UFC 184 Q&A Featuring Anthony Johnson Video Replay: ‘Please Knock Out Jon Jones’

February 27, 2015
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Prior to Friday’s UFC 184: Rousey vs. Zingano weigh-in, top light heavyweight contender Anthony “Rumble” Johnson fielded questions from the fans in Los Angeles. Watch the video replay.

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  • TheCerealKiller

    That was actually worth the 45 minutes to watch. I don’t know how anyone can not like Rumble. The funny thing was how many fans said they didn’t “personally” like Jones. None of us “personally” know him, so that’s just a stupid thing to say. Even Rumble shot down a guy making a joke about “doing a line with him”.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      They say that they do not “personally” like him because it is their PERSONAL OPINION. They don’t make any claims to know him personally – if they make a comment on his public image/persona/escapades then that’s not them claiming to know him personally. SMH

      • TheCerealKiIler

        That is not the real killer. He is a troll who hacked my account.

    • TheCerealKiIler

      We all make mistakes. Some people are prone to making mistakes and for this we make fun of those people. RULES OF THE JUNGLE.
      Now where is that boogah shoogah?

  • Tavor Brown

    Lol, people hitting the pipe hard if they think Johnson has a chance in this fight. Jones ends this in the start of the second round.

    • jeff

      That’s comical. Why don’t you tell us the lottery numbers while youre at it.

    • Sadstrangelittleman

      Good that you back up a fighter but really we need to try and insult people with a different opinion? Anyway might wanna think harder next time about mentioning Jones and hitting the pipe in the same sentence – a person with more time and less class might just jump all over that one.