UFC 189 Staredown Video: Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor Battle for Brazil

March 20, 2015
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Jose Aldo vs Conor McGregor

UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo and his UFC 189 challenger Conor McGregor had a fiery staredown in Brazil on Friday.

Check it out…

(Video courtesy of MMAFighting.com

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  • Greg

    Jose looks like a scared little boy who’s about to get his nose smashed in

    • Me

      I find the cool style of his over a shouty gobby fighter looks way less scared.

      Close fight though. I find Connor entertaining but he is just rude and obnoxious. The Dennis Siver fight showed his lack of class tbh.

    • Paddy

      Lol Aldo didnt look scared one bit. Conor is the one who would step forward but would keep backing away from Aldo as if he got too close. i did notice though that Conor did look a lot bigger than Aldo did.
      Big question is Aldo’s speed and key may be choppin down Conor’s lead leg. This will be a fun fight.

  • christopher Breuer

    Watch Conor win but then get popped for roids?

  • Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt

    I think Conor has a bigger head than Tito and Miesha Tate combined and almost as big as ken flo’s