UFC Champ Jon Jones Returns from Injury, Begins Training for Alexander Gustafsson

Jon-Jones-UFC-Expo-2013UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones has been sidelined ever since his UFC 159 victory over Chael Sonnen.

That is, he had been sidelined until Tuesday.

The champ injured his toe in the first-round drubbing of Sonnen on April 27 in New Jersey.

Limping over to do his post-fight interview with UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan, Jones’ toe was jutting out at an unnatural angle, bleeding, the bone trying to sneak a peak through his skin. It caused more than a few stomachs to churn when the cameras focused on his injured foot.

The injury, which most believed was a fracture, was actually a severe dislocation. That ended up being a more questionable proposition for healing than the fracture would have been, but Jones recuperated rather quickly, and has already returned to training.

“Day 1 baby!!! Kickboxing with Wink went great, grappling with coach Jackson later,” Jones tweeted on Tuesday, marking his first day back in action.

Jones added that his toe was feeling “totally fine,” and that he is “really excited to be fighting an Orthodox fighter,” although he has yet to show much of a weakness in fighting southpaws.

He already has his next bout scheduled, getting the fight that both he and his next opponent wanted.

Jones will square off with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 on Sept. 21 in Toronto.

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  1. If Gustaf doesn’t beat Jones it’s no big deal. Jones is on a roll and obviously very talented and well rounded. The guy still deserves more credit. Although I wish he had faced guys like Rashad Evans and Lyoto Machida. Him and Phil Davis are really neck and neck if you ask me, even though they already faced off. I still would like to see them both fight Jones and Glover Tex as well. If Jones beats all three, then I say go up. Only b/c they are all different style fights.

    • kinda rambled there, it was a bit hard to follow.

      I’m going to assume you meant Gustaf & Davis are about even, right? and not Davis and Bones? – b/c Davis never fought Bones yet.

      Only reason why Davis v. Bones would be interesting is b/c Davis has better amateur wrestling credentials than Bones. However, Davis had difficulty taking down Lil Nog and even more trouble w/ Rashad. Davis’ biggest problem is that his striking still needs ALOT of work.

      Lyoto should get another crack at Bones & Glover should get his too. For Glover, it all depends on how good his wrestling is. Can Glover stop Bones’ takedowns? Glover has the power if he can get inside the reach, Right now, i see Glover’s biggest problem vs. Bones would be the speed/quickness disadvantage for Glover. Particularly Glover’s lateral quickness is slowest of all of the aforementioned fighters.

      Assuming Bones beats all of these guys (and Cormier doesn’t move down), then yeah, Bones could feast on some ribs & Popeyes and challenge Cain, Dos Santos, Overeem, or whoever is holding the title.

      • Yes I meant Gustaf and Davis are even. And it seems that Jones still has a lot of work to do in the division. Yes he’s accomplished a lot for his age but all these guys have earned there shot at his title. Phil Davis and Gustaf both only have one loss. They both deserve a shot. Phil Davis vs Machida is an awesome match but I would have rather seen Phil Davis fight Thiago Silva and Glover Tex fight Machida. I know Silva is not in title contention at all but I like the sound of the fight, he’s one scary dude.

    • Agree with what you’re saying, however, I am still of the opinion that Glover is best matched to beat Bones. He hasn’t lost in forever, and he’s tough as nails.

      Wishing Gustafsson had about 4 more inches in wingspan….

      • Glover is real tough. For some reason a lot of people don’t throw his name into the mix. I don’t know why he’s facing Bader but I hope he keeps his momentum going.

        • Think Glover will defeat Bader convincingly?

          • Yes. He’s an experienced veteran of the sport who can handle every aspect of the fight. Bader is a great wrestler, has power and I was very impressed with his submission win over The Janitor but I think Glover has this one. What do you think?

          • I think Glover by hard-fought decision unless he clips Bader with a hook or cross.

          • Yes Bader has a chance, but it’s nowhere near a toss-up, IMO

          • Yeah, Bader is toast. Even the sportsbooks agree. I think close to -300 vs Bader.

      • Its never gonna be about reach. Gus has wide shoulders and quicker feets. Jones never gonna find his comfort distance.

  2. Jones will be destroyed I called the Chris destruction those who follow my blog know that I said it would be a second round knock out. I don’t know when this one will be but he is as long and tall as Jones and a way better striker, I suggest that he uses power leg kicks and foot stops if Jones tries to clinch. When these guys are taller and longer then everyone else it is easy to hit without being hit however when they are up against some one there own size with equal to greater technique they will be destroyed,

    • sigh. don’t understand why so many people don’t realize that even though Gustafsson is about the same height as Bones, Bones will still have about a 8 (EIGHT) inch reach advantage over Gustafsson. Phil Davis would be closer at about 5 inch disparity.


