UFC Brazil Fight Highlights Video: Shogun Rua vs. Ovince St. Preux

November 9, 2014
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Check out the UFC Brazil fight highlights from the Shogun Rua vs. Ovince St. Preux main event in Brazil on Saturday.

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports)

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  • Cagey Gorilla

    I have to say that today got me thinking about the legitimacy of the UFC. I was watching the card with some friends. They pointed out that the UFC time slot was set to finish @ 10pm PT, and it was 9:55 when Bruce was making the introductions for the Rua vs OSP fight. The screen said LIVE, and it was supposed to be a live taping, but how can one predict that a main card will not go the full 5 rounds? The fight ended quckly, OSP gave his post fight interview and it was 9:59pm – perfect timing! I dont know…this is very very suspect. Am I the only person that noticed this? Comments on this anyone?

    • Guest

      Obviously it was replayed and edited.

    • Austin, TX

      It’s because of the time issues. They obviously don’t start the fight in Brazil at the same time as it can be aired with commercials and sponsors all in a nice neat “live” package for you to watch in the U.S. They have to arrange a fight card into time slots on U.S. programming with commercials etc. There’s nothing suspect going on. The only thing suspect that goes on is how in Brazil if you are a non Brazilian you have to KO the guy to get the win. Else the judges naturally give it to the Brazilian no matter what. It’s becoming a joke.

  • Jay

    It’s like the NFL on Sunday night, or playoff hockey, they have agreement to return to regularly scheduled program in prograss