UFC and Other MMA Fighters React to Nevada’s Ban on TRT via Twitter

February 27, 2014
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Following Thursday’s unexpected and bold move by the Nevada State Athletic Commission to ban testosterone replacement therapy, fighters took to Twitter to react.

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  • Stephen Quadros

    I’m with what Vinny said

  • Maddawgmar

    Notice none of the users or pro-TRT fighters chimed in…

    • Ahmaid Ahdoodi

      Duh. UFC won’t let them.

  • joe

    Bisping is a joke.If he wasn’t from UK he would of been cut a long time ago. And my proof is Dan Hardy, that guy lost like 6 fights in a row but they have to keep him. Now as far as TRT goes, I don’t think it is going to make a big difference. But I am glad it is banned so now all the losers in the UFC have no more excuses.

    • Seth

      Dan at least comes out and fight, while Bisping has a big mouth that gets KOed time and time again. Hope that Timmy will do same thing to him…maybe even shut him up for good finally 🙂

    • El Gvapo

      Hardy lost four in a row, to GSP, condit, rumble and lyttle. No shame in losing to them.

      • joe

        Yeah, bro I am a hardy fan, but I am just saying that if bisping wasn’t from UK he would have been cut already. I don’t think he is good at all, and I am a total hater. The guy talks so much and never backs it up. Then when he loses there is an excuse. Now he thinks he only has 1 loss because they banned TRT.

        • El Gvapo

          What? He’s never lost two fights in a row, why would they cut him? And your point about him not being cut because he’s from the UK, i assume you think he’s only employed to keep the uk market interested? Very naive dude, there’s no PPV market in the uk, they don’t pay for any UFC over there, it’s all shown on ESPN. Plus there’s plenty of other British fighters in the UFC now, more than enough to keep them interested.

  • Starsky

    Bisping thinks he only lost 1 fight…. So if Bisping was on TRT he would have magically had Vitors explosiveness. Oh yeah Matt Hammill wasn’t on TRT, was deaf & kicked his ass from bell to bell, but than the UK judges gave him his fake win…& he tells Hammill to “go back to wrestling!”. Vitor pounding that douche.out was karma.

    BTW, now that it’s banned, no fighter is going to come out publicly & disagree, even the ones who are on a lot more than TRT. I’ll be in the minority & say it’s fine, as long as te fighters get very frequent blood tests.

    • Jimmy Rebel

      everytime I find myself annoyed by Bisping, I watch what Dan Henderson did to him TRT and all.

      • dgs

        That was one of my all time favorite KO’s in MMA, and I’ve been watching since UFC 1! I especially loved the extra, unnecessary shot Henderson hit him with when he was already out on the ground.

        I can’t stand Bisping and his big mouth. I really thought that KO would shut him up for good (and give him a much needed dose of humility), but with a mouth like that, I guess it was only wishful thinking.

        • El Gvapo

          It’s called selling a fight. It’s exactly the same as what Sonnen, Koscheck, Evans etc have done for years. Play the bad guy and people will pay to watch you fight, if only to see you lose. The more people you get to tune in, the higher up the card you are, the bigger your check.

    • joe

      I agree 100% ! I must of watched that Hamill fight 300xs and don’t understand it.

  • Lloyd

    Gutted cus now wont c belfort weidman

  • Chicago

    Their is a link between gigantism and low testosterone that has been 100% proven with science. For example big foot Silvia actually really does need trt, not just to compete, but to live. (not saying that he doesn’t abuse it) So what’s the plan with people who have this disease?