UFC and FOX Sports Terminate Chael Sonnen’s Broadcasting Services Agreement

July 1, 2014
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Chael Sonnen 042 UFC 117-478x270The UFC and FOX Sports have terminated their respective broadcasting services agreements with analyst and former fighter Chael Sonnen, the companies announced in a joint release on Monday.

The decision to terminate Sonnen’s broadcasting deal came days after the fighter failed a second test conducted by the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Sonnen initially tested positive in May for banned substances Anastrozole and Clomifene, both of which can be utilized to help treat men with hypogonadism, which Sonnen has said to have. Following the positive test, the fighter retired from professional MMA competition.

Sonnen was placed under suspension by the NAC for failing the initial test.

The second exam in June resulted in Sonnen having traces of performance enhancers human growth hormone (hGH) and recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO) in his system.

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  • The Professor

    Excellent and necessary move by the UFC. Sonnen was pretty good as a commentator, but his checkered past and present are a black eye for everyone involved with him. It’ll be a tough hill to climb for him now; he’s a convicted felon, can’t fight, and lost the only job he’s likely qualified to do. Rough seas ahead…

    • Andrew

      You must be joking? A man with his caliber of wrestling, coaching skills, AND name having trouble finding a job? I respectfully disagree. I think any gym would be lucky to have him.

      • Bob Sacamanto

        The only bad thing is, anyone who works with the guy, for instance if he was to get a job coaching which he would do well, then the fighter would most likely be persecuted by association.

        • RobFordRulz

          This works just like politics, disappear for awhile, throw some money to a good cause and all is forgiven. People have short memories when it comes to these things. Multiple pro athletes have proven this.

  • Kenny Pond

    I think I see the wwe in Chael’s future….

  • Anthony De Nigro

    Bad move. One of the biggest reasons I tuned into the ufc tonight and other shows was for him. no reason to watch any other programming than the fights now

    • TheCerealKiller

      You have a racist name, go away.

      • Ian Price

        Commenting on his name… Is racist.

        Additionally, this reply to your comment is racist too. In fact, this entire thread might be racist.

  • Robby Clark

    I get it, but no not the right call.. He’s a great announcer and analyst because of his charisma. Does anyone tell Lorenzo to step down cause he’s taking supplements? I get it’s a bit different if you’re not a fighter but you’re not replacing that guy with anyone who can touch him verbally.

    Probably not good Chael was taking everything he tested for, but I like watching him talk more then anything. I think we all do, and it’d be a shame to not have him breaking down fights and adding that charisma to whatever it is he does. Granted he’ll get picked up somewhere else, but it’d be a shame to lose him.

    Great snab if Bellator decides to bring him on;)

    • Darin

      He’s dirty. Having a confirmed cheater pretending to be an honest journalist-type doesn’t play well. His mouth has gotten him out of trouble many times but he ran out of luck.

    • james j

      I am sure the Fertitatas are totally clean in their gambling gig

    • Ian Price

      This is a sport, but it is shown on TV for entertainment, not so the casual viewers can beef up on their mma skills. If it’s entertainment, then Chael is good because he’s a good entertainer. Anderson is good too, but he does his entertaining with his striking…

      Still, not the worst move to fire him. I mean, he did show a lack of integrity. But then again, he did also retire, so that he wouldn’t have to put up with this stuff. I don’t know what to say.

  • jimmy777

    unreal, he just lost everything, he should have retired early and kept the cushy FOX job, what an idiot!!

  • jimmy777

    I guess we wait to see Sonnen fight ortiz or rampage ??

  • Matt Ragan

    He’s an analyst/tv figure now, why does this even matter?

    • Darin

      The UFC can’t have a confirmed cheater pretending to be a respectable analyst. It would be bad publicity for the UFC to continue to employ him.

      • Maddawgmar

        The UFC doesn’t employ him, FOX does. His fighting contract was with the UFC, but FOX had his broadcast contract. Hell FOX can employ Eddie Alvarez to be an analyst on UFC tonight if they want.

  • Nate Randall

    Seems a little harsh for a failed test. I mean a suspension from fighting is sufficient enough I would think. The guy gives good analysis and is fun to listen to..

    • Milosc

      They don’t use that NFL music/set up for nothing, broseph. Mma is being presented more like an institution these days and ‘ole Rascally Rabbit was stinking up the place..

  • GDW13

    I don’t get why he had to take the second test in June if he retired from MMA after failing the first one in May.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I said the same thing, it was before he retired.

      • Clarifier

        Time Line:
        Test 1
        Test 2
        Announced Failed Test One
        Announced Failed Test Two

        They don’t make it clear in the article

        • Ian Price

          What does if matter if he failed the tests? He’s retired.

