UFC Champ Georges St-Pierre to Shed Light on Fighting Future at Friday Appearance

December 10, 2013
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Georges St-Pierre UFC World TourUFC welterweight champion George St-Pierre’s future has remained under a cloud of secrecy over the weeks following his split-decision victory over Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 on Nov. 16 in Las Vegas.

That soon may change.

According to a report from The Canadian Press, St-Pierre is currently on vacation in Dubai, but will be making an appearance in Quebec City later this week, where he will answer questions regarding his future.

Following his victory over Hendricks, St-Pierre stirred up a pot of controversy, saying, “[I’m going to] hang my gloves up for a little bit and make sense of my life,” without offering any sense of what he meant.

He did not say he was going to retire, but he also didn’t say he wasn’t when UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan asked him point-blank.

St-Pierre seems to have come to some sort of decision regarding his future, as he confirmed to The Canadian Press via text message that he would be announcing his future at the Friday appearance in Quebec City.

UFC president Dana White told The Canadian Press that he was letting St-Pierre “have his time” and that he didn’t know what his future plans were.

St-Pierre’s manager, Rodolphe Beaulieu, said Friday’s appearance at a skating rink was a previously scheduled appearance for fans and sponsors, but added that St-Pierre would field a few questions from media.

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  • Jesse

    Hendricks rematch… then retire… regardless of the outcome.

    • Do you think GSP beat Hendricks? And if they rematch and Georges losses by a very close decision should he not retire and have a rubber match?

      • Ian Price

        GSP beat Hendricks on paper, but we all know who got his ass kicked that night. If any fight needs a rematch, it’s that one. And the silva-Weidman fight!

        • TheDiaperDoctor


          • Gustafsson. I just usually leave it as Gustaf. If Alexander just had a little more in his gas tank he could have won that fight. All these title fights have been so close lately. It just shows the level of competition out there. The HW division is the only one where Cain is dominating.

        • We all seen GSP’s face that night. Busted up. His camp, and the judges feel he won it 3-2. It was a close fight. Hendricks did more damage for sure but somehow GSP pulled it off. I wouldn’t mind that rematch but I don’t think he wants to risk his win streak and defenses by fighting Johny again. That was most certainly his toughest fight ever. In all due fairness to GSP, Hendricks didn’t win and I would love to see Jake Ellenberger fight Johny Hendricks for next contender. And Lawler fight Kampann or Condit.

          • Ian Price

            I don’t think there’s any way Hendricks isn’t getting the next shot at the title. GSP can either fight him or retire. Then again, we saw what happened with jones – Gustafsson

          • No, no, your right. Hendricks is getting that shot. Dana believes he won, he said he thought Jones won the Gustaf fight. The only thing I can see is GSP calling in a favor and saying to Dana he won the fight and he wants to fight the next challenger and let Johny earn a rematch since he didn’t beat him. I guess were left in suspense until GSP speaks this week. Hopefully he has some answers. Let’s say he retires, who do you think fights Hendricks for to be the new champ?

          • Ian Price

            He has to be. It’s whoever vs Johny if GSP retires.

          • sarcasticball

            Well I don’t think Ellenberger deserve a fight with Hendricks. If GSP retire the only fight for the belt take make sense to me is Hendricks vs Condit and I think that Ellenberger should fight Lawler. I’m not a big fan of rematch but seriously but GSP, Hendricks and Condit are the 3 top dog of the WW for now and a title fight whitout one of them make no sense to me. Ellenberger, Kampann, McDonald, MaIa are great fighters but all with recent loss and Lawler, sheilds and Woodley dosen’t have enough significant win. Just my opinion

          • Great points and I agree. GSP, Hendricks and Condit are running things right now. And the other guys you named are all contenders with a blemish holding them back. Lawler is awesome, I’m a big fan of his but three fights and a title shot isn’t anything great when in the past contenders were on 5 and 7 fight win streaks (Alves, Fitch) The pressure is on because everyone is a fight or two away from a title shot an impressive win from any of these guys can change up everything. Let’s all not forget about Lombard. Olympic judoka with KO power and coming from ATT.

  • Gary Fredericks

    GSP’s earned the right to retire when he darn well pleases and doesn’t owe anyone anything.

    That being said, I’d like him to rematch Hendricks for the sake of clarifying the title picture, but he owes nothing to no one. He’s been an entertaining and humble fighter throughout his career and never shied away from any contender like some champs do.

    • Mike mckinney

      No one earns the right to retire. Anyone who wishes to retire can do so whenever they wish. Hendricks can retire if he wants.
      When it comes to the last Gsp fight, people are going to look at it however they wish. I thought Hendricks easily won 3 rounds, and I don’t understand anyone who thought the first round was remotely close. However, it won’t be the last time I don’t understand someone else’s viewpoint.

      • Gary Fredericks

        Sorry, I should have been more specific. “Right” was a bad word choice.

        I meant that he has put forth a stellar career and internet fanboy’s have no credible argument against him choosing to retire. GSP has accomplished more in the last decade than his internet detractor’s have in a lifetime.

  • Boxing Judges Gave Him The Win

    Johny Hedricks the real champ! Better retire next one and he goes to bed zzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Bruiser

      He should invite Hendricks to the presser and strap him with the belt. Anything short of that is cowardly.

  • Marc Livingood

    George won its a 10 point must system George won 5 and 3 round one was the controversial one. I give it to George because he was able to take down Mr. All American and almost choke him out. Hendrix won his rounds a little more convincingly but its a 10 point must system. Also when Hendrix was on top in the 4th round his best round George could have arm bared him and didn’t try(watch the Gracie Breakdown) Danna White is a blood thirsty instigator he turns me off some times. He reminds me of the guy who pushes the retarded kid into the bully just to see someone get beat up.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      If you think that choke was remotely close you are as delusional as those people who think GSP actually won that fight. So I guess what I’m saying is that you are as delusional as yourself I guess.

  • put me in the sauna coach

    Remember the GSP who would smash guys? not just lay on them for 5 rounds or jab them to death? You can say “oh well its a smart strategy” but bottom line he hasn’t been hungry for a long time. I can’t blame him for that..he dominated for so long and very few of us will ever understand what he puts into being the champ and what he puts his body through. But he has admitted many times he fights not to lose. He doesn’t seem like someone who loves fighting..or even enjoys it. I hope he retires and enjoys life or takes time away and comes back as his old hungry self. But until then I wanna see 2 guys willing to throw down for the title. P.S I thought Hendricks won a close fight…close in the scoring system. As far as damage…backyard fight style goes…Hendricks ate his lunch.

    • claudale

      At least he went out without trying to lay on or out point his final opponent. I give him credit for that. Fights like Hardy, Diaz, Koscheck were unwatchable and he could have finished all of them but played it too safe. This time he didn’t and I think that’s a note he can retire on.

  • TheCerealKiller

    He’s not going to say a word.

  • Hrvoje Novi Profil Tkalčević

    he will be stay in UFC.but he need rest for a short time.He will be back next year better and stronger