UFC 185 Results: Alistair Overeem Avoids Late Blow, Decisions Roy Nelson

March 14, 2015
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Alistair Overeem outstruck Roy Nelson in their main-card fight, earning a unanimous decision at UFC 185 in Dallas on Saturday night.

Overeem avoided heavy damage for a majority of the fight, landing shots during key moments of the 15-minute affair before earning the judges’ nod with scores of 30-27 across the panel.

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Overeem landed several leg kicks and knees to the body in the opening round. Nelson had a brief flurry, throwing several punches to a covered up Overeem, but the Dutch fighter countered and worked back to landing more knees throughout the round.

Nelson again had a brief moment of advantage, landing a right hand that looked as though it shook Overeem. However, the former Strikeforce champion largely avoided damage by circling away, even turning and revealing his back at various points. Overall, Overeem landed the greater number of strikes in Round 2.

Overeem continued avoiding damage and landing shots before the final moments of the fight, when Nelson landed a clean left hook. Overeem dropped to the floor and Nelson went to the ground and pound, but Overeem quickly recovered and returned to the feet. After surviving the late surge by Nelson, Overeem clinched and rode the remaining time to the unanimous decision.

With the win, Overeem gets back on the winning track and rebounds from his previous fight, a loss to Ben Rothwell back in September of last year.

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  • Greg

    I bet he fails his drug test , HE’S A ROID HEAD

    • TheCerealKiller

      Did you see how deflated he is?

      • Greg

        I bet he takes something , we’ll find out soon enough

        • Sir_Roy

          Nah … his body shows he’s backed off the sauce. A roided Reem would not have suffered the loosing streak he did. He’s been struggling because he’s been learning to fight “natural”.

        • TheCerealKiller

          All fine by me as long as you don’t find out I’m screwing your wife…

  • Sarge

    Every fight on the main card was so one sided and had too many takedowns except this fight. Glad Joanne whatsername won the belt..

  • battle ready

    Looks like going to Albuquerque was a good move. Overeem has had lousy strategies since being at the Blackzillians. Jackson’s ability to create a good plan won that fight.

  • Wardsize

    Roy had Overroid in trouble then went for the takedown. Go for the Ko not the double leg dummy.

  • mmafanguy

    Overeem did very good in that fight but I still don’t understand why he dosen’t use his hand more. very good knee and kick but Overeem would be a better fighter with better boxing skill and of course a better cardio.