UFC Abu Dhabi Results: Roy Nelson Back on Track with Spectacular Knockout of a Legend

April 11, 2014
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02-Roy-Nelson-TUF-Finale-16-weigh-478x270Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira was the old dog in his UFC Fight Night Abu Dhabi bout with Roy Nelson at du Arena on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi on Friday, having several more bouts to his credit and a few more years worth of experience on his watch. But that only lead most to believe this was going to be an old-school match-up of fighters that go for the finish, not to eke out a decision in a sporting contest.

And in that regard, Nogueira and Nelson didn’t disappoint.

Big Nog immediately took the center of the Octagon, looking to box with Nelson. Nelson, however, landed an uppercut and an overhand right that put Nogueira on the mat early. The Brazilian quickly returned to his feet, but looked wobbly as Nelson carefully moved forward, again trying to find a home for his powerful right hand. Nogueira countered by employing his jab and footwork to give him time to recover.

Nelson didn’t’ shy away though, landing a jab and an overhand right that rocked Nogueira again. Nelson followed with another shot that put Nogueira on the canvas again. But again, he returned to his feet, this time stumbling around the Octagon, struggling to find his legs.

Just as it looked like he might recover, Nelson again landed the overhand right, this time sending Nogueira sliding across the canvas, out cold, leaving him flat on his back.

Nelson, knowing the fight was over, turned and walked away as the referee rushed in to stop the fight.

It was an important victory for Nelson, who entered the bout coming off of back-to-back losses. Perhaps more importantly, he defeated a former Pride and UFC champion in the process of getting back to his winning ways.

“Anytime you beat Big Nog, I mean, he’s a legend. If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be fighting in MMA,” said Nelson after the bout, not having a disparaging word to say about Nogueira.

He didn’t really have anyone to single out after defeating the legendary heavyweight, however, other than to shoot for the top of the mountain.

“You know what? I always wanna to fight for the belt. We’ll work our way backwards.”

For Nogueira, it’s going to be a time of heavy reflection. Despite his past accolades, the former champion has alternated between wins and losses throughout his UFC tenure, and now has suffered back-to-back defeats for the first time in his storied career.

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    And for those of us that dont have the stupid fight pass thing we wont get to watch it on TV tonight anyway. Dana wasted a good fight on his money making gimmick

    • joe

      True! I watched the bellator card…that was pretty exciting. Some nice ko’s and come from behind victories


    Who should they match up Big Country with? Hunt, Barnett, Alistair? I say Hunto!

    • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One



        Id like to see the ufc give Barnett either the loser of JDS vs Stipe or Gonzagga.

        • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

          Na, both Barnett and Roy are fat guys with good ground game but Roy has that KO power. Id love to see Barnett KO’d out of MMA . Plus the story of natural fat guy with atheltecism vs fat guy that did roids his whole career would be a good story.

          • Gary Fredericks

            100% agree. Would love to see Roy fight the other natural fat guy in Mark Hunt as well. I’d buy that diluted PPV any day!

            Old Fat Guy Power!

    • julian moran

      Overeem, Barnett or Hunt.


        Ya probably Overeem vs Nelson would be best cuz both coming off wins. Hunt coming off a draw, Barnett coming off a loss.

  • Piotr

    Dammit Nog. Time to call it a career before you get really hurt. It’s been an amazing career and Big Nog will forever be known as one of the top 3 HWs of all time.

  • julian moran

    How could this fight have ended any other way? Big Nog. is slow and stays in the pocket and Big Country hits hard.

    • Piotr

      Nog didn’t even have his hands up. That was his ONE JOB, avoid the right hand. It’s pretty clear his eyesight is going and his reflexes are just as slow.

  • Notarichfan

    Ufc is becoming difficult to watch. You need Facebook, fox sports, fx, fight pass and pay per view. Add that up and your paying over a thousand a year easily. The ufc used to have the best shows but now they just want the most shows to fill there pockets. I can’t justify paying 60 bucks for a fight card with one maybe two good fights anymore. Free online stream here I come.

    • jimmysmooch .

      I agree completely. Their product is too diluted and too hard to follow.

      • Your_Dad

        What a bunch of bullsh!t. You emos are just looking for a rather weak justification for you to go steal their product.

    • joe

      I agree! I hate the whole pre-fight show/ and also when they go back to the fox studio during fight cards on fs1. It is like the same thing they do for NFL…..but not as cool for mma.

  • fedor is the best ever

    They need to stop signing all the fighters who LOSE on TUF. The point of the show is to sign the winner. UFC is getting watered down big the. In 5 years it will 100% suck

    • Your_dad

      You 100% suck right now

  • Timothy Malone

    Dang that sucks. If I knew Nogueira was going to get knocked out in the first round I wouldn’t have dropped that ten bucks.

  • snapdad

    to bad this fight was on fight pass, a ko like that would have been good on free tv for more people to watch, or even a co-main event for ppv. congratulations dana, you are successfully steering more and more people toward bellator, including myself. I never watched bellator until fight pass started, and now im hooked. thank you dana.