UFC ‘Actively Engaged in Conversations’ for Fighter Uniforms, Ronda Rousey Likely ‘the Face’

July 29, 2014
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Ronda RouseyUFC fighters may not have required uniforms, but the day is apparently coming when they will.

UFC president Dana White said earlier this year, “There is no (uniform) deal. We’re sitting here talking about something that doesn’t exist.”

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That may have been true, and it may even be true now, there is not yet a done deal for uniforms. That statement may not hold water for much longer, however, according to a report from AdWeek.

UFC Senior VP of Global Marketing Partnerships Mike Mossholder told AdWeek that the promotion is currently “actively engaged in conversations” with a “premium apparel line” for an exclusive deal to provide uniforms for the 400-plus fighters currently under contract.

A “premium apparel line” would be a company the likes of Nike, Reebok, Under Armour or Adidas.

It was unclear what exactly he meant, but Mossholder also said that UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey would likely be “the face” of any UFC uniform deal that comes to fruition.

Why Rousey?

If you weren’t already a believer in Rousey’s star power, the AdWeek article pointed out that Rousey is the third highest UFC draw in regard to ticket sales. Xyience saw a 12-percent boost in sales when they featured Rousey on their cans. She is a recent ESPY award winner, and has roles in such Hollywood productions as Expendables 3, Fast & Furious 7, and Entourage.

Mossholder gave no indication as to which apparel company was the frontrunner in negotiations or how soon we might see uniforms on UFC fighters.

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  • Darin

    Seems like another way for the UFC to take more of the fighters’ money.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Yup. You know they won’t be able to have their own sponsors on the unifom, all that dough will be funneled to the UFC. This move could really harm up and comers without pockets deep enough to train at a level high enough enabling them to compete in the league.

  • MBrazzle

    Guess the fighters will have to resort to endorsement tattoos now.

  • GetOffMyLand

    More money for Dana and the Lorenzos, less money and freedom for the fighters. You can expect nothing less from the UFC brass.

  • riverdawg

    Sure a deal like this means a lot more money for Zuffa. But lets see how this plays out. I’d be shocked if they would try to force their fighters to drop all their sponsors and didn’t increase their pay. That wouldn’t make sense. I doubt Zuffa is going to expect their fighters to parade around the octagon in NIKE and not get paid for it. The actual sponsors like Tapout, BadBoy etc may be the real losers in the end since they won’t have their names/logos on TV anymore.

  • Merica #1

    Lame, less individuality, more corporate across the board branding,…
    I don’t know how that’s gonna work with someone like Jon Jones who has an endorsement deal with Nike, etc.
    Does he have to wear Under Armour in the ring, …
    I don’t see how that’s going to work exactly…

    • riverdawg

      Good Point. Some Fighters are already sponsored by companies like NIKE, REEBOK & ADDIAS. That would surely cause issues.

      • me

        Same thing for all oher sports, Thnk Lebron and Kobe both Huge Nike stars, the NBA makes them wear whoever they are signed with.

        • Carlos

          doesn’t the NFL have a deal with either Nike or Adidas and none of the players can use any other brand but the one the NFL is partners with? do not quote me on this, i just vaguely remember reading an article on this a while bakc and i think it was the NFL. not sure though

        • TRT-rex

          No actually the NBA doesn’t, but the NFL does. You can wear watever brand in NBA, it just has to follow your teams color. That’s why they all have their own shoes from various brands. Dwayne wade wear a brand of shoe I’ve never seen in stores.

          • me

            we are not talking shoes, we are talking about a UNIFORM.NBA jerseys i thnk are made by Rebook or a least they were and players like Lebron and Kobe are forced to wear it during games, they do not their own Nike jerseys.

  • assclip

    This maybe the under armor i had herd about. The ufc was opting for official uniforms for all the fighters. If this is what is going to happen its to bad for all the fighters that don’t have bigger contracts and count on sponsorship money to help them get threw training camp and pay the rest of the bills. As im pretty sure the ufc will probly just pocket the funds coming from the deal if and when they sign.

  • BabaBooey

    How can someone be the 3rd highest draw when they have never headlined an event?

    • John Szymanski

      Great question. lol

      • laleggenda27

        Actually, it’s a terrible question, considering she headlined 157 and 170. BabaBooey is just trolling.

        • WhereIsHomefront2?

          No. You’re just drinking Dana White’s Kool-Aid.

          • laleggenda27

            What kool-aid are you talking about? I’m not even a Rousey fan and I can’t stand Dana. Facts are facts – the woman has in fact headlined a couple ppvs, which BabaBooey tried to refute. Now move along, troll.