          • MuayThaiFood

            People can come out of retirement, it’s not binding.

        • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

          Both samples were taken before Sonnen retired so quit trying to put your B.S. spin you learned from Sonnen on . FACT: Sonnen has been busted with jacked up testosterone levels thru the roof against Silva where he was juiced to the gills and had the worst ROID INDUCED BACNE since Rory MacDonald in the Diaz fight. This makes Sonnen one of THREE fighters in MMA history who have been busted on 3 separate occasions. Nice list Chael you now joined Marquardt and Barnett 3 time cheats. However Sonnen has the record for being busted for 5 different banned substances as well as being the (ONLY) fighters in MMA history to be busted for HGH and EPO’s. Sonnen is a complete and utter disgrace because he talked a mile of sh’it about Vitor and WAndy and Lance Armstrong. You sir are the worlds worst cheating hypocrite ever. Please Chael go away forever you have done enough damage to the reputation of MMA to last a lifetime

          • AXE MURDERER

            I AGREE NATE!

  • the curse of gab

    Ummm.he also was convicted of fraud not too long ago either…also lost his spot at the house of reps in Oregon for the same reason…lost his real estate license for paying his moms company to do nothing…then hes been popped for banned substances numerous times…why is he not in prison sheesh…and how did he even get a job with fox with such a tarnished record…j.c Penney has stricter background policies than fox and the ufc…repeat offender of denying to tap to chokes…a slick mouth can only get so far



  • Tony

    That sucks! Chael was the only reason I watched UFC Tonight, the rest of the analysts are dull. UFC and Fox Sports just lost a viewer.

  • Your_Dad

    He should go do pro wrestling

  • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

    UFC wanna detach from far-right winged groups … good!

  • mmalive

    Chael is always fun to watch.

    His antics were funny as hell.

    His trash talking made it very interesting to tune in.

    How Brazil people wanted to get rid of him after his comments about that country.

    People either hate him or love him.

    He is a decent fighter that took Anderson to VERY DEEP waters.

    As an analyst, he was more exciting for Fox.

    Commentary was to the point. No BS or sugar coating.

    What did him in is the trash talking about roiding/juicing ONLY to be caught himself doing the EXACT same thing.

    What Chael should have done was RETIRED BEFORE any of these tests were made public. At least he could do other lines of work in MMA or combat sports.

    Chael hung himself.

    Go to Bellator, WSOF, OneFC and beat up some of their guys

    At least, you could still make money.

    Best of luck man, you will be missed.

    • Sean

      I’m a massive Chael Sonnen fan. Completely agree with you. It’s a massive shame but he hung himself. Sad news for a very good fighter and hype magnet.

    • kiss44

      “He is a decent fighter that took Anderson to VERY DEEP waters.” He has always been on PEDs. That is the reason for the low testosterone he suffers from now. His entire fighting career is a sham. Enough said.

  • james j

    Wow. I was kind of expecting this. Sad that he lost his real job as an announcer

  • Bob Sacamanto

    I’m very interested to see who will replace him. It will be hard to match his enthusiasm, but glad to see him go.

  • brad king

    Well now he will “Chael Sonnen” fighters in bellator?

  • seth b

    chael is a douchebag and- without PEDs- he’s a subpar fighter. perhaps in chael’s new career he can scam people in the mortgage industry. oh, wait, he already did that and got arrested. my bad. maybe he can endorse proactive for back-acne the size of mount everest due to PEDs. there ya go. lastly, with all of that testosterone intake, why does chael sound like bobby brady as a preteen who’s voice is cracking due to puberty? i’ve seen better substance on the bottom of my shoes after stepping in dog excrement than I do looking at “chael p (which stands for performance-enhancing-drugs) sonnen.

  • dandogood

    good for Fox. get the loud mouth self loving Chael off the TV. Chael sucks any way and is a camera hog.

  • Envel707

    It’s good to see the ufc finally taking a stronger stance on PEDs. Even if they did turn a blind eye to sonnen for four years because he was their money pig.

    • Manuel Lopez

      THEY HAD NO CHOICE!! Chael just did too much dirty crap for uncle Dana to keep protecting him. And Fox would have been fools to let that cheater still be on tv commentating on the very sport he was caught smearing.

  • I rove you

    MMA fans are such idiots. The UFC is boring.

    • Shambo

      Then why are you on a mma page you nugget.

      • I rove you

        LOL, what a predictable response, idiot.

  • Kryptonitekid

    Chael was horrible for the sport.. A jucier, and a guy who only got a title shot based on his mouth, and not his ability to actually earn a shot.. He made the UFC a WWE like circus and I’m glad he’s gone.

