UFC Champ Jon Jones Welcomes New Baby Girl

March 4, 2013
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Jon Jones and Baby OliviaUFC light heavyweight champion Jon “Bones” Jones has a little more light in his life as of Monday.

Jones announced via his official Twitter account that he welcomed a baby girl into the world.

“At 11 o’clock sharp we gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, her name is Olivia Haven Jones!!!” Jones tweeted, his smile beaming through his words.

“Two weeks early, 6 lbs. 10 oz…. 20 inches long #beast.”

Olivia is the third daughter for Jones and his fiancée, Jessie Moses.

“Shout out to my girl Jessie Moses for going 3 for 3 with no epidurals #Stud about time to change that last name.”

Jones has a bout coming up against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159 on April 27 in New Jersey. The two are currently coaching opposite each other on The Ultimate Fighter: Team Jones vs. Team Sonnen.

Perhaps wedding plans are next on the agenda?

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  • Armond Harris

    3 girls? the % of JBJ dieing of a heart attack before age 50 just went up another 10%

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Put a ring on the mothers hand for cryin out loud!

  • Ian Price

    I thought he was a Christian? How many kids can you have out of wedlock and still be considered a good Christian? About as many crashed Aston martins !!!

    • bajafox

      You’re not supposed to drink and drive as a Christian either and that didn’t go so well

    • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

      How many of us Christians are truly ‘good?’
      In the words of St. Ephrem — “Grant me to see my own faults, and not judge my brother.”
      Words to commit to heart.

  • Pocho

    It also u shouldn’t judge or you will also be judged

    • kbroesq

      I love it when people totally misinterpret that quote. The ‘judge not’ quote means not to engage in hypocrisy. Most people who judge are engaging in the same form of sin in one way or another. It DOES NOT mean you can NEVER point out when people are sinning.

      I have to agree that it bothers me that Jones portrays himself as a Christian, and doesn’t even make a commitment to the mother of his children (engaged is not married). People will say, ‘who cares,’ and many people don’t care. But the reality is that a lot of people do care, and they do take note. I am one of them. I was a huge Jones fan, but he’s just done too many fake things.

      • Brian

        Good to see someone FINALLY getting it right. Like you and SolidMemory said the Bible doesn’t say we are not to judge and that it, but to pass righteous judgment. Meaning I can’t be a crack head and tell another crack head their wrong for doing drugs. But if I’m get of drug’s and get my life together then I can pass righteous judgment (and not be a jerk about it) . If we where commended not to judge then that would me ever criminal needs to be released from jail because who are we to judge right. No Christian is perfect and without sin. But what sets a Christian who truly believes in the word (and mean the full word) and who doesn’t is we don’t accept are wrong doings as the normal or that as just who I am, but starve to corrected are bad habits. I used to curse like it was a second language, but I didn’t accept it as that was just that way I was. So I stopped. Did it happen of night, no. Do some time’s when I mad I want to, yes. But I don’t. And it has gotten to the point to where if I want to cures I would have to really force myself to do it. Now with that being said Jones needs to go ahead and marry his woman. I know no one is perfect but it doesn’t look good when you’re in the spot light professing God but you’re not married to the woman who’s having your kid’s. Still congratulations on their new baby girl

    • Ian Price

      I agree in principle…. judge not. However, he’s a huge role model now. If I were him, I would try not to keep tapping this chick without a ring, especially after 3 kids. 3!!! One child I can understand. Oops, we meant to have this one in 2 years…. We’ll get married soon. But this ain’t the first child. Or his second. Come on. Jon, grow some and buy that F****** ring!!!

    • Solidmemory

      If you read the word of God there is a thing called righteous judgement. If someone is doing something INTENTIONALLY that is wrong in PUBLIC they have to be called out about it.

  • rogerdingee@yahoo.com

    3rd daughter and not married[ thats not a champ to me?]

  • gunner249

    Great of him to find time in between driving sluts around in a bentley and pretending to be a humble guy.

  • Milosc

    People are just jealous he’s basing out a tall blonde 😉

    (The truth)

  • Les h8

    A. Congrats & blessings to the Jones family. B get off the guys meat already he a fighter not a priest if you look that far outside of your home & self for an Ideal role model you need to get it together.