UFC Again Releases Thiago Silva After Wife Provides New Video Evidence Against Him

September 20, 2014
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Thiago SilvaTwo weeks after being reinstated by the UFC, Thiago Silva has once again been released.

Silva’s return to the UFC was announced by his fight team, The Blackzilians, a day after all charges stemming from a Feb. 7 arrest in Florida were dropped. The arrest was related to an incident involving Silva, his estranged wife, and her then-boyfriend.

“We are proud to announce that Thiago Silva is officially back with the #UFC,” wrote The Blackzilians on Sept. 5. “We are truly thankful to the UFC and hope to see him fighting again by January.”

Initially facing two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, and resisting arrest without violence, the charges against Silva were dropped on Sept. 4, according to an initial report from TMZ Sports.

“All charges against Thiago Silva were dropped. The victim was uncooperative, and investigators determined that she has likely moved out of the country,” the Broward County Attorney’s Office told TMZ.

Thinking he was done with the matter and his career back on track, Silva’s life once again did a 180-degree turn on Friday when his estranged wife, Thaysa Kamiji, according to Globo’s Extra, released two videos. One allegedly shows Silva trying to find a male companion that his wife was hiding in her house, and the second allegedly showing him high on cocaine.

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In the second video, Kamiji reportedly says that she took the opportunity to flee to Abu Dhabi to start over.

As a result of the mounting evidence against Silva, UFC officials on Friday revealed that they had once again released the fighter.

“Thiago Silva was released from his UFC contract on Feb. 7 due to his arrest by police in South Florida. The charges against Silva were dropped by the Broward County District Attorney’s office and Silva was re-signed to the UFC earlier this month,” read the UFC’s statement.

“Based on new information received today in the form of video and audio evidence, Silva has been terminated from his UFC contract.”

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  • Mark McDowall

    These are the kind of things that make the UFC look really stupid. I like Thiago Silva as a fighter…but with the accusations against him…it would be tough to make them not look bad regardless.

  • MuayThaiFood

    Yeah, boneheaded move taking him back before the dust had even settled.

    • Gary Fredericks

      Oh lookie here, something we agree on! LOL

    • You were just defending them taking him back less than a week ago. Get your delusions and denials in check with your shoddy opinions about this coked-up loose cannon.

      • MuayThaiFood

        You need some ginko to help with your shoddy memory. It would have been kinda hard for me to defend him since I never even commented one way or the other. Don’t make a reply unless it’s with a link to my quote that doesn’t exist, so I guess what I am saying is no need to reply.

  • TRT-rex

    UFC screwed up worse than the NFL. Good thing they are only the UFC or it wold actually mean something!

    • valakos

      Dana is and always will be an Ar$hol3 but since there is no competition, people are forced to fight in the UFC – things were better when pride existed

      • TheCerealKiller

        PRIDE accepted steroids! It’s in the contracts. WWE —————->

  • julian moran

    Since when does looking for a hidden boyfriend and being a coke user mean that someone is guilty of aggravated assault with a firearm?
    If Silva is indeed guilty, providing evidence that gets him fired may have been a bad move..

    • dan

      Well the video I watched he had a gun in his right hand and was aggressive so…

    • TheCerealKiller


  • Karma.

  • Gary Fredericks

    Where’s all of Thiago’s nut huggers now? LOL This guy is a TURD!

  • james j

    Just like I said before, he was arrested for violating the law, which means there was evidence on scene that Silva committed an illegal act. Just because the victim decided to leave and not assist in the prosecution does not mean the crime did not occur. In sports, the standard for employment should not be the same as the standard for proof in criminal court, which is what promoters like Dana White evidently do not want. Finally, the NFL is catching on (minus the Cowboys).