UFC 188 Free Fight: Cain Velasquez Destroys Brock Lesnar

April 26, 2015
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Cain Velasquez took the UFC heavyweight title from Brock Lesnar at UFC 121. Watch the full fight.

Velasquez next puts his belt on the line against interim champion Fabricio Werdum at UFC 188 on June 13 in Mexico.

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  • Guest

    brock lesnar is the man … cain velasquez SUCKS!

    • fedor

      Lol yes Brock was always known for turtling like a man when getting hit.anytime Brock got hit by anyone he turned and looked for a hole to climb into. He definitely never had the mental toughness to be a combat athlete. As a mma fighter he was a joke

      • Hugh Shakeshaft

        Remember his expression when Overeem kicked him in the liver.

      • Sarge

        says the guys named “fedor”, a fighter who ducked legit competition.

      • John Smith

        Its true but he never trained in martial arts. I think if he di he’d be top tier fighter.

  • Sarge


  • John Smith

    Destroys Brock Lesnar who got diagnosed in 09 of diverticulitis. Lesnar is past his prime.

  • JB

    Hey anybody watch that Weidman and Silva fight? F—ING HILARIOUS!!!!!! Serves his arrogant f—ing ass right to get knocked the f— out like that. The only reason he was playing games was because Weidman was already beating him, I’m going to crack the f— up when he says Weidman got lucky. I’d bet money on Weidman kicking his ass again if they ever fought. LOL