UFC 189 World Tour Dublin Video: McGregor Goes WWE, So Do Trash Talking Fans

March 31, 2015
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Watch the UFC 189 World Tour press conference in Dublin, Ireland, where Conor McGregor nearly incited a riot when he jumped up and snagged Jose Aldo‘s UFC featherweight championship belt, and a rowdy and rude Irish crowd threw insult after insult at the champion.

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  • raunchyronda

    well uk should be hosting a title shot

  • TheCerealKiller

    Start at 9:00 if you just want to see the acting.

    • macarrech

      Came to the comments for this. thanks

  • Mark

    McGregor is clearly talented and unorthodox…….I just hope for the sake of this sport that Aldo can put the brakes on allowing the UFC to skid further toward WWE antics! This is a serious sport that relies on discipline and respect……the modern age is ushering in personalities that are challenging the very purity of this sport/art that many of us love…….A humble McGregor would definitely be a treat to watch develop…….until such a time, he needs a very technical lesson!!!!!!!!!!

    • dgs

      Exactly. The problem when you brag and boast as much as Conner does, is when you lose you look like a real idiot. So far he’s been backing up his words, but because of his constant boasting, the first fight he loses he’s going to look like a fool. I’m all up for being confident in one’s abilities, but all fighters in this sport “should speak softly and carry a big stick.”

      I hope with all of the trash talking and boasting Conner’s been doing for this fight he wins, because Aldo is going for blood. I can see Aldo doing everything he can to really hurt Conner, and as good as Conner is, I would not want to tackle a super pissed off Aldo myself.

      • Aaron Gustaveson

        He looks like a fool win or lose, only fools cant see that.

    • solo

      Maybe so, but who’s to say let’s not do this when most of the people are enjoying it. It’s fresh and it’s original! It’s perfect promotion to make the most of it if you ask me.

      Dont doubt the seriousness of this sport cause of this, it’s all serious in the octagon.
      Conor does believe he’s the best in the world, and his personality does not alove him to show the respect to Aldo, cause he probably believe’s it gives him a mental advantage with that imo. But deep inside he respects him for sure. Of course he does, how can he not?!

  • RamaNerd

    After this crazy tour both Aldo and McGregor will give their best performances in the octogon. July is still 3 months away. Let us hope both stay healthy and injury free.

  • MmanMman

    Steals the belt? You need to earn it – what a clown

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      He should be reprimanded, its a 1000X worse than any controversial tweet.

  • David

    UFC is treading further down the path of WWE in the form of trashy entertainment and pre-fight “hype”. It’s insulting to watch.

    • Straight Shooter

      What’s wrong with a little trash talking? 90% of UFC fighters are the non-trash talking, quiet and humble ones.

      • Aaron Gustaveson

        Here’s a little story about the dangers of a combat sport attempting to please fans of drama vs fans of combat. At one time in the US, people were able to enjoy bouts between top notch grapplers. Unfortunately many more people are interested in interpersonal drama than are interested in combat. The promoters, in recognition of this fact, began to include more and more drama into the events. Eventually the result was that Professional grappling in the US died and was replaced by “pro-wrestling” which is 0% combat and 100% drama. This is part of why fans of combat sports so detest the apparent course on the UFC. If Zufas goals are predominantly to produce profit vs promote unpolluted combat sport, they will eventually become “scripted” “reality” TV.

  • Gator

    well mac should keep snorting the white thing since he things hes going to win , before july he will test positive
    for coke

  • Gator

    If Mac makes till July lets see if Aldo can take his coke out of his system

  • yegyeg

    irish fans are thugs but there pussies compared to brazilian thugs

  • yegyeg

    mcgregor looks like he’s G-ay , i sure he’s G-ay look at him

  • yegyeg

    Conor Mc Gaygor?

  • yegyeg

    Conor Mc Gaygor like long dong he adi he will swallow long irish dong

  • anmmafanfromday1

    Does the name Prince Naseem ring a bell once this rude arrogant azzhole gets the pounding that is due him he will become irrelevant.

  • vince angelini

    I cant believe Aldo’s management allowed him to be subject to that. I guess they didnt mind? I know they’re obligated under UFC contract for appearances and what not but ah well. Anyway Conor needs to be very weary of this fight…this isn’t the likes of Dennis Seiver or Dustin Poirer that hes up against…

  • Truth_deal_with_it

    Conor showed why he is not worthy of being a champion – he has no respect for the sport. He is just a thug. Don’t believe it? See minute 21 on the video when an obvious local boy Irishman asked Conor to show a little respect for the champion. Conor’s answer: “This is business, there is no respect in this game.” he is obviously confusing street fighting for the MMA profession. He is a blight to the sport and Dana White is too greedy to shut him up.
    Ask any professional fighter- you NEVER touch an opponent outside the ring, especially in a media Q&A setting.
    I have seen my fair share of loudmouths get the beat down they deserve, but this gutter Irishman needs to be sent to the hospital with a broken jaw so that he won’t be able to spew that garbage for a year.
    Come July, this will be the end of the gravy train for him. Milk it while you can, Conor.

    • solo

      Your conclusion and viewing on things are very wrong. You’re disliking Conor so much that prevents you to see on things from the right perspective!

  • Aaron Gustaveson

    I feel horrible for any intelligent, respectful Irish fans of MMA.

  • Pat Garret

    UFC 189 pay per view , sold!

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    I hope McGregor enjoyed holding that belt because it’s the only time he’ll get that close to it.