    • kiss44

      Kryptonitekid, you make a valid point! Anyone that was a serious Sonnen fan couldn’t see that the guy earned nothing. His mouth did.

      • TRT-rex

        Agree and disagree. Lol. I think SONNEN fans knew Chael didn’t earn anything. They just didn’t care. Most people liked him cause he talked a good talk and shows the confidence of a lion.( even though it was the peds talking). I don’t think Chael was good for the sport, but he wasn’t bad. He did get the UFC a lot of fans, which was his job.

    • Seth

      Yeah, what a weak idiot…his only losses in the UFC are against Renato Sobral, Jeremy Horn, Demian Maia, Anderson Silva, Jon Jones and Rashad Evans…what a can…seriously, worst MMA fighter ever. I mean, how weak you have to be to lose to guys like Anderson or Jones or Rashad?

      Seriously now, you guys look at him through hate and latest news. He did f*** up with PEDs now and Im not even trying to defend him, but what he did prior to it, can not be denied. Its like saying Wandarlei Silva was horrible for the sport (which he actually is) because he ran from drug testing and was juicing. Who cares how good he used to be (or at least pretending to be)? Show some common sense, guys.

      • julian moran

        what makes you think he was not juicing prior to being caught? Oh.. actually he was caught before!

        • Seth

          Wandarei was juicing up in PRIDE too. So was Fedor. So was Belfort. So was Cro Cop. And list goes on and on. So what? Im not saying is good – but if you want to hate Chael for juicing – you have to hate 90% of MMA fighters that ever fought. Difference is – PRIDE didn’t test their fighters, unless fights were in US. Imagine that so-called GOAT Fedor being caught on roids during those 10 years. That would prolly make it difficult for PRIDE to make money on him. Same with Wandarlei – thats why they sucked so badly after PRIDE – they had two option – either drop of roids and be a can for the rest of your career – happened to Fedor and Wandarlei – or go on and use roids – happened to Belfort.

          So…hating Chael only for juicing is pointless, when you admire Fedor as a GOAT. You can hate him for his fightig style, for his personality, for the stuff he says etc. But hating him for something that almost everyone is doing – sounds kind of retarded…

          • MuayThaiFood

            Assuming people hate him only for the juicing makes you look every bit the tard considering his history.

          • julian moran

            If you think Fedor was juicing you are an idio%.
            Sonnen probably cheated for all of his wins, it takes away from what he accomplished.

          • Seth

            Go and listen to what Enson Inoue said – PRIDE fighters had clause in THEIR CONTRACTS about NOT being TESTED. If you think that major PRIDE stars were clean and clear – than you are an idiot, pal.

            Quote of what he said:

            “In our contracts there was a
            clause that specifically stated, “We do not test for steroids.” In
            other words, it was like a clause that you can do

            So you should finally realize that PRIDE wasn’t innocent promotion, that was destroyed by “bad and evil” ZUFFA.

          • julian moran

            Your argument sounds as d@mb as you probably are. It is well known that Pride fighters got away with taking steroids. I never denied it. However, it does not translate into all Pride fighters taking steroids.. Accusing Fedor of taking steroids is as stup!d as accusing Anderson Silva or BJ Penn of the same thing. These fighters are known for being clean. We are not talking about Wanderlei or Crocop here, but Fedor. So s@ck it, loser.

          • Seth

            So…only becuase its “Fedor” he was clean, clear and he always fought the right way? Yeah, right. Keep dreaming. In perfect world – that could be true. But we aren’t in perfect world. When there is big money to make for him and big money for Yakuza to make – there is no such thing as “bad thing” to do. He did what he had to do in order to keep up with fighters bigger and better than him. Same as everybody else. That’s why when he finally had to drop it to fight in USA, he lost to Werdum almost right away.

            I get it – you guys want to idolize Fedor and think he was a GOAT. And you have all the rights in the world to think so and say it as your opinion. But I can do same think – speaking with my opinion that Fedor was nothing more than juiced up freak. Just like Wandarlei and the others.

            But hey, there is good question for you, since you don’t like cheaters and guys that used to do roids and still do – what about Belfort? He got caught too and he needed TRT becuase he was cheating – so he was granted a permission for TRT based on the fact that he was cheating. But no one mentions that when they scream for another title shot for him. How is that? How he can be praised and given title shot, since it all comes from a fact that he was cheating? Chael is bad guy because he was cheating – so what about Belfort? Shouldn’t he be denied TRT exemption, since he was caught in Nevada on roids – when we all know that he F’d up his natural testosterone becuase of roids?