      Jon Jones = 84.5 inch reach

      Alexander Gustafsson = 76.5 inch reach

      However, while Gustafsson is a more technical striker than Bones, Gustafsson’s success typically comes from his height/reach advantage which he himself won’t have against Bones.

      Nevertheless, Gustafsson’s biggest problem will be defending Bones’ takedowns. Once Gustafsson is taken down, he’ll be finished as his grappling skills are lacking.

      • You might be right. But regardless, I am still holding out for an upset!

  3. So exited for this fight. I think JONES will take it by submission. But man, it can be tricky on the feet. I hope Jon fights Glover in the near future. Or at least we can see Evans vs Texeira if some s*** happens.

  4. Hope gus ko ‘s jones. He may shock the world as weidman did with his complete domination of the spider silva.
    Gus has been training his wrestling with olympians and im sure hes better than when he fought davis

  5. Bones can destroy cain if he ever moves up

    • Sure he CAN, but he wouldn’t be favored

  6. Marc, you believe Gustaf will KO Jones? How? He couldn’t finish Shogun or Thiago in his last two fights. In fact Jones and Gustaf have the same number of KO’s on their records. The difference here will be Jones’ wrestling and take downs. The ground game will heavily favor Jones. Gustaf has only 3 sub wins all to guys with virtually no ground game. Jones on the other hand has submitted Machida, Belfort and Rampage (Machida’s only sub loss, one of only two sub losses for Belfort the other being to Overeem, and Rampage’s first sub loss since 2001 when he got subbed by Sakuraba). If Jones is having challenges standing, he will take Gustaf down and submit him. Gustaf is a solid fighter but to say that he is going to KO Jones is a huge stretch. Glover is a more interesting match for Jones..

    • well I agree if Jones takes him down it will be the only way he can win now one thing that has made him so unstoppable on the ground is his length and long arms even when you grab his wrist, he elbows the s*** out of you. My advice for G is butterfly guard and kicking him away trying to stand back up f*** submission attempts that will just get him beat up. To keep from being taken down he will need powerful leg kicks and foot stops when in the clinch. Jones weakness is his thin legs and huge feet and toes very fragile. G needs to be very aggressive and rock Jones early that will confuse Jones game plan than leg kicks and out strike him Jones has never been smashed in the face I predict he will crumble.

      • Good analysis. Gustafsson has no reach, but his legs are long as hell, and stronger than Jones’

  7. Bones v The Viking is a great match the UFC made. But it sucks that UFC matched Glover v Bader, Lyoto v Davis & Shogun v Sonnen??? Some of the match making lately is Horrible! These are the fights that should have been made: : Machida v Glover, (winner gets next shot & do it in Brazil). Shogun v Lil Nog , (#2 on the same Brazil card). Wow, that’s a big pay per view!
    Suga v Mousasi (lets see what Gegard has to offer).
    Hendo v Bader (oldschool v younger opponet).
    Sonnen v Davis (who’s the better wrestler)?
    Wanderlei Silva v Thiago Siva (on the same Brazil card).

    • I like what you wrote, except Mousasi is still injured. He won’t be available for months…

      • The UFC could of done Rashard v Rua & Gegard can fight Lil Nog when they both heal from injuries. A little PRIDE days flashback fight!

        • Or Suga v Tex , & Machida v Vitor since Vitor also wants rematch w/ Bones

  8. I notice that not everyone plea for Jones since Weidman and Gus is coming closer, I like the fact that Gustafsson does have a good chance and it might be Jones’s worst match-up, This reachcount is different in MMA than boxing, In reality I think that Gus way quicker feets will deside were the fights distances would take place and that if Jones fail with his first TD his chin is gonna be really tested.

    Another thing that blurrs the view of Alex is that everyone is mentioning Davis’s win is a measurepoint for Alex’s weakness, oh that could be a pretty naiv thought, Davis is no Jones, Alex is a highly perceptive fighter and trains with the best wrestlers since these three years and the fight against Muay Thai-expert Diabate is more of what of what I think the fight’s gonna look like, Jones getting outboxed and hit and Alex Mauling Bones, Davis said three years ago that Alex punches harder than Cain.

    I think a more fair odds would be 65/35 in Jones favour.