UFC Champ Cain Velasquez Doesn’t Know Who is Next, Only That It Won’t Be Daniel Cormier

February 6, 2013
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Cain Velasquez vs Junior dos Santos UFC 155It’s unclear who is next for UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, but after Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva destroyed Alistair Overeem at UFC 156, he could be in for a rematch a little sooner than most of us expected.

“Going into (Overeem vs. Silva), we talked about if Alistair Overeem won,” said UFC president Dana White during the UFC 156 post-fight press conference.  (Silva) and Cain Velasquez just fought recently, but I’m telling you, the way that he looked in this fight, what he did to Alistair, maybe we do this fight again.”

Velasquez hasn’t been told yet that Silva is next, and seems uncertain on who deserves a shot at his belt, but he’ll be ready no matter who gets the call.

“The UFC will decide on something and I’m sure it will turn out good,” Velasquez said on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight. “I’m okay waiting. Keep staying sharp; keep training.”

The champ doesn’t know what’s next, but he does know that he’d like to step back in the Octagon sometime this summer. He also knows that there is one recent addition to the UFC roster that he is unwilling to fight.

“I would not fight (Daniel Cormier),” Velasquez declared. “He’s my coach, teammate, and friend.”

While Silva is a consideration, Velasquez crushed him the first time they met, taking him out inside the first four minutes of the fight.

But there is no clear alternate, unless of course you ask UFC Tonight co-host Chael Sonnen.

“Bigfoot just fought and lost to Cain and it was vicious and one sided, he’s not going to be the guy to fight him again,” said Sonnen. “Insert Josh Barnett. He was UFC heavyweight champion in 2002. He left and can come back and get his belt back. He’s the guy.”

No matter what the UFC brass decides – as long as it’s not Daniel Cormier, who fights Frank Mir in April –  Cain Velasquez will be ready and waiting.

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  • khggg

    Yet a few months ago he said(when JDS was asking a fight against Overeem) that a champion shouldn’t choose his opponents.
    And now he’s choosing not to fight Cormier. Great.

    • But he’s choosing not to fight Cormier b/c that’s his training partner not b/c he’s being picky. I’m sure he’d gladly take on any other HW in the world. Do you like Cormier vs Cain or Cormier vs Jones at LHW better?

      • JimmyPettishardo

        I don’t want to see Cormier vs Jones at LHW. I would rather see that at HW. I want Jones to move up!!!

        • Same here. Although he’s only been around a few years as champ. GSP dominated as champ forever now. Silva the same. He may have more business. Machida deserves a rematch if he beats Hendo. And same for Hendo. Then we have Glover, Gustaf and Rashad. Just b/c Rashad lost doesn’t take him out of the picture. He lost a close decision. He is most certainly a contender still whether if it’s with one or two wins or as a injury replacement. I had high hopes for Thiago Silva (no pun intended) but now he’s out on suspension.

  • dan

    Scrap Werdum/Big Nog and make Cain/Werdum in Brazil. Find Nog a new a opponent. Maybe a 3rd fight with Barnett

    • Werdum/Big Nog is such a sick match up though, especially on the ground. What would you think of Werdum vs Mir? If Mir wasn’t set for Cormier I’d like that.

      • dan

        I’d like to see either one of those fights but right now Cain needs a new face. Werdum is the only guy who can fill that void. He’s the only HW with any kind a decent win streak going. Theres still plenty of time to make Werdum/Mir

        • Yes Wedrum has a nice win streak going on with some good names on it. Only 1 loss since the JDS fight. I can’t go against Nog though, I like him to much. But best of luck to both guys, I respect both very much.

          • JimmyPettishardo

            For some reason Dana doesn’t like Werdum. He never gave him his fair share.

            If Thales Leites and Demian Maia got title shots for having “sick juijitsu,” give Werdum the same treatment!

          • Right man, good call. Yea looked at what happened to Werdum after being beat by JDS. They let him go off of one loss. Must be some business issues possibly. But at least he’s in the UFC and after this fight, two the most will be given a title shot. 2 more wins would help promote him as a dangerous contender once again. Who do you have for Werdum/Nog? I love Big Nog and he’s still doing great but I think Werdum may have it by decision. Possibly tko. I wouldn’t be surprised if Nog won by tko.

  • kbroesq

    If you want to call this a sport, then you can’t say you won’t fight your buddies. MMA is already at a point where you must have a training camp to be competitive. Not only does it push you, but, more importantly, without a camp, you cannot train with fighters that are on par with the opponent you will face when you actually fight. That being the case, the more “camp-oriented” MMA gets, the more hurdles will come up for a potential list of opponents.

