UFC 186 Results: Third Time’s a Charm for Alexis Davis Against Sarah Kaufman

April 25, 2015
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Third-ranked women’s bantamweight Alexis Davis had previously lost to fifth-ranked Sarah Kaufman twice before their UFC 186 trilogy on Saturday.

Davis lost to Kaufman in her professional MMA debut in 2007. Their paths crossed again five years later in 2012 in the Strikeforce promotion where Kaufman squeaked out a majority decision.

Kaufman looked well on her way to a third win over Davis after the opening round in Montreal on Saturday. She dictated the pace and landed her right hand consistently. She delivered crisp combinations and landed with counter strikes.

Davis took her corner’s advice between rounds and made adjustments in the second frame. She stopped moving to her left into Kaufman’s right hand and began landed body kicks.

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Davis secured a takedown and quickly mounted Kaufman. She applied a triangle choke, but Kaufman defended the submission attempt. Davis transitioned to an armbar and rolled to her stomach. Kaufman was forced to tap out.

It didn’t take Kaufman long to start tapping when Davis rolled and extended her arm, but the referee wasn’t in proper position to see Kaufman tapping with her fingers.

“You’re in the fight. I feel bad that I didn’t feel the tapping and the ref didn’t see, but she’s tough. I didn’t want to stop,” said Davis about the finish of the fight.

“That was a different Sarah Kaufman than I thought would come out. She came out very strong and used a lot more tools than I thought she was going to,” she said. “I told myself this time I was going to stay calm and not rush in like I usually do.”

Davis avenged the two losses to Kaufman and bounced back from a disappointing 16-second knockout loss to champion Ronda Rousey in her previous outing at UFC 175.

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  • Bert Milton

    Glad Davis finally shut Kaufman up, especially after Kaufman speculating she could end Davis career. She really needs to learn some defensive boxing skills however, she too way too many shots to the face.

    • clem wilson

      Kauffman is so hard to watch on TV and so dull and so boring. Has Sara ever heard of a sun lamp??? Hope Sara goes away.

  • TheVoiceOfReason

    Somewhere, Ronda was laughing like a child. Kaufman fought her twice and still could not defend that arm-bar. It is obvious, that her coach did not consider arm-bar defense to be a necessary skill.
    I still remember him in a pre-fight video material, right before the Ronda fight – He said something stupid like “If someone tells me to work –
    arm-bar defense again, I`m gonna go crazy!” 😀 What a tool.

  • clem wilson

    Has Sara Dull Kauffman ever seen sunlight?? Ever?? milk white and looks like a vampire. Kauffman looks like a jug of milk ghastly looking and so bland.

    • deepgrim

      yes that comment has a lot to do with mma. And you even seem to think that it is so funny that you repeat 9 hours after you first said it first. i can wait for the 3rd time that you mention kauffman is really white, i bet it is going to be even funnier.

      • clem wilson

        Hey wimp thanks for reading the comments.

        • shakejunt

          GOT IM

          he’s right though.

  • clem wilson

    Sara Kauffman should retire and be a waitress or a ghoul?

  • shakejunt

    felt bad for kaufman. having your momentum halted is one thing, but to lose by armbar in that division is another. likely seeing her hopes of an eventual rematch with ronda dashed in the process.

  • clem wilson

    Sara needs a blood transfusion and more red corpuscles. Milk white pasty skin is ugly to look at.