UFC Adding Strawweight Division (115lbs) But No Timeline for The Debut

January 29, 2013
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Dana White at UFC 144The UFC will be adding yet another new weight class in the future as the strawweights (115lbs) get their shot in the Octagon.

Now the timing of when that will happen remains a mystery, but UFC President Dana White confirmed when speaking to UFC Tonight on Tuesday that they are planning to add the additional division at some point down the road.

“As the sport continues to grow and we go into these other markets like Latin America, Asia, yes, we will eventually open up a lighter weight division. Which is a great thing. It’s an amazing opportunity for fighters all over the world,” said White.

The UFC just recently added the flyweight division (125lbs) in 2012, and crowned a champion in the weight class last September.

It appears as the UFC continues to expand, so will their weight classes and the 115lb fighters are next up.

“I don’t know how soon it’s going to happen, but yes it will eventually happen,” White stated.

Most of the top fighters currently competing in or around 115lbs are fighting in Japan, as well as competitors like Rambaa Somdet who hails from Thailand.

The UFC President has mentioned previously heading to Mexico as well to scout for talent at 115lbs, but there is no timeline on when the strawweights will debut in the promotion.

  • Get Real

    Lame. Its like watching children fight. I was 115lbs in grade 6.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      Dumb! 125 is already a circus act.

      • shakejunt

        cool. don’t watch it and proceed to not comment on it in future articles.

  • GoNoles

    he just doing it so ken flo can come back and finally get that elusive title

  • Too fast of an addition. People are still busy opening up about watching 145 fights. No one is interested in 115..

    • justin e

      Plenty of people are interested. I am. And how is…no date whatsoever too soon. It could be 2 or 3 years.

      • shakejunt

        exactly, let’s wait and see what kinda talent shows up until we make our judgments

  • Lyle Righorne

    They need a super heavyweight division. Not lower weight classes. Now this **** is getting ridiculous.

    • I believe Dana said no to super heavyweights b/c it’s rare to find guys who are like 300 plus pounds who fight with technique and are athletic. I mean I am a huge fan of strongmen competitions but I can’t really picture any of those guys fighting using kickboxing or grappling.

    • justin e

      Dude. There are only like 2 good HW’s. That’s because they are not cut out for mma. I really don’t care if they eliminate the limit for HW, but an entire new division would be such garbage it would be embarrassing. There is practically nothing worth talking about above LHW. You make like watching elephant seals slap their blubber together till they gas 20 seconds into the fight, but some of us actually want to see an exercise in skill that doesn’t instantly depend on which slob is going to gas in the first minute.

      • Marvin Knoll

        I totally agree with everything you said. The HW division is THE worst

    • GoNoles

      i think id have to go with bas and rogan when they say make another division with a weight limit of 235 and still have the hw at 265

  • Madmmax

    How many men out can actually weigh 115? My wife 5’3 very slim and weighs 115. I just can’t see this

    • At this weight class were talking legit midgets fighting. No offense to anyone but how athletic could you be at that size. The 125 division is just fine.

      • justin e

        How athletic? Extremely athletic. Are you actually suggesting that heavier guys (like LHW and HW) are more athletic? The physical ability of smaller fighters is incomparably superior to heavier fighters.

        • Yea you have a good point. Now that I think about it there are plenty of wrestlers who are under 125 and have tremendous skill. But I will not agree that being smaller makes you more athletic. There are some very athletic guys who are 190 lbs and above. GSP, Koscheck, Phil Davis, Brock Lesnar.

    • justin e

      I know a guy at work who is 5 foot 7, 120 pounds, without cutting any water. 5′ 7″.

      • Amiracle1

        Leave a message…i am 5’7 115 pounds american naturally no weight cut no six pack a loose thin built and i have knock a big guy out power in my right hand ive been practicing martial arts since i was 4 years old at 14 started training kick boxing with Cung Lee back when he was training for san shou “r what ever its called” did jiu jitsu with Dave Camarillo both were at AKA at that time. now im 31 years old my whole life ive been so small there was no money for me at all in martial arts unless i teach. but i think smaller fighters are better problem i see is that when to ppl are that good there skills cancel each other out eqauling a decision and boring fight im all for 115 pounds but i just want ufc to put the finishers on top or the rankings the real killers not the guys trying to win a points sparring session thats how i see it

    • guest

      I guess you’ve never been to Central America or Asia – Lots of people in those parts of the world