          • BabaBooey

            so you think Rousey was the headliner over Machida vs. Henderson in UFC 157? Or the headliner over Daniel Cormier in UFC 170. As I she before those events were billed as Co-headline fights which itself was nonsense. I mean shit they also said she was a co-headliner for the Weidman/Silva rematch. It’s all Dana’s koolaid. She could also beat up Floyd Mayweather, too, right?

          • John Szymanski

            I don’t feel like researching solid numbers for this forum but did she really outsell lesnar, sonnen, gsp, Anderson and jones? Just to name a few.

          • laleggenda27

            I don’t know why I continue to answer you, but I will. Yes, she was the Main event of 157 and 170. She was the last fight and top-billed. Hendo-Machida and Cormier were the Co-Main events. All ppvs have Co-Mains – I don’t understand why you’re confused by this.

    • Willis Eel

      She headlined UFC 157 and 170.

      • BabaBooey

        No she actually didn’t. Go look at the card again. When you headline a
        card you are the last fight of the night. Sure they want to try and bill
        it as Co-Headliner(which you left out) but she has never once headlined a
        UFC card on her own.

        • TheAbsurdity

          BabaBooey….who was the last fight of the night then? the events were called rousey vs carmouche and rousey vs mcmann. how is that not a headline fight?

          • BabaBooey

            UFC 157 – Lyota Machida vs. Dan Henderson
            UFC 170 – Initially was Daniel Cormier vs. Rashad Evans. Evans dropped out Cormier fought Patrick Cummins.

            You paying to see Rousey vs. Carmouce or Machida vs. Henderson?

            Also when is the headliners base salary for the fight less than non headliners?

    • Jason

      Rousey headlined UFC157, her first title defense against Liz Carmouche.

      • BabaBooey

        No she actually didn’t. Go look at the card again. When you headline a card you are the last fight of the night. Sure they want to try and bill it as Co-Headliner(which you left out) but she has never once headlined a UFC card on her own.

  • Troy M

    Uniforms are for team sport, not individual competition.

    • ddfkfdskfdkfdsksfd

      Yeah I know.
      I’ll bet you this is another shitty reporting by mmaweekly.

      he said she said he said she said…that….UFC…uniform.

      Probably some dude at the UFC misunderstood uniforms for fighter apparels that fans could buy.

  • L

    It’ll be good for Uncle Dana’s pocket, and thats about it.

  • TRT-rex

    I sure wouldn’t want Ronda ugly face on my uniform lol.

  • Reginald

    If uniforms are implemented, Im not watching any f—ing more.

  • Wyat Eark

    Just when you thought fighting couldnt get any faker….

  • Jason Craig

    What Professional sport doesn’t have a standard uniform? Does each player or team in the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, MLS, etc. parade around in whatever apparel they want when they compete? Why would the base garment limit having other sponsors on it? I’m not a NASCAR fan, but even though they have standardized cars, they seem to have differing sponsorships on each one, so why wouldn’t standardized uniforms be similar? Go ahead and talk all the smack you want about UFC pay to fighters, but where else can MMA fighters afford to make fighting their only job, and expect insurance from their employer? What other sport are you likely to only professionally compete in 2-5 times a year? Even if you only get paid $20K or less to compete as a relatively unknown pro, that isn’t so bad when you look at the number of minutes the company profits from you, and gives you a stage to earn endorsements on. Without the UFC, MMA would not be the worldwide accepted professional sport it is today, it would be backyard brawls and 3rd world cage fights instead. How well would the average fighter fair financially in that world?

    • Spartacus

      Which professional sport you ask? Boxing, Golf, Tennis, all other MMA organizations plus many other individual sports do NOT have standard uniform.

      • Danny boy

        That by far is one of the smartest responses to a moran then I have ever seen on this page.Thumbs up dude this is a one man sport.Tiger damn sure didn’t make his hundreds of millions from tournament payout wins.It’s all about your sponsorship money.His Buick sponsorship money was 90 million.So I couldn’t agree with your more.

  • disqus_TfNievNKqx

    Sounds more like another attempt by the UFC to block fighters from having their own advertisers, and only those approved by UFC

  • Dana the Piglet

    Not only have those jerks of the UFC monopolized the sport and made it soooo borrriiiiiing to watch, but now they want to take their sponsors and their individuality away? Dana you fat pig!

    • TKDGuy

      monopolized the sport? The UFC promotes the sport, arranges and sponsors the fights…iow, there would be no fights if not for the UFC (and other promotions which compete with the UFC). And yes, the organization makes money doing so. Its a business.

      • earlsimmons

        insulting where he works…classic amateur trolling.

