UFC Broadcaster Joe Rogan Returns to Fear Factor

November 15, 2011
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UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan

UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan

It’s not MMA, but UFC broadcaster Joe Rogan appears to have a knack for the extreme. Hence his return as the host of NBC’s Fear Factor, a show known for extreme stunts and creepily insane challenges. Fear Factor went off the air six years ago, but my, what six years of stunt technology development can do.

Same crazy stunts? Check. Gross, disgusting challenges? Check. Joe Rogan? Check.

Fear Factor is back times 1,000. Don’t believe it? Then check out this insane preview video.

The new Fear Factor returns to NBC on Dec. 12.

  • Black Belt

    We should put wonggfan on Fear Factor. We could have him look at old movies of his dad playing “Hide-The-Pickle” with him. LMAO!!!

    • shakejunt

      you sound butt-hurt

      … do you realize you’re just pouring gasoline on a fire?

      • Black Belt

        And I will continue to do so. He cruises this site looking to destroy other people’s opinions, and he is always rude and ignorant. He loves to shit on everyone that disagrees with him, or has any opinion other than his own beliefs.

        We all need to give him a dose of his own medicine, and I will continue on with my fight with him. Plus, I am clearly in his head. He can’t post a damn thing without mentioning me. Fuck that scum bag!

        • KBEsq

          Seriously, Shakejunt!. You know what would be great!? If If I could actually read a story and look and look at MMA fans’ reactions to the story without having to read Black Belt’s paragraph long rants of hyperbole about some guy who he’s clearly obsessed with (a guy who, by the way, actually makes serious posts on the site about his analysis of the stories here). I think your scathing remarks filled with curse words and sexual innuendo on EVERY STORY have more than made up for whatever time the guy called you out on a grammatical mistake. I can’t blame the guy. It’s hard to read your posts and think they were written by anyone other than a 12 year old.

          Seriously, see a doctor and take some pills.

          • Black Belt

            @ KBEsq: One of two things are clear here: You are either wonggfag, or you enjoy sucking him off to Dan Henderson videos. Either way, go fuck yourself!

  • bajafox

    Can’t stand Joe Rogan with a passion, don’t know why but as soon as I hear his voice I cringe.