UFC 20th Anniversary Free Fight Top Knockout: Chris Weidman Upsets Anderson Silva

November 12, 2013
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Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman faceoffOne of the most memorable moments in UFC history occurred this year on July 6, 2013, when Chris Weidman, an undefeated American fighter out of Long Island, took on the dubbed “best pound for pound fighter in the world” Anderson Silva and ended his nearly seven year reign as the UFC middleweight champion.

See the full Chris Weidman vs. Anderson Silva fight here for free!

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  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Whats up with the walk out music in this video? Weidman came out to Tom Petty’s “I Won’t Back Down” and Anderson as always came out to “Ain’t No Sunshine”, DMX style. Weidman’s music was perfect for this fight seeing as how he was going against the legend that is Anderson and it just doesn’t feel right if you don’t hear ain’t no sunshine when Anderson is walking out.

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      copyright BS

    • Karina Batalla

      Ha. I was weirded out by that too. Although I did like the song they played for Weidman’s substitute song. Any idea who that was/.

  • Griff

    The more I watch this the more I think if in the rematch Anderson just fights and doesn’t mess around there will again be a new champ.

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      Just based off of this fight and no other knowledge about the two guys and how MMA works, I would have to agree with you. A few quick reasons on why I don’t agree with that statement and think that this is anyone’s fight.

      1. Weidman was not 100% in that fight and if he comes in closer to 100% in this next fight he should pose a bigger threat. (Anderson may not have been 100% himself either as a counterpoint)

      2. Weidman is still very young in the sport and improving drastically in-between fights. We should see the best Weidman yet in this next fight.

      3. Weidman took Anderson down with ease and his wrestling is obviously at another level. Weidman has the ability to dictate where the fight takes place even though he didn’t fully utilize it in the first fight.

      4. This was the biggest fight that Weidman has ever been in against a true legend. His nerves had to be getting to him and if you’re not used to fighting in that setting it can really throw your game off or even drain your energy. Weidman also let Anderson get to him and perhaps made some judgement errors that did work out in his favor but were probably not the smartest moves. He should come in much more mentally prepared for this next fight. Not just feeling that he belongs in the octagon with Anderson but knowing it should give us an improved Chris Weidman.

  • Frank Hogan

    anderson was playing with him the whole fight, he was dancing, see what happens in the nest fight KO in the first round. he KOs people with one punch not to many fighters can do that

    • Guest

      Silva was a clown that night & Weidman basically was hitting a human punching bag.

  • MikeMcK

    Yeah the music is weird. Maybe they don’t have rights to the song or something.
    I was at the fight live and you couldn’t hear the interviews. I think Silva thanking the USA might have been because the UFC tried to make it a US vs. Brazil thing the gave out those little flag towels.
    Rematch should be cool. I have a hard time believing silva won’t do some of that same taunting, but we will all see.

  • Chase Brian Beebe

    how is this an upset? weidman was barely a 2 to 1 underdog and he had half the roster picking him to win

    • Hugh Shakeshaft

      Correct. Anderson got a taste of G-n-P in the first round and didn’t want any more of that, so he changed strategy and tried to get in Weidman’s head, which turned out to be an even worse strategy. If he comes in fighting next time, Weidman will give him some more ground and pound. Weidman’s strength is so much greater than Silva’s that he will get seriously abused on the ground. The reason Weidman’s takedowns failed in the second is because he didn;t attempt them in counter moves because Silva was just standing there concentrating fully on takedown defense. If Silva makes a stand-up strike, Weidman will be more successful on takedowns, so what are Silva’s options? If Silva tries in earnest to stand up this time and does not play games, I see Weidman taking him down quickly and consistently.

    • MikeMcK

      Barely a 2-1 dog = underdog. Note the “underdog” part of your statement. An underdog winning is an upset.

  • No Joke

    What I really can’t wrap my mind around is the idea that Silva has somehow ascended into the heavens and has reached mythological godlike status. His fans believe he can walk on water, make the blind man see and heal the sick, for fucks sake, he’s a man like anyone else and he got beat, period, get over it!

  • Hugh Shakeshaft

    This fight was as good to watch this time as it was the first. Weidman, make sure that flag is right side up next time.

  • toom

    im just excited for the fight weidman is more well rounded and is silvas head but silva is the type of guy who can beat anyone in one punch so i i would pick weidman but silva could pull it off

  • ronbo

    anyone know who sings the song in this video??? I wanna fight intro for Silva…tks