    If you want to equate this with a sport, you cannot have this attitude. You have to treat it like any other sport; golf, baseball, swimming; whatever. Do those athletes say they won’t compete against their friends? I think this is especially the case when you’re the champ. What if we get in a situation where the top 3 or 4 fighters in a particular division is with the same camp. Are we supposed to just accept that one of them will be the champ, and we’ll never see them fight each other…ridiculous. I know most people disagree with me on this, but whatever.

    • Alex Anderson

      This is not “just a sport,” because it involves a certain amount of irrational desire to hurt other people (or in the case of the fans, to watch people hurt each other for entertainment). This is simply not compatible with close friendships between sane, morally well constituted people.

      You could even consider that someone might not want to fight a friend because they know that they would not be able to focus properly (and so you could say that they are choosing not to fight friends because they put such a high priority on their career). Fighters are especially un-interested in fighting a friend because they don’t want to risk the possibility of having to live with the memory that they really badly hurt one of their friends. It also makes it easier to train with people if you agree not to fight each other in the ring, or failing that, to avoid fighting each other unless it’s for the title.

  • bajafox

    Well whoever it is, they probably don’t want to keep the fight standing…or take it to the ground for that matter, lol

    I’m a huge Cain fan but for him to solidify the belt he needs to defend it at least once. And hopefully hold on to it for a long time.

  • Usmc8408

    Oh Lord, here we go with this “I’m not fighting my boyfriend” crap again!

  • big poppa

    I have no problem with them not fighting each other.Find someone else to fight. Big Country would be a good one for him.

  • velasquez

    Jds vs overoid

    • JimmyPettishardo

      that will happen…don’t worry my friend. That is probably reem’s next fight.

  • #1mmafan.

    Getting tired of these mma lovefests. Cain wont fight Cormier,Silva wont fight Jones, Koscheck wont fight Fitch,and so on and so forth. Then you have champions like Sylva who dictate to the UFC who and when they will fight. What about the fans? We are missing out on some awesome bouts because fighters think they run the show. And really Cain,you wont fight DC because he’s your trainer and buddy? What a friend. Keeping DC from a title shot. With friends like that you don’t need enemies.Fighters need to put friendships aside for one night and give the fans what they want to see..After all,isn’t that why you got in the business? To be a champion?

  • alberto

    i think cain should fight werdum, considering they havent fought and hes ranked four, stefan struve is another option, i personally believe he should win atleast another but he did say he wanted a title shot on his last fight (i think). all in all id rather see him destroy someone new then see him fight the same characters

  • Trevor

    Cormier has Mirr to beat anyways, Struve has a Hunt to beat and Werdum has lost to Overeem, JDS and Noguera and has a less than stellar record. Barnett has a good streak minus Cormier so if Cain wants a fight it should be Barnett!

  • Sir_Roy

    Basically goes to show how shallow the HW division really is.

    • JimmyPettishardo

      I was about to disagree with you. But as I was writing, i decided to agree.

      Yes, the UFC HW division is still shallow. The top guys in the division are those that have been on the top for the last ten years. Werdum, Barnett, Mir, Nog…these guys have been around forever. Then you have guys like Shane Carwin who is always injured. Then you got roid abuser like Reem that can’t even last three rounds without roid. Then you have Cormier who doesn’t want to fight Cain. And JDS who just lost to Cain will probably need a fight or two before the rematch.

      One big problem I see with this division is Dana’s dumb decisions to not effectively use Werdum and hire Barnett. Why the heck is Werdum fighting Nog???? Why not give Werdum a title shot or give him some good opponents….no Mike Russow or Roy Nelson…but Shane Carwin, Frank Mir..etc.

      • Sir_Roy

        Indeed. You delineated most of the reasoning behind why I feel the division is shallow. There’s not enough new blood trickling down the pipeline leaving all prospective matches looking stale and uninspiring.

        Werdum fighting Nog was the UFC trying to set-up a classic BJJ match. I admit, the prospect remains mildly intriguing though, in hindsight, it’s turned out to be a bad move. Agreed.

        Cormier fighting Mir is interesting as well … depends which ‘Mir’ shows up though. I also think Cormier needs to work on his cardio some more as he looked a little too tired going into round 3 against a B-lister in January.

        To be blunt, I’m not exciting about any of the potential matches … they all have a ‘been there, seen that’ feel to them.

  • JimmyPettishardo





  • Gvapo

    Barnett and sergei kharitonov both destroy cain and put him in pain

    • your daddy


  • your daddy

    Struve will be champ one day. Needs couple more years to mature and he will dominate completely

  • Karl

    Silva was a boxing bag next to Overeem but found he’s range in the 3rd round. How’s that so amazing?