UFC Bouts in the Works: Daniel Cormier and Demian Maia’s Next Opponents

March 27, 2014
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05-Daniel-Cormier-UFC-170-w-0617-478x270The Ultimate Fighting Championship announced several bouts for different cards on Wednesday, and they have more in the works.

A bout between undefeated light heavyweight Daniel Cormier and former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Rafael “Feijao” Cavalcante is in the works for the UFC 175 fight card on July 5, according to UFC Tonight.

Cormier (14-0) dropped down from the heavyweight division and made his 205-pound debut at UFC 170. He defeated UFC newcomer Patrick Cummins, who replaced an injured Rashad Evans, by first-round technical knockout.

Cavalcante (12-4, 1 NC) has gone 1-1 in his two fights in the UFC. The 33-year-old lost his promotional debut to Thiago Silva by knockout in June 2013. He rebounded by finishing Igor Pokrajac in his last outing at UFC Fight Night 32.

Also in the works is a welterweight match-up between Demian Maia and Mike Pierce for May 31 in Brazil.

Maia (18-6) reeled off three wins in a row after dropping down from the middleweight division to the 170-pound weight class in 2012, but has lost his two fights to Jake Shields and Rory MacDonald.

Pierce (17-6) had a four-fight winning streak snapped in his last outing against submission specialist Rousimar Palhares. He was submitted by heel hook in the early going of the opening round. He’ll hope to start a new winning streak, while Maia tries to prevent a third consecutive loss.

Neither of the match-ups has been finalized.

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  • Kenny Powers

    Both of these fights make no sense at all.

    • shakejunt

      pierce vs maia is fine by me. maia coming off 2 losses and pierce coming back from the palhares incident.

  • jesusdidnttap

    Daniel Cormier vs Rashad Evans…black on black crime

  • Jon Doe

    Why is DC working up the 205 ladder? I think he has proven without a doubt, his skills and where he belongs. You dont go from Barnett, Bigfoot to Cummins, Feijao.. top 10 205 is minimum, they shuffled fights before. Davis, Rashad, Hendo. Feijao is no bum and is light years ahead of Cummins but at 34 or something DC is not going to be in his prime for long (especially after trt ban). I want to see him vs Jones!

    • KingLettuce

      He has beaten exactly 0 contenders at 205. Not his fault Suga got hurt, but doesn’t get to drop weight and then just demand a title shot. Order should now be Jones v. Glover (who also hasn’t earned a shot, IMO) then Jones v. Gus.

      • Jon Doe

        Complete absolute nonsense. Mir, Bigfoot, Barnett, Big Country is by far a superior resume compared to Jones fighting old, injury riddled, undersized middleweights. Your opinion that Glover “hasn’t earn a shot” is just ridiculous, the man walked through every fighter put in front of him, gets tagged 1 time rushing in,(god forbid a fighter makes a mistake) still gets a brutal knockout and yet…smh… I am absolutely blown away by the incompetence of your response. “IYO” who exactly is worthy of a Title shot then? Hmm.. ? People like you once opined at one time or another the same rhetoric about Anderson, Gus, Weidman, Lawler, Pettis, Diaz, KZ, Barao, Henderson, Machida, Rashad on and on, even Brock Lesnar “they dont deserve a title shot, who they beat?” #whinychildvoice only to have these fighters put up fantastic performances/careers against champions.

        • Alex

          Bigfoot, Big Cuntry and Barnett is a superior resume only by weight LOL.
          Sloppy fatsos and mutants are not to be compared to the REAL athletes from the LHW division – the only danger from them is eventual KO from some of their sloppy strike, and this KO has potential only because they’re big and weigh a lot.

          Gustafsson, Rashad, Davis – even Bader – all deserve title shot before Black Teletubby can even sniff it.

          • Braeden Van Asperen

            Did you REALLY just say that Bader deserves a title shot before an undefeated olympic wrestler from a higher weight class who holds a Strikeforce Grand Prix under his belt, as well as wins over 3 top ten HWs?

          • Alex

            Who cares about Strikefarce?
            Who cares about Fatweight division?
            Who cares about Olympics? Another Olympian, Yoel Romero, already failed to take Feijao down in multiple attempts.

            Stupid nuthuggers like you care. Me and UFC? Nah…

          • shakejunt

            i’m actually with you on this one, except for bader. that might be a good fight for dc though if he’s all healed up. cavalcante makes no sense.

          • Alex

            Cavalcante’s only weakness is his jaw, he has great takedown defense and can knock a fatso to oblivion just as easy as he did to Romero.

            But admit it – you’re always with me. You just cannot help to adore me, and that’s understood – after all, it’s ME you’re dealing with 🙂

          • shakejunt

            i understand your schtick, but nah. idk, cavalcante has just looked tired in his last few fights. just don’t wanna hear dc clamoring for a title shot after another squash match.

