? Oh, that’s right, you have NOT! Get your fat, lazy ass back under your keyboard. I am sure you have some more brilliant and exciting comments to make so mommy can read them and be proud of her little retard!

        • dirtyjudo

          Are you always such an Ass?

          • wonggfan

            He is. He has insulted me at least 5 times in the last 2 weeks for the most innocuous comments I’ve made.

            He makes fun of me for having a college degree (he doesn’t have one). He also stated that I am too young to know anything about MMA (he is in his early 30’s).

            Srsly, what is his problem?

          • Black Belt

            Fuck you too!

        • Black Belt.

          MMA fighters should get paid more. They don’t because they have no bargaining power. The money is there, but they aren’t capturing most of the profits, Zuffa is. Zuffa has many other holdings, some o which aren’t doing well, so they are a very complex financial entity. If you do a basic, rudimentary assessment of their cash flow (pay per view buys + licensing fees + gate + merchandise) there is sufficient revenue for these fighters to get paid significantly more. However, this isn’t boxing where each fight is individually negotiated and a purse determined via a promotion bid which is backed up by promised cash.

          So in short, wonggfan may not have elaborated on his point all that clearly but the fact remains, a simple assessment of their costs and revenues show that if the UFC’s margins were smaller, if they didn’t have so much broader exposure to gaming, and if the fighters had actual bargaining power, they would get paid more. The UFC is wildly successful and the growth in their revenues and far outpaced the growth in fighter salaries.

          I’m sure you have some sort of deeply ingrained anti-union tick that evoked this visceral response to someone asking that employees of a company make more. That is your perogative. Just know, if you really care about the people who make this sport great (the fighters), then you should consider that their compensation should be commesurate to other fight athletes. I’m not saying that $5 million+ purses should be regular occasions, but the difference in compensation between Javier Velasquez and Cheick Kongo should be much much more. (200k vs. 150k…seriously?!)One is the champion, undefeated, and a PPV headliner. the other a gatekeeper, there is not market in the world that would value them any where near this price. This is a product of restricted negotiation

          I apologize for using this rather dry and cutting terminology: you may be a business owner, but you don’t know a monopoly or a skewed compensation market when you see one. Sorry, but your indignation is totally misplaced.

          • rayray

            Javier Velasquez? Peru’s prime minister?

          • Black Belt

            @ romulocabeza: I didn’t say they shouldn’t be paid more. I just disagree with wonggfag, that’s all. He is a know-nothing asshole that thinks they should be paid what HE determines they should be paid.

            Wonggfag said: “MMA fighters are beasts”…That is his gay fantasy speaking.

  • champs

    There’s so much to like about JDS.. humble, killer instinct, highlight knockouts, didn’t bow out of the fight even though he was hurt. A great champion!

    GSP is kind of the opposite. He drops out of his fight due to a (minor?) injury. Everything he does is calculated, to maximize his “brand”. He fights safe to win, to maintain his status and nothing more.

    • Cptmats

      Retard !

      • wonggfan

        I am afraid that many on this site are.

        A number of posters on this site can’t write acceptable english. Some of them are foreigners. Others are not. Guys like Black Belt and MikeMc1983 make basic grammatical mistakes and I have no reason to believe that they are foreigners. Infact, they claim to be in their late twenties.

        Also, most of the posters seem to have difficulties making a coherent argument. Their comments are full of logical errors.

        • macgrubber

          I dont know if ur trolling or not I hope you are cuz if not then u really sound like a old lonenly virgin with nothing better to do than check spelling on the internetz which is pretty bad. Maybe get a hobby? One that involves being outside.

          • Black Belt

            macgrubber, you are so correct! This homo is constantly writing about me and another guy because he is a flaming queer that daddy did the dirty with when he was a young boy. His obsession with people’s grammar is off the charts. He can’t get enough of telling people how stupid they are, when he is the one that shows everyone on this site what a true and total loser he is. He is a douche that I will personally follow in here for a long time.

            Thanks for confirming what EVERYONE else on this site already knows: wonggfag is a loser!

          • wonggfan

            There is a difference between typos/occassional spelling errors and horrible grammar.

            I don’t CHECK people’s grammar on this site. But when I read stuff like, “Dana is right! Know fighter asked such stuff. There happy to be in the UFC,” I don’t even know how to respond.

        • Black Belt

          wonggFAG is a flamer!

    • MrAdidas

      LOL – IDIOT!

  • tomkevill

    I think its cheating if you take something to mask the pain in combat sports period. Now he won the belt and god knows how long hes gonna be out while everyone waits. Pretty selfish if you ask me.

    • Cptmats

      Stupidest thing i’ve ever heard ! Putting your self at a disadvantage is cheating ?