  • stevemcz11

    kaoklai kaennorsing

    • eric

      kaoklai kaennorsing weights rround 80 kg (=175lbs) and used to fight in heavyweight division in k1 against 260 pounds fighters, he fought hong man choi (350lbs and 7.1 ). Now he is fighing in small events just to make some cash … I don’t see him fighting in 115 lbs

  • jay

    think of john dodson height with hatsu hioki’s body fat/musculator/thin bone structure … thats 115. I bet mighty mouse could make 115. I think Dana is doing this just to add more titles so he can promote free title fights on Fox and FX; I am all for adding 115 (boxing goes as low as 98lbs and even sports like powerlifting have a 98lb class) cause these little guys deserve their shot to prove themselves the best at their weight class in the world, but what’s fair is fair, and the same logic should apply to the superheavyweight division which needs to be added as well. Though the guy sucks, Tim Sylvia is clearly a better fighter around his natural bodyweight of 290-300 muscular pounds and due to lack of competition, counting only those who fight SHW in other promotions he is probably a top 5-10 SHW in the world and not even a top 25 heavyweight.Brock Lesnar was 6’3 and had to cut to make 265; this means there are 300+lb monsters out there that we don’t get to see fight, and though the 115lbers have their place, I would prefer to see SHW’s fight and Tim Sylvia knocked out those rankings as well!

    • Me

      Tim Sylvia a “muscular 290″ …is there some other Tim Sylvia I’m unaware of fighting out there? – And Lesnar was never 300 – All the skilled, athletic fighters out there who stretch the limits of the hw div walk around at about 285 to 290 and cutting 20 or so lbs for men that size is nothing – This isn’t the nfl where you can accommodate 6’5” 340lb men – The only reason those guys can be that big is because they exert themselves in short bursts of maybe 30 seconds, then get a good minute or so of rest and then go again – Even with that they spend half the game watching from the sidelines where they’re allowed oxygen – Imagine two of them trying to grapple/fight for 5 minutes at a stretch – Within a minute and a half it’d look like 2 drunk guys fighting – No thanks

      – And he said “at some point” regarding the straw weights – Not next month, not even next year – It only makes sense when you consider zuffa’s desire to expand internationally and the average size of men/women in very large swaths of the world: Asia, Central America, etc. Lots of people in those regions who have a great tradition of toughness, a love of combat sports and lots of famous uber-talented fighters in other combat sports – If you want to expand there you need lots of talented, regional fighters for the locals to get behind – And that means lots of smaller fighters – Besides, I’m with Tyler Durden on this one: “little guys fight ’til they’re hamburger”

  • Timothy Malone

    I’ve never seen a strawweight fight. If the UFC thinks there is enough competition though then I’m willing to give them the benefit of a doubt. Looking forward to it.

  • Jason

    They are probably doing it in order to expand into other parts of the world, e.g., Mexico, Asia, etc., where fighters are naturally smaller. I would imagine that the 115lb. fights would first be put on on in those other countries, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they never even aired in the U.S. for quite some time.

    • shakejunt

      phillipines and india are some of the targeted areas i assume. they’ll air online or something

      • Shakecunt

        I dont think you have a clue what you are talking about.

        • shakejunt

          you’re the one who’s clueless. tuf india and phillipines have both been mentioned a while back, you clownshoe.

  • gabeg

    That’s horrible I hate 125-135 divisions yea call me a fake mma fan but that **** is garbage the best fight in those divisions was mighty mouse vs dodson

    • shakejunt

      you’re not a fake mma fan, you’re just a closed minded one.

    • Thomas Lorenz

      So you are saying that Barao, Faber, Pickett, McDonald, Dodson, DJ, and Benavidez are garbage? Those are some of the most exciting and talented fighters in the UFC!

  • FrankG

    You’ve got to be kidding, DW. Nobody wants to see pee wees dance around. Much better to add a superheavyweight division, at about 240+ or 250+.

    • shakejunt

      super heavyweight/cruiserweight just means that the then current heavyweight champ will have 2 belts

  • xil revolution

    **** I’m 20 at 115lbs. Just can’t gain wait. I’d definitely get in there.

  • BigDaddyMMA

    They need to add a division between LHW and HW, the jump between them is sixty pounds, but fighters in lighter divisions complain about moving up about fifteen pounds. So to add a division around 225, 230. Would be a very interesting move. For example Jon Jones could easily move up to this division and guys like Roy Nelson and Pat Barry could easily move down to this, which makes it a very interesting concept.

    • RoundHouse2daHead

      Yeah thats long over due

  • McGiggity

    Why?!?! Straw weight is the worst idea Dana’s ever had.
    UFC fans should not be able to kick a UFC fighters ass! Like the Seinfeld episode- you’d just wring their neck! Looking at fan pics with these guys is hilarious, because they’re head and shoulders shorter than AVERAGE sized men and women taking pics with them.

