UFC Champ Jon Jones is Healed, 1,000-Percent Focused on Alexander Gustafsson

August 6, 2013

Jon-Jones-UFC-Expo-2013Former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva still has thoughts of superfights dancing through his head. At least, he’s said as much in recent interviews.

He first has a rematch with Chris Weidman, the man who took his belt, when the two square off at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas, but as much as he is focused on regaining the title, Silva still entertains the idea of someday facing the likes of welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre or light heavyweight record holder Jon Jones.

Truth be known, it still crosses Jones’ mind as well, but it doesn’t distract from what is immediately in front of him… Alexander Gustafsson.

“Me and him always speculate and talk, we’ll do this and we’ll beat this guy up, we’ll drop here and go up there, but the reality of it is, in any serious conversation, we take it fight by fight,” Jones’ manager, Malki Kawa of First Round Management, told MMAWeekly.com.

“Once the fight is over with, we’ll look at where the landscape of MMA is at, his division, any other opportunities or goals that he has, and let’s attack them immediately after the fight. But right now, it’s 1,000 percent Alexander Gustafsson.”

That means thoughts of superfights or permanently moving up to heavyweight, as Jones has said will likely happen some day, get cast to the wayside, just like concern for the toe he severely dislocated in the Chael Sonnen fight at UFC 159 in April.

Kawa says that Jones’ toe is completely healed as he prepares for the most important fight of his career. Jones puts his belt on the line against Gustafsson in the UFC 165 main event on Sept. 21 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.

If he is once again successful, Jones not only adds to his laundry list of victims, he also takes sole possession of the record he covets but currently shares with UFC Hall of Famer and recent Bellator signee Tito Ortiz. Both Jones and Ortiz have victories in six UFC light heavyweight championship bouts.

That’s all well and good, but this is one area that Jones wants to himself.

Whether a superfight with Anderson Silva is off the table or not; whether he eventually goes up to heavyweight or not; Jon Jones wants to stand alone as the greatest light heavyweight fighter in UFC history. Many people believe he has already reached that pinnacle, but he wants to have the hard, cold facts on his side.

He alone wants to have the most championship victories ever by a UFC light heavyweight. A victory over Gustafsson puts him on that pedestal. Then and only then does Jones sit back down with his manager and contemplate what comes next… setting the record is now.

“When somebody sets out to publicly make a goal, where they say, ‘I want to be the greatest of all time. I want to set the record in my division. I want to do this, that, and the other.’ It just so happens that Alexander Gustafsson is the next guy in that series of goals that (Jones) has; it’s a really big deal,” said Kawa.

“It’s a huge fight for him. It’s the record-setting fight. It’s the record that he wants to achieve and it’s basically what he’s going to do.”

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  1. By the looks of this picture Jon looks prepared for Alexander alright. However it doesn’t look like he’s ready for him in the cage. Well, it might still involve the north south position, with the aggressor getting to mount…. 😉

    • good one bro

  2. Every time I see an interview with Jones, I realize this is a very young man who rocketed to stardom in his very early 20’s – and find the wherewithal to overlook the arrogance and oddities (he is a strange cookie sometimes).

    Being considered the baddest man on the planet gets inside ones head. Don’t care how decent a person you are at the core. Fame, new found money, women, the works. Hard to keep ones ego in check. All that said, Jones is without doubt the best pound per pounder on the planet right now.

    I don’t see an upset happening anytime soon.

    • That’s what happened to Anderson Silva. Remember when he used to bow to every opponent on his knees after the fight? Remember when he used to cross himself and thank whatever God he believes in? He stopped doing that – he stopped being humble and bought into the mystique that he was unbeatable… and he was beaten. I hope Jones never falls for that trap.

      And I don’t think you can say Jones is without a doubt the best pound for pound fighter on the planet right now. I rank Jose Aldo as high as I do Jones, and GSP, despite being boring, has done more than Jones has. And Anderson Silva, too, is still right up there. Jones, Silva, GSP and Aldo are, for my mind, as good as each other.

      • Either you are a little kid or a sad adult.

        You take that whole entertainment antic so seriously. Bow to your opponents on your knees…therefore you are respectful…you stopped doing that…therefore you are not respectful.

        Dana is laughing at your gullible arse while running to his bank!

  3. I wouldn’t want anyone that uses the term “one thousand percent” managing anything of mine.

    • That was the first thing I thought of when I read this headline.

      Most people who speak of percentages over 100% in this fashion do so for emphasis, but they still end up sounding stupid in the process.

  4. Finally a fight with a man of proper size and skill, this could be an upset waiting

    • I don’t see an upset.

      I am more curious to know what will happen to Jones after this fight. Will he go up a weight class? Will he have a super fight? Will he fight Cormier?

      • I called out Nick Diaz for never fighting anyone his own height, I got fanboyed to death. Carlos Condit was longer, matched his cardio and stayed in constant motion hitting him at a distance. Diaz didn’t know what to do. I am saying it again if jones cant muscle or hold Gus down it could be bad news. He never fought anyone that he couldn’t overwhelm. Out strike?=TD Out wrestled? = Kick and jab from 7ft away

  5. If I was bigger than everyone in a division, I could wipe every opponent out also…lol!

    • I wouldn’t just say bigger. Jones got skills too.

      Overeem didn’t do well at 205 and there have been enough tall guys at 205 that also didn’t do well.

      Not sure if being the biggest guy necessarily means that you are the best, although in the case of the biggest guy that is also the champ, you should consider moving up a weight class to challenge yourself.

      • Overeem didn’t come from a Roman Greco background emphasizing leverage and strength (things Bones has a lot of)
        If Bones was 205 in Cormier body would his “skill” still work? How effective would his spinning back elbow, his deadly GNP” Kicking people (creating distance) knee caps with 5’9 legs and arms?
        Bones is a Bully that has never fought anyone his own size and skill. We have Bonner, Obrien, Bader, Hamill and he was still bigger than all of them. Real skill is Cormier, Sakuraba, ASilva, Penn they don’t rely on muscling and kicking peoples knee from 8ft away