      • wonggfan

        Read my comment below.


        Making typos is one thing. Making constant grammatical errors is another.

        Expressing an opinion is one thing. Saying some completely insane is another.

    • wonggfan

      “Everyone” waits? Obviously not everyone is entitled to a title shot. Rather, only a select few in the UFC are, namely, the winner of Brock/Overeem fight. Cain just lost the belt so he needs at least two fights before he can challenged again. Carwin needs at least three wins before he can challenge again. Even if Brock beats Overeem, can MMA fans come to an agreement that Brock deserves another shot at the title this soon?

      So the only one that may or may not be treated unfairly because of this injury is Overeem, but only if he beats Brock.

      Pretty selfish? Can’t you say that about the guy sidelining and waiting for the title shot? For example, Rashad Evans has been waiting for a shot for a while. Why doesn’t he put his title shot on the line against Shogun or Lyoto?

      I think the UFC has the interim belt rule for a reason. If the champion cannot defend his title, then an interim belt is awarded. If the champion fails the second time, he is stripped of his title. Isn’t that how the interim belt system works?

      So I am not quite sure why you think it is “selfish” for someone to take a break because he has an injury. Shouldn’t you blame the UFC for not putting in place a rule that disallows champions from delaying fights?

      • Black Belt

        Another brilliant rant by the site resident, rubber-ass wonggfag!

  • you are really going to question someone’s knowledge based on grammar ????? that’s ridiculous.
    As for calling JDS selfish he could of rightly pulled out due to injury but he took the risk and it paid off and if he needs an operation so be it.
    what would you prefer him to do have a fight stopped due to a knee injury??
    As for Brock and Overeem I really do not get how Brock is still in the mix he has gone from losing a title straight to a fight off for a title fight that’s disgraceful and the same happened when defeated by mir 1 fight and straight into a title fight after the win. when Cain will probably have to have two fights before he can challenge again Brock is being treated far to well by the UFC imo.

    • wonggfan

      “you are really going to question someone’s knowledge based on grammar”

      Umm…unless you are a foreigner…yes and no. Like I said, I am not picking on spelling errors.

      I’ve seen some really really bad grammar. And it is not ONLY the grammar. The logic is as shitty as the grammar.

      • Black Belt

        So, tell us, wonggfag, how the fuck do you explain your errors? The rest of us know you are an idiot, an asshole, a lonely loser, and a complete tool. How do you see yourself when you make mistakes? If you could be objective for a moment you would see that you are everything I listed and more.

        None of this is about me, my errors, or my mistakes. I simply stood up for someone you were picking on, and you can’t handle it. Just understand one thing…I won’t go away until you do. I will hound you on here for a long time. I will make sure that everyone knows what a cock sucker you really are.

        • frumps


  • As for saying take the title off J.D.S if he is out for a decent length of time I have to say no chance. He has actually had to fight for his chance and deserves the title. Brock or Overeem will just have to wait their turn if it is a lengthy time let Cain fight the winner for an interim title.
    I also feel Overeem should of had to earn a title fight in the UFC what he has done outside of the UFC is irrelevant he should of had to have 2-3 fights to prove he is worthy of a UFC title shot.But obviously the powers that be have decided that an extra few quid is more important than quality.

  • PappaK

    Guys, don’t worry – JDS will be back soon and be ready to defend. It’s a slight meniscus tear. Nothing major. He’ll be good to go – providing he gets the surgery soon. Don’t forget, he gets the winner of Lesnar/Overeem so even if he was 100% healthy, that fight would likely only happen in what – March at the earliest?

  • shereko

    Ok first off don’t be so dramatic… Torn cartlidge isn’t that big of a deal, its a quick out patient scope job. He would be out 10-14 days of training and maybe a little rehab that gets mixed with his training, this usn’t GSP’s injury as someone stated. Wow, this is very minor but is uncomfortable, and its a good time to get it done.


    Seeing as Overeem vs Lesner is on Dec 30 he has till probably March before Lesner or Overeem assuming the winner dosnt get hurt would be ready to fight…This topic is being taken way overboard…Its a minimum of 4 1/2 months to recover from minor knee surgery and get ready to fight. Dos Santos will be fighting by late April or early May. Relax people…

  • shereko

    LOL If you want proof of how bad his knee injury was check out the picture in this article itself, on a bad knee thats pretty good range of motion… and yes, it was from the night he won not before, so don’t go play that card.

  • MikeMc1983

    Man, someone really has a crush on me. I’m getting brought up in topics I haven’t even posted in.

    On topic I’ll say this. I’d bet if you asked the UFC brass they’d be much happier with dos santos going into the fight injured rather than pulling out off the card eleven days before the event. Especially in this case.