UFC Announces Jan. 4 Event for Singapore, Plans Several 2014 Dates in Asia

August 29, 2013
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UFC-Glass-Logo-460x270The UFC announced on Thursday that it would be heading to Singapore on Jan. 4, 2014, as part of its long-awaited Asian expansion. The venue has previously been confirmed as being Marina Bay Sands, which has a capacity of 5,000.

No fights have been confirmed at present.

Mark Fischer, the UFC’s Managing Director of Asia, says that Jan. 4 will be the first of many dates where fans in Asia will get a glimpse of the Octagon next year.

“This marks a bold step for UFC’s expansion in Asia and is the first of a series of events in Asia planned for 2014. After kicking off the year in Singapore, our fans can expect several other UFC events around the region on the docket next year, including two more fights at the Venetian’s Cotai Arena in Macau.”

Singapore is ONE FC’s backyard and Asia’s biggest MMA promotion has put on four shows at the 12,000-capacity Singapore Indoor Stadium with another booked for Oct. 18, but Fischer believes fight fans in the former British colony will welcome the UFC.

“We know many fans in Singapore and Southeast Asia have been waiting to experience the excitement of a live UFC event and this will certainly be a great springboard for our continued development in this part of the world.”

The UFC also plans to return to Tokyo where it has held one event per year for the past two years. Dana White also confirmed this week that Manila was also on the agenda for 2014, as well as China with a Mandarin language version of TUF scheduled to start filming in November.

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  • leo

    I live in south east asia and I am very excited about the UFC coming over, however it is a shame to rain on one fc parade. They have just got a foothold in the area and the UFC gets one whiff of that and decides to attack in there home city. I knew it would happen just not so soon. I suppose its the same with every other industry, big guys taking over the small guys.

    • shakejunt

      could work to their advantage. ufc comes in and holds an event and gets lots of attention, but they won’t be doing consistent shows volume-wise. might leave the fans wanting more and just strengthen onefc as the premier local circuit.

      • Syd

        But it doesn’t work that way. UFC is trying to get Asia to watch their product. Just like when the EPL tours there. Fans then would rather watch the superior product on tv over their own domestic league. One FC will look inferior to UFC and that will hurt their rep in Asia. UFC coming to conquer and ONEFC will get squashed. They are small fries and Asian fans have no loyalty to them.

        • shakejunt

          but they do have loyalty to pride rules, that’s one of their major selling points.

  • fight2entertain

    The combined rules which OneFC has adapted has created more entertainment and excitements in their shows, which is the heart of fighting. Fans prefer this regardless of the name of the organization. UFC may be a bigger name but not necessary better entertainment, since they only followed the unified rule of MMA. This restricts knees to an opponent on the ground or an opponent had a hand on a mat. No stomps being allowed. This is why you see more grappling, holding, and rolling between two persons. This can be hard to watch over a period of over 2 mins, serving two persons grinding up and down, top and bottom of the same sex.