UFC 187 Free Fight: Vitor Belfort Takes Off Dan Henderson’s Head

May 2, 2015
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(Video courtesy of UFC)

Vitor Belfort nearly took Dan Henderson‘s head off in their main event fight. It’s the victory that vaulted Belfort into a challenge for the UFC middleweight championship, which he’ll attempt to take from Chris Weidman at UFC 187.

But first, check out Belfort’s fight with Henderson.

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  • Bill Colwell

    So you beat a 57 year old Dan Henderson and that some how “vaults” you into championship contention??

    • Se Fer

      Henderson has been fighting for a long time and he has a fairly good striking. This exchange had not much with age. He came in with his overhand and got countered by an uppercut.

    • Danny

      He smashed Luke Rockhold and Michael Bisping right before that fight and he last loss was to Jon Jones and he gave Jones more trouble as a MW than any LHW had to that point. Gus is the only guy to ever give JJ more trouble than Vitor (again Vitor is a MW who fought on short notice keep in mind).


    Why is Henderson still being allowed to fight. He’s going to die one of these days from all the head shots he’s taken. He’s maybe 1/10 the fighter he used to be and it’s only getting worse.

  • george

    Why are they lying about Vitor Belfort’s age? I saw him fight in 1996, he was my age or a year older… I’m 41 now, so how is he 36?

    • Sir_Roy

      He’s actually 38 now. That fight was a few years ago.

  • Marty

    Premature stoppage! Henderson is known to take punishment and get up and whip his opponents ass. They should have let it continue

    • Joe Dog

      WTF!? He was out. The ref’s job is to stop the fight at that point not wait to see if he will recover or die from additional strikes. Good stoppage.

    • norcaltc

      Henderson was out cold after the kick. He didn’t move from the canvas the whole time Vitor was celebrating.

    • markhopkins435

      Marty …..if that was you getting kicked in the face…. you would want the ref to stop that too

    • AK

      COME ON!!!

    • reece

      Well that’s karma from him knocking down Fedor when herb dean did the same s—…

  • baboy taboy

    no new fighters? same names when UFC first started.

    • Sarge


    • Sarge


  • buffman

    honestly, Vitor has a growth hormone belly….they need to check every week for this

  • skulldruggery

    wonder how much nandralone was in his system that night? or how much trt hendo needed?

    • JiuJitsuking

      Probably as much ans Hendo, since he has been busted for PED’s in the past. Idiot.

      • skulldruggery

        hey moron, i think i just said they were both cheats, kind of like your mother.

        • JiuJitsuking

          Nah. More like yours, in fact I could probably be your Dad, since your mom has had numerous trains ran on her in highschool.

          • skulldruggery

            had you not been half blind and thirsty, youd realize the only human youve ever lain with is your dad in drag. women dont tend to like little pencil d!ck weasels. stick to blow up dolls and small animals

          • JiuJitsuking

            Yawn. You can do better than that.

          • skulldruggery

            i just told your mother the same thing, soon as shes done i’ll let you know.

          • JiuJitsuking

            Yawwwn. Come on. I didn’t even crack a grin from that one.

          • skulldruggery

            take your moms anal dildo and deep throat it ya b!tch, as if someone was trying to entertain you, ya low life c0cksucker.

          • JiuJitsuking

            Okay I’ll give you one more chance. You are boring me.

          • skulldruggery

            b!tch please, borrow your grandmothers dirty dildo and deep throat it ya loser,

    • BigMike7302

      hendo always followed the rules, Vitor has been busted… When TRT was banned, hendo stopped, but hendo is clean and class all the way

  • Jon O.P.

    poor henderson. im glad dana white was there to sew it all back together.

  • McQueen Steve

    Early stopage. Waywayway ahead of time

  • Leonard Davis

    His head didn’t get knocked off damn it..False advertising again.

  • Rigi Carl Reyes Taala

    this was way better than the so called fight of the centyry

    • Arnie Stimpleton

      Right.. The real fight was Jamie Fox Vs the national anthem.

      • Brian Shin

        stop stealing jokes you didn’t think of yourself.

  • BigMike7302

    I still think it was a bad stoppage…. hendo had his hands up

  • J Alvizo

    Henderson slipped a little if he wouldnt have, there might have been a better fight.

  • Arch Angel

    This is when they where allowed to juice.