          • julian moran

            So your “90% of fighters do roids” estimate changed to 100%? Have you even ever seen Fedor? He is a fat and flabby fighter, known in the mma circuit to be a clean fighter. Or, must he have been doing roids because he succeeded? Be quiet Chael, too much roids is getting your trash talk to be dull and boring.

          • Seth

            I never said he was in those 10%. Those 10% are cans filling the undercard, which nobody cares. Yakuza had too much money to make on Fedor, Wandarlei and rest to just leave in hands of luck and destiny.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You’re a riot! Every time you defend Chael you claim you’re not defending him and then dismiss everyone else’s criticism of him, saying they are haters. Seriously,you can’t dislike someone for being a cheat,liar,and ex felon who shows no remorse? You look like a major tool being apologist. Don’t cry too much for him,he still gets to keep his ill gotten gains.

        • Seth

          What Im saying is simple – you bash him for cheating. Yet still majority of you praise Belfort. Or Wandarlei. Or call Fedor a GOAT. If you want to bash people for cheating, bash everybody. Not chosen few.

    • james j

      He almost beat Silva

  • Joe Dog

    Good riddance. ‘Nuf said.

  • Collideoverme

    F— Fox Sports 1. Not watching anymore. F— their lynchmob mentality. The guy had to give up one way to make a living, so, Fox, being the s–t bags they are, take the other. The man has a kid on the way. Not one single other person on here canning Chael has led a perfect life. Try having your way to make a living taken from you and see how you respond. They ban trt, so he has to figure something out medically. He screwed that up and retires. Why take another way both?
    I think that piece of s–t Arial Helwani had something to do with this…I hate that skinny prick too…

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

      Youre an idiot. Arial does suck , but everything else you said was retarded

      • Collideoverme

        I was half being sarcastic. 🙂

    • dathump

      so a truck driver that gets his second dwi should still keep get to drive truck?

  • julian moran


  • MuayThaiFood

    Good call, it sends the message that you won’t get rewarded if you cheat. The system still needs work though because this is a guy who cheated for a living for way too long in MMA and only now it caught up with him. It will be interesting to see where he goes from here after dead-ending in Real Estate, politics and now the UFC. I could see him becoming a televangelist and bilking people out of their money.

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    I wonder if FOX or UFC took the lead on this

  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    “Chael could one day run the UFC” – Dana

  • Pat Garret

    Bellator will take him in.

  • travyb

    Bummer. I enjoy his commentary. I cant stand any of the other d-bags on there besides Rogan. This sport is like the US economy, doomed. I dont understand why even go public now with his second failed test. The dude retired. Probably cause he knew that second test was going to be positive. The whole TRT ban is still grey and not clearly defined on how to get the current TRT guys off safely, and pass a test. With so many of the Top tier fighters done or injured, I see UFC’s best days behind them.

    • Stephen Quadros

      You don’t use epo and hgh to get off it that’s for sure

      • travyb

        Haha. Thats for sure. My interpretation was he new he failed the first, then retired, then said “fuggit” and got back on HGH. The time line has not been defined publicly, so its hard to say. Anyways, I never supported TRT for active fighters, and YES Chaels mouth got him fights, not just his skill. BUT, he showed that Anderson Silva is NOT A MACHINE! I love his dry sense of humor. I just dont get it. The dude retires then they go public with the second test. He loses his announcing job!?

        Common Fox/UFC, dont lose your current fan base by trying so hard to get new fans…

        • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

          Why is it EVERY Sonnen fan likes to pretend that Sonnen wasn’t JUICED to the GILLS in the first Silva fight. Only reason he was able to lay on Silva for 4 rounds is because he had the testosterone of 17 men and he probably had HGH and EPO’s also which the commissions were not testing for at that time. Sonnen is nothing but a SCUMBAG CHEAT

  • Stephen Quadros

    The UFC needs to test the hell out of every fighter,if you’re not going to pay the fighters well you should keep them safe from juiced up opponents.

  • Sean Deblat

    This sucks; Sonnen is ‘UFC Tonight!’

  • Damian Cross

    To all those saying Sonnen should just go to Bellator…you really don’t know how business works. You don’t get demoted to a lesser org for failing drug tests, you get BANNED. Period. Sonnen is now a huge liability for any company looking to prove itself as a legit sports organization. Bellator probably wants him even less than the UFC does.

    • Mark McDowall

      I totally agree with you. Especially with Coker now at the helm…if the other morons were still running the show I’m sure they would have announced his signing already!

