UFC Brazil Results: Warlley Alves Takes Hometown Decision Over Alan Jouban

November 9, 2014
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After Ian McCall and John Lineker’s UFC Fight Night 56 co-main event in Uberlandia, Brazil, was nixed less than 24 hours before fight time due to McCall’s illness, Warlley Alves and Alan Jouban were called upon to step up and fill the gap.

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They definitely did just that, going toe-to-toe for three rounds.

Alves stepped into the welterweight bout looking to prove himself in his first fight since winning the middleweight competition on The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3. Jouban, on the other hand, was making his second start in the Octagon after having knocked out Seth Baczynski in Fight of the Night fashion in his UFC debut.

Alves stormed Jouban from the opening bell, swarming him with punches and forcing him to the mat, where he sank a guillotine choke. Alves worked hard to finish the choke, but Jouban remained calm and eventually worked his way out.

Back on their feet, they wrestled along the cage for a time, but eventually ended the round with several striking exchanges, Jouban stealing some of Alves thunder with a solid body kick in the waning moments.

Both men looked a bit tired as the second stanza wore on, although Jouban seemed to finish the round stronger.

The third was almost all Jouban’s, as Alves continued to fade. The Brazilian’s hands started to drop and his output slowed as the clock ran down. Jouban continued to press forward throughout the round, racking up points with solid punch combinations, blended with several short elbows that took the wind out of Alves’ sails.

Going to the scorecards, it wasn’t at all surprising when Bruce Buffer announced the outcome would be a unanimous decision. It was, however, quite surprising when he revealed all three judges saw the fight in Alves’ favor, leading UFC commentator Kenny Florian to declare, “(Jouban) was robbed.”

Alves moves to 8-0 with the victory, while Jouban, having split his two UFC appearances, falls to 10-3.

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  • KDDun

    Call 911 Jouban was ROBBED. He won that fight hands down!!!

  • KDDun

    Ovince St. Preux will have to knock him out to win this fight

  • Chris

    Total BS. Hate officiating in most sports. It’s unfair. They work so hard. And to end up effed like that. It just isn’t right….

  • Matt Menezes

    I almost don’t want to watch anymore bouts in Brazil – the Brazilian judges are so nationalistic it’s quite off putting.

  • julian moran

    Jouban won.

  • Austin, TX

    That fight was a joke. Alves was crying about everything and getting 2 minutes every 2 minutes to recover from everything. He took acting classes before the fight. He also lost. FIghting in Brazil is a joke. You can look like an idiot and they’ll still give it to you. Brazil is a joke. They just sit there silent when their guy loses. When a Brazilian wins its off with roof. They have no sportsmanship. They’re immature. They’re emotional 24/7 about everything. They get upset when a Brazilian speaks English in the arena. . (English, the language that brought their precious Brazilian ju-jitsu to the world. . .and the reason why they can have UFC shows in Brazil for the world to see.) It’s indicative of a culture that has psychological issues and that feels inferior. . . .

    • Royce Gracie

      Actually Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a variation of Jiu-Jitsu, a JAPANESE art… Not English or American

      • Austin, TX

        I think we’re all aware of that actually, Royce. Have been for many decades now. You seemed to have missed the point and the meaning of the post.

  • shakejunt

    reminds me of atila veigh vs emmanuel newton. judges see shots that are thrown with intention and buy into it even when getting out-volumed. i think they’ll book jouban as if he won anyway.

  • Jaco

    Jouban won this contest! this is everyone’s opinion except for the judges, which just looks bad for Brazil. the blatant favoritism they show Brazilian fighters is ridiculous.

  • Truthseeker

    If you do not finish the fight, then someone else will finish it for you.
    How many times has Dana and others said “Do not leave it in the hands of the judges.”. This is why. Finish the fight and the judges do not matter.