UFC Champ Jon Jones Apologizes for Chael Sonnen Steroid Use Accusation

April 18, 2013
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Jon Jones UFC 145 WorkoutsUFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones on Wednesday apologized for accusing Chael Sonnen of career-long steroid abuse.

Jones said on Tuesday night’s episode of UFC Tonight that he wasn’t buying into Sonnen’s trash talk to hype their upcoming fight, but maybe that wasn’t quite accurate.

Shortly after saying that him “talking trash really does nothing for the fight,” Jones proceeded to explain a recent comment declaring Sonnen lacked a championship soul by accusing him of career-long steroid use.

“Chael Sonnen is a guy, people know he’s done steroids throughout his entire career,” Jones stated. “Probably the reason why his testosterone is low now.

“I don’t think that is the heart or the attitude of a champion. So that’s what I meant when I said he lacks championship soul.”

Backtracking on that comment, Jones on Wednesday apologized on Twitter, saying, “I had no right to accuse Chael of being a career long steroid user, I apologize.”

Jones and Sonnen square off in the UFC 159 main event on Saturday, April 27 in New Jersey.

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  • Ray

    UFC doesn’t need the promotion saga and WWE style of promoting their events, people like this sport because it is real and the best man will win. Dana White doesn’t need to make the fighters join a trash talk to get more audience, it is already sold out without humiliating the fighters.

    • Don Bivens

      You assume Dana put him up to this. I think he’s just dense.

      • Ray

        GSP and Diaz, it was full of trash talk, at the end GSP said that was only for promoting the game, same thing for Anderson Silva and Sonnen
        Lately that became a trend for any fight, maybe some people will be more interested in watching the fight, but it is about time that fans understand this is only for marketing, and either you like the game or not.
        Adding the Drama effect to UFC is useless…would anyone stop watching the fights if they don’t trash talk?

        • MuayThaiFood

          Well that was GSP being a gentleman and deflecting some of the hate off of Diaz and being a gracious winner. Diaz started the trash talk back up after the fight if you recall so it really had more to do with the type of person Diaz is all the time.

    • Scotty_O

      Building up a fight and trash talking takes a fight that I already wanted to see, and makes me want to see it that much more! $hit it even made me want to watch The Ortiz – Shamerock trilogy, so that says a lot.

      Trash talk has it’s place in this sport.

    • Mark McDowall

      I totally agree with you. But how did Chael Sonnen get a TUF coaching spot and a title fight in a division he hasnt competed in in 7 years? By opening his mouth. Now everyone is doing it. Vinny Magalhes was calling out and trash talking everyone @ LHW until he got the fight with Phil Davis.

      • Sir_Roy

        Nah … while it does help, that’s far from totally accurate. Dana gave it to Sonnen, first and foremost, because Chael stepped up and was willing to fight Jones on nearly no notice to save the UFC event.

        Right after Chael manned up like that, BAM, he gets thrown the next title fight.

        That’s Dana saying to the whole organization, that if you step up and scratch his back, he’ll scratch yours. It’s a potent message is what that is.

  • Jon Jones is a hypocrite, and the only person talking trash leading up to this fight. People weren’t mad that he wasn’t trash talking, they were confused why he wasn’t talking at all. Cheal was actually being very civil, even complimenting the champ. The thing he needs to realize, is that he may not have anything to say to Cheal. But he needs to at least address his fans, acting the way he did is disrespectful the millions of people who follow his career, and are excited to hear about his training and mindset leading into this fight.

  • JGA

    Jon Jones is the most embarrassing champion the UFC has ever had. Great fighter. Huge baby. He acts like a little kid and it’s cringe-worthy to watch.

    • Milosc

      Maybe that’s because he’s like 24 years old

      A lot of American dudes that age are still working out “how many bong hits does it take to get through a Jagerbomb funnel without puking”, you know?

      (And ‘they’ end up running industries and making public policy after a few short years of ‘shower and shave’ with Daddy’s company. One became goddamn president. Don’t judge)

      • Informed One

        Make excuses all you want, many fighters are his age or younger and they are not running their mouth. And plz don’t compare that sad excuse for a president with the average american.

      • disqus_mMjwlEZk9s

        dont hate most americans make their own way in life

    • MMAreality

      He is young and not matured yet. I remember GSP being not like all that much during his early days right before beating Matt Hughes for the title.

      • MMAreality


    • Mark McDowall

      Jones is ok when he is scripted…but you can tell when his “handlers” aren’t around because the 24 y/o sillyness comes out. I remember watching him in a press conference, I believe it was before the Rampage fight. Jones was articulate, had very well thought out answers and seemed very collected. Then after the fight while Joe Rogen was interviewing him, he sounded like a complete moron straight out of the ghetto.

      He is a guy that went from nothing to being a superstar with money being thrown at him from every angle. Look at alot of young athletes in the NFL, NBA etc…they are ALOT worse than Jones.

  • the_prodigy

    And yet he wrote his name with lowercase.. Bad Jones, bad!

  • Alex Anderson

    Okay, while it’s probably good that he retracted his statement, it’s certainly not the most unreasonable assumption considering what he’s already been caught with. I’d like to believe that Chael hasn’t been using steroids for a long time, but presumably some peole who use steroids have been using them for a long time, and he has been caught… While an ad hominem attack is often fallacious, I think sometimes it can be reasonable, and Chael does have a history of being caught breaking a variety of different types of rules or laws.

