UFC 185 Fight Highlights Video: Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael dos Anjos

March 15, 2015
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(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations)

Check out the UFC 185 main event fight pitting Anthony Pettis vs. Rafael dos Anjos.

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  • taylor2008

    Pettis got owned! Dont know what his problem was be he needs to start pressuring people more instead of running away.

  • NoShowTime

    Hey Dana, I thought Pettis was the P4P fighter in the planet…lol…not this planet, that’s for sure.

    • J.big


  • Those were horrible highlights…..should be called LOW-lights!

  • polk14

    I loved that Pettis got taken down a few notches. He seemed to be getting the big head. Both the Pettis boys got humbled. Good night indeed.

    • JJDNB

      Seemed to be?

  • polk14

    Khibib really picked this a few days ago. Seems like he was the only one.