          • Lucas Freire

            And his gas tank.
            Cormier may be chubby but is able to go through 3/5 rounds with ease

          • Alex

            He was OK in third rounds with Hendo and Lawal, hasn’t shown signs of gassing at all.
            Don’t know where you take that BS from.

            Feijao’s pace is quite slow overall, but it’s his game.
            Cormier looks fast only against HW sloppy trucks

          • Lucas Freire

            No bullshit. I don’t see his slow pace as “his game” he’s a guy that goes for the KO, he swarms in, I just think he gets tired real fast. If a guy has to keep a real slow pace throughout the whole fight, I can only suppose that’s because he has no gas.

          • Braeden Van Asperen

            I don’t understand how you think a guy can drop a weight class, and have some sort of disadvantage. 95% of guys who drop weight classes have more success, do some f—ing research before spewing drivel out, it makes you seem unintelligent. Believe it or not, your opinion is not fact

          • Baller31

            Strikeforce was a very legit organization, and only newbies on Dana’s junk think differently. As far as this fight, it’s a ridiculous mismatch that dc will walk thru, and he deserves a much higher ranked lhw opponent.

          • Alex

            Basically Strikefarce was just a second-level UFC copycat.
            They never had anything unique, they didn’t know what to do with their fighters (a bunch of them complained tgat they stay without fights), and they were overrating their best ones by giving them fake “world” titles.

            UFC knows that Strike title has no meaning and that’s why they put Black Teletubby on his place, even though “fans” like you keep whining LOL

          • Braeden Van Asperen

            What a stupid thing to say. The Heavyweight championship belt is the most sought after belt in all of MMA. Yoel Romero is a Middleweight and Feijao is a LHW. Yoel Romero is newer to MMA than DC.
            Stupid nuthugger for informing your ignorance of his impressive resume? Sure. If you say so bud.

          • Braeden Van Asperen

            Also ‘Black Teletubby’ has yet to lose a single round in MMA. My god

          • Alex

            Who cares? He fought against chubby giants, no brainer.
            Lets see him winning all the rounds against LHWs who do not work at Starsucks

          • Braeden Van Asperen

            Who cares? He beat 4 of the current top 15 heavyweights in the world, one via stoppage and three via one-sided beatdowns.
            You can hate on the guy all day but the fact is he IS world champion material, he trains and is sparring partners with Cain V. He has not lost a round, ever in his career. He went to the Olympics for wrestling. No one in the LHW division has his resume. In fact most people in the UFC don’t have his resume.

        • KingLettuce

          Yeah. All of DC’s wins are in the HW div. Not LHW. Try to reconcile that if you can. And IMO, Glover has been less than impressive. Jones takes him round 1 or early round 2. Then watch they hype cloud go poof.

          • JKRL

            You could also argue Frankie Edgar and Kenny Florian fighting for the title after no more than one fight at Featherweight. In Frankie’s case he didn’t even have to fight a single match at 145 to face Aldo.

    • gnodeb

      I’m not sure he is working the 205 ladder but he should. Why? Because this is not popularity or ability contest. It is about results. And he doesn’t have any at LHW.

      Why do you care about titles if title runs are not important?

  • Fucktard

    I agree with @disqus_yPOIbwF3vU:disqus but when you think about it, all the top guys at LHW are booked. Evans I believe is still on the rehab process. As long as he’ll remain active and string more impressive wins, DW will eventually give him a shot at Jones or maybe Tex.


    Well I Guess? Is Rafa the only fighter available the fight isn’t til July? What about Lil Nog, Hendo, Bader, or F it do the Gus fight! Its to bad the ufc cant make it work out that DC face the winner of Davis v AJ. I bet they wish they had Rampage to throw at him, Lol

  • Seth

    I can buy Maia/Pierce…but why would you give DC another tune up fight? Doesn’t he deserve to get something more than that? At least try to challenge him at 205, since he has to wait for winner of Gus/JJ 2…

  • Mark McDowall

    This match will happen…another gimme match for DC…and then we will have to hear about him wanting a title shot. As a HW he was in the top 3 for a title shot. But when you drop to a new division you go to the back of the line. He’s fought a guy that wasn’t even in line with Cummins…and now he’s fighting someone that I would guess isn’t even in the top 25-30 at LHW. If he really wants to get to the top quick…tell Dana you want a higher ranked opponent. This is a paycheck fight for DC plain and simple. If he beats Cavalcante in similar fashion he did Cummins then ok…but this fight does absolutely nothing ranking wise.

    • RB

      Feijão is ranked n°13

  • Scotty_O

    DC vs Dan Henderson, who doesn’t want to see that fight??

  • mmajunkie

    they definitely have to give dc someone better than that he is a freight train. he is a freight train that will derail anyone standing in front of him.