UFC and Invicta FC Secure Exclusive Deal to Stream Women’s MMA on Fight Pass

June 6, 2014
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Invicta UFC Fight PassThe UFC and Invicta FC have inked a multi-fight, multi-year deal that will see the all-female MMA promotion stream events exclusively on UFC Fight Pass, officials said in a joint statement on Thursday.

The deal will include the entire Invicta archive, which will be made available to all new and existing UFC Fight Pass subscribers.

“UFC Fight Pass already has subscribers in over 155 countries, which is a huge platform for the Invicta athletes,” said UFC Chief Content Officer Marshall Zelaznik. “Invicta fighters are now sharing the same stage as elite UFC fighters like Alexander Gustafson, Conor McGregor, Cung Le and Michael Bisping. For any UFC fans that haven’t seen these women compete before – I guarantee they will be blown away when they see what Invicta is all about.”

Invicta President Shannon Knapp described the signing of the exclusive deal as “a great day” for her company, adding that she’s been committed to providing the biggest and best possible platform for her athletes to compete on.

A date for the first Invicta card on Fight Pass was not announced, but Knapp said they are targeting a late-summer event, headlined by a world title fight.

“This is a historic event for myself, the company and my athletes, and every one of them is going to want to be on this first card,” she said.

The Fight Pass deal opens up the doors for Invicta 145-pound champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino to have her fights shown through a UFC brand. Negotiations to sign Justino to the UFC women’s roster have failed in the past, and this is the furthest the two sides have come to seeing the fighter compete under the Zuffa banner.

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  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    I don’t wanna buy that sh*t named UFC Fight Pass, I prefer an iPPV only for Invicta

    • Timothy Malone

      That doesn’t make any sense. UFC Fight Pass is a monthly subscription that you can cancel after just one month. So you will pay $10 for an Invicta PPV and have the option to not only watch it but watch any past event and a ton of UFC content if you care to for a whole month.

      The only way this is bad for you is if Invicta’s PPV was going to be less than $10.

      • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

        that’s good actually hoping I can do it for only one month without auto-renew.

        The last IFC iPPV was exactly 10$ if I’m right.

      • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

        Except now your sitting in front of your laptop watching it instead of your HD 53′ flat screen

        • Timothy Malone

          I thought Invicta PPVs were always online only. Personally I hook my laptop up to my tv to watch things, but if you don’t have decent internet then yes I suppose you are out of luck.

  • snapdad

    this just gives me one more reason to not subscribe to fight pass

    • shakejunt

      so cool

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Fight Pass is awful. Dont want to watch fights on my computer, leave them on TV

    • shakejunt

      it’s 2014, there are things called hdmi wires, chromecasts, etc. your viewing is only limited by your motivation.

  • Seth

    And that’s the reason for me to subscribe for Fight Pass 😀 Awesome move, UFC! 🙂 WMMA needs a way to be seen by more people in order to grow 🙂

  • shakejunt

    but but… but… ufc is bad… and dana is bald… and wmma blah blah blah.

    everyone is just too stubborn to get off the “i hate ufc/fightpass” bandwagon. gotta realize that they have a decent amount of content now even if you’re only watching live events.

    its 10 dollars guys, if you’re worried about that every month then you probably have bigger problems.