        • TKDGuy

          fair point – my annoyance got the better of me…


        Dude. There would be no fights without the UFC? True. But there would also be no UFC without the fighters.

        Monopoly and making money are not the same thing bruh.

  • wile coyote

    Rousy has become danas cash cow and since when has she become an “actress”?? OMG! I wouldn’t want to watch her change her mind! The only people who watch this lesbian fight are men who question their own manhood. If I were the guys in the UFC, I’d quit and see how much money dana makes with the female circus sideshow. Since society feels that they are the true draw to MMA.

  • TheCerealKiller

    Nowhere does it say the fighters would not be able to sell sponsers on their uniform.
    Calm down, have some dip.

    • Corey Hutton

      Nowhere does it not not say that. Look at both sides, dip.

      • TheCerealKiller

        That’s my point. Calm down and see what unfolds.

        • doomdoomdahdahdahdah

          I am amazed that people even understand you.

          • TheCerealKiller

            I wrote perfect English.

  • Corey Hutton

    Dana is just a few steps away from growing a half moustache and goose stepping.

  • bezane

    If tag team matches are viable and people will watch, they’ll consider that too. Little people division? It’s under review. Pistols at 5 paces? Check.

  • WhereIsHomefront2?

    Rousey is NOT a f’ing draw! Stop with the freakin’ lies and if that’s the face of the new uniform apparel line, why didn’t you check to see if the pig from Charlotte’s Web was available for a lower rate?

    • Chicago

      Here is the 100% honest truth. #1 some of us think that Randa is attractive. #2 for every girl who watches the ufc/mma due to Ronda,
      their are 3 guys who started watching it because he wanted to impress the girl. #3 just because its the internet and their is 0 accountability doesn’t mean you have to act like a D. (I read your past comments. They are all trollish)

      • WhereIsHomefront2?

        Just because it’s the internet doesn’t mean you should destroy the English language. A little grammar, please.

        • Chicago

          For being drunk last night, I’m surprised that i was even able to write in English.

        • Chicago

          So…. did you want to comment on the 3 points I made, or nitpick about grammar? I must ask, what’s up with all of the hateful comments?

  • Nathan Quarry

    I always find it interesting how people will pick and choose from other sports to back up the opinion they’ve already made. Sure, the NBA, NFL and MLB all wear uniforms. Let’s compare them to the UFC! Well, let’s compare it across the board then shall we? I’m sure every UFC fighter would happily wear a UFC uniform in exchange for 48% of all revenue like in the NFL. Or maybe a league minimum wage like the NBA has? That would make a rookie being paid $490,000. And I’m sure a fighter’s union would be welcome by all UFC executives since we’re going to compare leagues. The fighters of today are a hell of a lot closer to your average working class joe than you can imagine. And because the pay is so low there really is no future for 90% of the fighters. One fighter in the last card was paid 15k for his 9th UFC fight. I would think the fans would without an exception want to support everyone of the fighters that are literally putting their bodies through torture to entertain you fans. Instead you have fans thinking the fighters are your typical spoiled athletes. Sorry to disappoint you but we’re just guys who love to fight and have the gall to want to make enough money to be able to build a future for our families. Everyone but the fighters sure can.

    • Chicago

      To long to read. Not your fault:i been drinking and smoking.


      Fans do support. We pay money to watch you fight.

      We could have collected $50 from 300 people, which is $15000, and paid you to fight and you would have done it.

      There aren’t, however, enough people who are willing to pay $50 to watch two guys hit each other for their entertainment. These people believe that fighting is can never be a sport, no matter how you market/rationalize/brandish/label/justify/analogize.
      Fight is a fight is a fight is a fight.

      And dude, it is not like you are putting your health in line for our benefit. You are doing it entirely for your benefit of collecting $15,000.

      Poorly paid hard working athlete = not a bragging right bruh.

  • The Sneaker Farm

    Dana you are missing out on a $/sponsorship venture here. Just require uniforms and have one of the big thursty apparel brands like Nike pay for the licensing so they can throw $ at you in exchange for ad space. Of course they’d be willing to compensate you more $$ if you can insure that their endorsed fighter stays undefeated for marketing purposes… Seems like the right business move since the UFC is all business.

  • Dishnitup

    Just another reason why the fighter should form a union like the other major sports.

  • Kieran

    Three words “pride never die” all the people who count know what I mean 😉

  • Just when I thought the UFC couldn’t make a more idiotic idea, here comes this to top them all, just in case we underestimated their ignorance.

  • Hey Dana White, how bout this for your fkng uniform after you implement that sheeeety idea.

    • Dana is a Pig

      LOL, I love it, F U Dana!