Jose Aldo Will Hold Off Decision Concerning Move To Lightweight Until After UFC 163

July 31, 2013
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Jose-Aldo-UFC-129-Pre-8257-450x260Talk of UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo making the move up to the lightweight division to vie for the title isn’t new.

When UFC 163 was announced, the fight card featured Aldo against lightweight contender Anthony Pettis.  Pettis requested the bout, but an injury forced him out of the fight.  When the original match-up was made, UFC president Dana White said that if Aldo won, he’d earn a shot at the lightweight belt.

The timeline seemed to be mapped out for Aldo’s jump to the 155-pound division, but circumstance intervened.  Whether the deal still stands for Aldo getting a lightweight title fight with a win at UFC 163 is unclear.  A win over Pettis would have justified the opportunity, but a win over Jung may not.

Aldo has adopted a wait-and-see attitude.

“It’s hard to say right now. I want to take one step at a time. I want to focus on the fight I have on Aug. 3 against the Korean Zombie. We’ll see what happens from there, if I’m going to make the move, or if I I’m going to stay in my weight class,” said Aldo during a recent media conference call.  “So I have to take one step at a time.

“I can’t try to take too big of a step. And I’ve got to focus on my next opponent to make a decision,” added Aldo. “I respect my opponent, and I can’t overlook him.”

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    Pettis would have defeated him, would like to see a rematch against Mendez, Edgar or Swanson though

    • Served

      no thanks to any of those rematches.

      Mendes had nothing to offer Aldo, and nothing has changed. Mendes had his best chance when he was behind Aldo and had him against the fence but couldn’t do anything but eat a knee and get KO’ed. Mendes just doesn’t have the striking and speed to set up any takedowns and couldn’t do it the first time. Wouldn’t be any different.

      Everyone calling for a Swanson rematch probably hasn’t seen the first fight. Cub is a striker but Aldo is a much better one and Cub would just get KTFO’d again.

      Edgar II would probably be more of the same, but maybe he could squeeze a questionable decision, but doubtful. Aldo’s reach advantage will likely allow him to secure another decision. Of the three, Edgar rematch is the only one that would make sense and would be remotely interesting.

      Ricardo Lamas is the only top contender (other than Chan Sung Jung) who we haven’t seen fight Aldo, so he could get another shot if Aldo stays.

      • Tom Jolley

        and i seen the first fight

      • joomgee!

        I wouldn’t say Mendes had nothing for him. He was about to dump him on his head, twice, before Aldo grabbed the fence… That illegal move led right into the knee that KO’d Mendes.

      • Ks mma

        Lamas and Swanson both deserve shots.
        Cub got caught and has looked amazing since.
        Cub is as deserving of a fw shot as vitor is at mw.

        • JDMMA

          perhaps Lamas vs Swanson rematch

      • JDMMA

        since then Mendes have had 3 KO/TKOs..

    • Tom Jolley


  • Supaman

    If Aldo moves up to 155, his first fight should be Anthony Pettis.

    If Aldo stays at 145, then Anthony Pettis should move down to 145 (whether or not Pettis beats Bendo).

  • Tom Jolley

    i hope he makes the move, that cut to 145 is seems to slow him down, that said its a dangerous move he seems to have control of that 145 division, but big respect to those that move up in in weight especially when they have a belt

  • Jack Sparrow

    If he moves up he should receive an automatic title shot

  • This guy is pure talent. I respect what he’s accomplished and he for sure is one of the top P4P fighters in the world but now that division has nothing to offer him other then Ricardo Lamas. And maybe Lamas should fight Mendes to make a real top contender. The LW division is just so stacked though. Could you guys imagine Aldo vs Guillard?