  • Chris Morgan

    Like it or not, the termination of Chael’s agreement had to happen. The first failed drug test was one thing. There’s no getting around the fact that he tested positive for HGH and EPO. It would look poorly on Fox Sports and the UFC (arguably) if they allowed Sonnen to continue in his current role without any consequences. With that being said, I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if Chael received another TV job (assuming he doesn’t return to Fox Sports) once things die down and he takes the appropriate actions to get back into Fox and the UFC’s good graces (much like Miguel Torres a few years back).

    • George Sperry

      Miguel Torres? Are you referring to the incident where Torres made a sexist joke, one he heard on a TV show, and was cut from the UFC?
      That is anything like being a convicted felon that failed 3 drug tests and was a total lair and hypocrite about it?

      • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

        Dana let Chael run wild for years being a racist and the worst cheater ever

      • Chris Morgan

        If you actually READ my post, you’d know that I referenced the Torres incident because of the actions he took to get back into the UFC’s good graces. He took the initiative and voluntarily went to rape crisis centers, sensitivity classes, and even donated money to the centers. Miguel got another opportunity in the UFC because he put forth the effort to learn from his mistake and make ammends.

        NUMEROUS public figures have taken similar actions after they’ve screwed up and many of those figures are currently praised by the masses. Like it or not, Sonnen will get the opportunity for a second chance. Whether or not he gets that second chance depends on him.

        • George Sperry

          I read your post and it is a false comparison.
          What Torres did was next to nothing. What Sonnen did was cheat his opponents, cheat his employeer, lie like a 5 year old and disgrace the people paying him. Add to it money laundering that makes him a felon.
          You can compare a banana to a horse too but it isn’t worth a damn, just like your comparison of Sonnen to Torres.

          • Chris Morgan

            Once again, I’m not talking about what got Torres fired. I talk about what HE DID to get his job back. Like I said, NUMEROUS public figures have used a similar approach to what Torres did to get another chance.

            People like Robert Downey, Jr., Josh Hamilton, Michael Vick, etc. have ALL screwed up at some point and managed to receive another chance. What about “Pacman” Jones? Floyd Mayweather beat up his girlfriend and people are still paying to see him fight.

            Need some mma examples? How about Rampage, Jimi Manuwa, Paul Daley, War Machine, Ricco Rodriguez, and even Frank Shamrock have screwed up just as bad (if not worse) as Sonnen and they ALL received additional chances.

            Like I said, Sonnen WILL get a shot at a second chance. It depends on what he does going forward that will determine if he gets it. If someone like Ryan Braun can get another chance with the crap he’s pulled, it’s not hard to think that Chael will get his chance too.

    • bvol


      • bvol


  • Mark McDowall

    At the end of the day the ONLY person to blame here is Chael. Pretty damn sure he wasn’t tied down and injected with these different substances. He can claim all day long until he is blue in the face that he has hypogonadism. The FACT is that far less than 1% of the male population between the ages of 18-40 have naturally occuring hypogonadism. The most common cause is from steroid abuse…hense why he was on TRT.

    He was a great commentator and I think he had a hell of a future as one. But that is over and done with now. Hopefully he will catch on somewhere else like WSOF or Bellator…but I’d be surprised especially with the second drug test. But Bellator signed Rampage and Tito so it’s not out of the relm of possibilities.

  • Daily

    Retirement or not. He’s a cheater, a flat out liar, and a convicted felon. Convicted FELON. Why was he there in the first place? He’d failed previous drug tests and lied about being submitted on multiple occasions. How did he get the job in the first place??? He was a hypocrite and and a liar who had the audacity to stand on a grand pulpit when that other serial cheater Wanderlei got popped. Only to be caught out dirty himself. For that ALONE he deserved to lose his job, retired or not. Can’t believe people would think he should get a pass for that. It would be completely unethical to keep him there. Not to mention all the past shady dealings he’s been involved in. A sheister and a con man with absolutely no conscience and no remorse. Glad to see the back of him. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish!!

  • Dragon Kid

    Another FAIL for Chael.

    • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

      understatement of the year. The man is a convicted Federal FELON, 3 time busted ROID CHEAT and has the distinction as being the ONLY MMA fighter ever to be busted for EPO’s and HGH and a total of 5 banned substances. Please Sonnen fans go crawl in a hole

  • dandogood

    Chael should work in a toll booth

  • dandogood

    chael should have OD’d

  • Yannick Messaoud

    At some point i tough Sonnen to be quit funny and a very good analyst and commentator, but GH and EPO he asked for it now, is career is over, no more announcing job no more fights? i really hope he got some money stored away even worst if he is a new father and all. Its a bit hard to have sympathy for someone that has been cought is so many different drugs in him