UFC 185 Results: Rafael dos Anjos Dominates Anthony Pettis, Earns Lightweight Title

March 15, 2015
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Rafael dos Anjos put on a dominating performance in the main event at UFC 185, beating Anthony Pettis for the UFC lightweight title on Saturday night in Dallas.

The Brazilian fighter pressured away at a relentless pace, establishing an edge in the striking game early on before earning the unanimous decision with scores of 50-45 across the judges’ panel.

“It’s such an amazing blessing,” dos Anjos said during his post-fight interview. “I’m an MMA fighter … I’m the best in the world.”

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In the first round, dos Anjos utilized several body kicks, leaving Pettis’ rib noticeably red. Pettis was forced to have his back against the fence most of the round, and dos Anjos pressured the defending champ while landing numerous head strikes. In the opening round’s final minute, dos Anjos scored a takedown and coasted to the end of the frame.

Dos Anjos continued the pressure in the second round, giving Pettis a cut over his right eye. Following a takedown, dos Anjos worked from top position and landed various strikes while Pettis defended from his back. The challenger overwhelmed his opponent in that position through the end of the round.

The third round showed dos Anjos continuing his success on the feet, but at the same time scoring on numerous takedown attempts. Near the end of the round, dos Anjos secured his opponents back and hammered away with punches from behind.

Dos Anjos kept an aggressive pace in the fourth round, striking away at the battered champion and getting takedowns on every attempt. He scored a number of strikes near the end of the round with a flurry as Pettis covered up against the cage.

After four rounds, Pettis appeared to be on the receiving end of a one-sided beating. Dos Anjos secured takedowns on all attempts in the final round, and he again secured Pettis’ back while hammering away with punches before time expired.

Following the loss, Pettis said he had no excuses and congratulated dos Anjos for the performance the new champion put on.

“First punch he threw, I couldn’t see out of my right eye,” Pettis said, reflecting on dos Anjos’ offense in the first round.

With the win, dos Anjos becomes the new UFC 155-pound champion, having beaten the division’s last two title holders in Pettis and Benson Henderson. His last loss came against division contender Khabib Numragomedov, who is currently scheduled to fight Donald Cerrone at UFC 187 on May 23.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Fantastic performance by him. Seems to have reinvented himself for this fight. Feel bad for Pettis. Really wanted to see him win. Is it totally wrong of me to feel Dos Anjos really, really needs to be tested? Was a relentless machine out there.

    • TheCerealKiller

      He’ll be tested soon when Khabib rips that belt from him.

      • Sir_Roy

        I mean for substance abuse. But yeah … looking forward to the rematch for sure.

      • Guest

        khabib’s striking sucks. dos anjos will beat him in a one sided battle.

        • otown689a

          U gotta be kidding if ur not considering khabib’s wrestling. Wonder how he’ll do after such a long layoff though. We’ll see when he fights cerrone.

        • polk14

          Like last time?

    • uncle

      I was thinking the same thing. RDA will have respect if he is clean.

    • deepgrim

      i really like pettis too. seems that he can be a bit vulnerable when a fighter pressures him like gilbert done in the last fight hard to get the space to set up the fancy kicks, difference there was pettis caught him with a nice shot. Yes RDA stamina looked amazing out there so you never know

  • guest

    Congratulations to RDA. I’ve been a fan of his since I saw his first fight in the ufc. I did expect Pettis to land something big, but what a stifling performance from the new champion. I would like to see a second fight with Cerrone more than another boring humping from Khabibi.

  • Mma junkie

    Pettis is not strong enough for 155! Always thought he was too skinny ! Great job RDA!

    • Guest

      not strong enough? he submitted henderson and melendez and knocked out cerrone. i;d say he’ll do just fine.

    • dgs

      And just like you, I suspect Pettis will now be dropping a weight class.

  • kale

    He’llbe champ for 1-3 fight as usual in the llightweight division then we’ll have a new champ. Im not a fan of that division since bj retired. If aldo moves up and fights for the title then ill watch but other then that theres know one i care to watch. (Mayweather by KO 8th round) counter strait right ” pacquiao will only have 5 chances to get mayweather on the ropes but his defense will get him out of danger and back off the ropes. Whats your guys predictions?