    • I see. so if someone has a history of breaking rules and laws then therefore by your assumption that person will forever break ALL rules and laws and should have the assumption made that they are crooked?
      Interesting. Because I suppose of course you have never gotten a speeding ticket or parking ticket (yep those are broken laws too). And I am sure that you never had a drink before you were 21 or ever cheated on a test. Im sure you have always been a faithful boyfriend and never told a lie. Because those things all have to do with character.
      Just because someone does something, or several things wrong doesnt always mean that he or she is forever a bad person who will cheat or go outside the laws.
      I dont respect the things Chael has done but since he only has maybe another 2-3 years at the most and right now he is making about $5million per year I’d say he is doing the smart thing for his own future. Cant blame a guy for that.

      • MMAreality

        Hey after this season of TUF I respect Chael more than I ever have. But I will be the first to say that I don’t trust him with the rules. I am not saying that he will break them but there is always a chance that an offender will offend again. I look it like this Nick Diaz should be tested every single time he steps foot in that octagon for marijuana. You play the game you get the name!!!

      • MuayThaiFood

        You can get a parking ticket or speeding ticket without knowingly breaking the law. Just being inattentive can get you one. Felony money laundering on the other hand is premeditated by it’s very nature and says a whole lot more about character. Now if a person has multiple traffic offenses while driving on suspended license under the influence of meth that’s a different story.

  • He should have never made this statement in the first place only because it is bad for the UFC and the sport by making that accusation. Your trash talking can only go so far because we have to remember this is a professional sport not two guys hyping up a fight, getting it on and that’s the end of it. They both represent a sport and a specific promotion and statements like that don’t just hurt Chael they could hurt the business.

    • Supaman

      Yeah, i think Jon Jones was just trying to trash talk to Chael, but Jones just doesn’t know how to do it.

  • Oscar R.

    Jones should move to heavyweight, the weight class he really belongs to, then he’ll stop feeling the best P4P ever with the right to make snob like comments.

  • Chris M

    I agree completely

  • battle ready

    Jon Jones simply has no talent for trash talk. He is as graceful trash talking as he would be being a ballerina. He should leave the trash talking to the true ballerina of trash talk…Chael. Jones needs to stay out of it, let Chael do his thing, and then display his true talent by completely dominating Chael when they fight, which I think will happen. Too bad for Chael, more money is made for winning than for trash talking.

  • Rob

    Jones’ brand of trash isn’t really all that fun. It just seems so bitter and small; really cheap.

    I like the guy but he goes for the throat when he disparages Chael.

    The UFC is entertainment and he needs to lighten up a little. Chael’s comments you can take with a grain of salt. It is just amusing.

  • MuayThaiFood

    He didn’t need to say it in the first place because everyone who is paying attention already knows it’s probably true. While he didn’t have any concrete evidence, it’s sure not a stretch to think that Chael has been trying to get the edge by what ever means necessary his whole career. He was caught and fined for having a T/E ratio of 16.9 to 1. Average men have a T/E of 1:1 with testing bodies allowing up to 4:1 so that’s clearly steroid abuse. Whether or not that’s what led to his hypogonadism is not but it is the most likely IMO considering the man and what sport he is in. He plead guilty to money laundering and is a convicted felon. Does anyone really think he wouldn’t abuse steroids to gain an advantage? After putting it out there Jones should have just left it at that.

    • Rob

      This has got to stop. His Testosterone was in the normal range but his epitestosterone was low due to his hypogonadism hence the ratio was off.

      According to the commission “the CSAC did cite that, while
      Sonnen’s test results of the ratio itself were high, his actual range of
      testosterone was within the normal levels for adult males.”

      He did not notify the commission properly and his test level did not give him any advantage over a person who has naturally normal levels.

      So did he abuse them when he was younger . . .maybe but we don’t know that. As far as a visual test goes well I would say Vitor fails that one far more easily than Chael. Vitor was obvious but Chael – not so much. And quite frankly I don’t care if he did. He is not breaking the rules now with TRT and according to the science his test levels are normal with it and dangerously low without it.

  • Sir_Roy

    Legally, it’s defamation of character. If you cannot back up such a comment with proof, and because it risks having an ill effect on someone’s career, Jones was probably legally counseled to issue said apology.

  • Informed One

    Yea JJ was advised. Not only legally, but I am guessing personal attacks are going to become fodder for UFC suspensions. He was informed after the fact how unsafe it its to say that with no proof, and DFW would hate to suspend it’s LHW champ. JJ is a joke anyways, he will self destruct like mike tyson and be gone within 2 years. Already has a DUI ca wreck, now we just need a narcotics posession and a domestic assault.

    • Braeden Van Asperen


  • MMAreality

    I think that Jones is afraid of the pace of Sonnen. I am not saying that Sonnen is going to win but Jones saw what happened to Silva and I think that scares him. Chael just needs to be smart when he fights champions that will capitalize on his smallest mistake.

  • Mrod

    Hope Chael wins but I doubt it. Jones needs to fight Anderson after this.

  • Padraig


  • KarmasAB

    Bones was right on the money. Pity he apologized…

    • Taryoutou

      Bones is on gear too. Pitty he even opened his f—in mouth in the first place.