    Next they’ll be rounding up pygmies to fill vacant straw weight slots.

    Child size weight classes separated by 2 pounds per belt are the biggest reason boxing sucks right now. No one will buy a card made up of midgets!

    All I can do is not buy it, which is what I plan on.
    Dana, if you want to up your PPV rate, get rid of this garbage and bring in some guys who got proper nutrition growing up and aren’t.

    • Mc giggity

      *should have ended at ‘growing up’*

    • TW

      Wait… I would buy a card of all midgets. That would be kewl .. LOL

    • Christopher Nelson

      I’m 5’9″ and I walk around at 117 20 years old and healthy. I’m a black belt I tangsodoo. I fight at 125 and for you to say ufc fans could kick my ass is outrageous. You don’t understand the skill that the smaller weight classes have. I only train with people much larger than me and I hit harder plus with much more precision than most most fighters. Plenty of guys step into the gym the first time and think nothing of me until we spar and they realize exactly what I can do. You see big guys can power their way through without any skill and still end up with a knockout. Small guys can’t so we study and practice every known way to disable someone quickly either by knockout or broken bones. Don’t speak or judge something you don’t know.

      • Nick

        Damn right. I’m 200 lbs. and some of the 125-145 guys I train with could EASILY kick the hell out of my ass. If anyone here thinks they could beat up any of the top 25 115 guys in the world, they’re being ridiculously delusional.

    • Amiracle1

      Leave a message…i would love to see a big fat well nutrition feed fan fight a 115 pounds ufc fighter i use to love watching faces of death as a kid cant imagine ne thing more brutal then a fan against a little pro. i see a dead fan

  • Tiddy28

    I have no problem whatsoever with this announcement. In fact, I’m looking forward to seeing what these guys can do.

  • Sinkiller

    I’m good with the straw weight fighters. I agree is not for all but I personally love the speed of the lower weight guys. In saying all this, I probably enjoy the welterweight the most as you get a good mix of power and speed. As for super heavy weights. I don’t think you would see a match go past the first round without pauses for naps. Can’t see them having the fitness necessary to go 5min. If you have never fought you have no appreciation of just how long 5min can be.

  • Jenna

    this is jz a long term business strategy, at the end of d day those fighters will fight in d higher division

  • ChiTownHustle

    Dana – Brotha – you are THE ******* MAN dude. You’re conquering the ENTIRE FIGHT game across the ENTIRE GLOBE. Every weight class from every nation on every channel every month. WOW!

  • Pete

    I think it’s just too much. They’re spreading themselves too thin. 9 divisions (including the new women’s division), plus another one? And even if they add a new one, make it a 235 lb division. The 125-pounders are athletic and fast enough. Or make a division with nunchucks or some other kind of weapon (kidding).

  • john

    Will they need their parent’s permission?

  • ozed85

    there are men who way 115lbs?

  • olddogg

    Roger the super heavies! There are plenty of big guys around to fill that up!

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    After the jockey’s get off their mounts they start kicking each other’s ass…Is that how it’s going to work? Well, lets get it on…..

  • spacemtn

    Ok you won’t create a super heavyweight division so people at 225 don’t have to fight a guy 50 lbs heavier, but you will create a straw weight division. 115 lb fighters is one step above midget wrestling.

  • Not A-roid

    Weight divisions should be

    • Mike Oxafloppin

      I second that, everyone’s talking about Super Heavyweight, screw that…give us a Cruiserweight Division.

      • MaritalArtist

        The 205 division is fine. They should add a 225 or 230 division.

        • Mike Oxafloppin

          225 or 230 would be Cruiserweight, so you basically just said the same damn thing I had previously mentioned.

  • Mike Oxafloppin

    So we go from 125 lb. sixth graders to 115 lb. Midgets?

  • Shankjunt2

    Guaranteed “Shakejunt” is a tiny little man that feels embarrassed about being tiny and weak when he watches normal sized men fight.

  • GoNotes I wanted to say that exact reply

  • Amiracle1

    Leave a message…no hurry up and make it happen dana starving hungry little killers Dana not the guys trying to win a points sparring session! just promote the killers Dana

  • Thomas Lorenz

    UFC needs to absorb Invitcta FC and all of their champions.

  • jesse

    There are two reasons I like the division. 1 more opportunities for other fighters wanting to make it to the bugs. 2 I can finally fight no matter what I do I can barely push 117.