    • UFC-UltimateFloorCuddling

      Lol mayweather knocking out pacman??? Hes not a hard puncher…. maybe stunned him if pac is reckless…. But be realistic here.. all hes going to do is punch… RUN….punch…… block with his elbows….. punch and run… rinse and repeat. Very boring style…. He will never in a million years goes toe to toe with pac.. to afraid to take a punch.

      Huge pac fan here but i don’t see him winning.. to slow. Pac need to cut him off to stop him from running.

      I’m shocked RDA beat pettis Its mostly because he brought the fight to him.. didn’t stand there and let pettis makes him his punching bag like the rest of the guys he fought with.

      I see khabib the eagle taking the belt away from RDA maybe… with his boring wrestling style. Then if he fight pettis he might lose… Only thing that made RDA great against pettis is that he was able to do better than him in the standup… in my opinion no one has done in the ufc before. Pressure him into the cage with little space so he could strike back. khabib has horrible standup.. so he might get K.O by pettis… that if khabib is able to lay n pray on him into decision. To beat pettis you have to take away one thing hes great at.. that his striking.

      • kale

        Mayweather been fighting guys bigger then him and i believe he can put pacquiao to sleep or stun him bad enough to finish him off. He did it to hatton so im guaranty he can hurt pacquiao. I also believe mayweather will come foward alot to smother pacquiaos punches then turn him and nail him with counters. I wont be mad if pacquiao wins because i like bothe fighters i just hope its a danm good fight for how expensive itll be. As for the petis fight i didnt watch it and i dont see any good ufc fights coming up. JJ has taken anderson silvas spot as much watch fights but other than that i dont care. Rhonda vs cyborg id pay for though

        • UFC-UltimateFloorCuddling

          Honestly i think it be a boring fight. Pacman will engage.. floyd will be smart and pick his shots. Also you gotta remember pacman isn’t floyd… pac did what floyd couldn’t do which was Knock hatton the F OUT. Only person that mess up pacman is marquez.. something about pacman get his blood boil he just does better.. and in life if you fight a person 100 times you are bound to beat that person.. stylistically atleast. In reality if you really watch it.. real fans know pac ran into the punch. It was just a perfect timing for marquez….As for him fighting i don’t see him fight a real legit puncher.. only person that comes to mind and would his biggest test EVER would be Ruslan provodnikov, Maidana, Marquez vs algeri would be a interesting match also. I also feel pacquio fight the better competition than marquez and mayweather.

  • Hefty Zippo

    let’s wait till the DRUG test comes back…

    • UFC-UltimateFloorCuddling

      Face it your boyfriend showtime got owned.. he was literately raped by RDA

      Sad where fans these days are hoping they fail a drug test or something. RDA i didn’t think would win. He surprises alot of people i’m laughing at the people who bet and lost. Never bet guys!!

      • Hefty Zippo

        HAHA…wrong..I don’t care one bit about MMA…or Showtime Pettis..whatever his name is…I never even seen him fight..lol. IT just has become the norm for MMA fighter in the UFC to test positive for some type of PED.

        • UFC-UltimateFloorCuddling

          Yet you go online.. into a mma site! and comment! Suuureeee you don’t care! High five* lol

          I understand though. I’m not much a mma fan also myself. Not a huge fan anymore sadly. Fights aren’t fun like it use to be. I do feel like the competition is better.. fighters are somewhat more even in terms of skill and knowledge on the ground and striking.. i just hate the wrestling part. RDA ability to strike, do takedowns.. and going for submission.. That how mma is suppose to be. Not lay on another fighter AND DO NOTHING until the round is over.

          • Hefty Zippo

            Go into a MMA site? NOT at all I click a link on Yahoo front page….lol…but anyway MMA is mustly too guys dry humping each other on the floor….or two guys standing up terrible boxing n one get KO’ from an arm punch….every now and then you get something exciting like a brutal KICK to the head KO..or flying knee KO….

    • Pat Garret

      Man if Rda test comes back positive for PEDS. All this celebrating would be for nothing. Hope he didn’t cheat, cause I was rooting for the under dog.

  • polk14

    It was a bad night for the Pettis boys. The Eagle was the only one who picked RDA.