UFC 184 Fight Highlights Video: Raquel Pennington vs. Holly Holm

March 1, 2015
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Holly Holm Post-Fight Interview

(Video courtesy of UFC)

Fight Highlights

(Video courtesy of FOX Sports | May not be available in all locations)

Watch the video highlights from the UFC 184 fight between Raquel Pennington and Holly Holm.

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  • dandogood

    Pennington is a terrible fighter with a fricking 5-6 record now and is not worthy of the UFC. Holm is not talented either and would get destroyed by almost every fighter in the UFC. Holm is 33 years old anyway and dull.

    • Jay32

      When you win 18 world titles and are up against Mayweather and GSP for Athlete of the Year, maybe you can comment. No female in MMA has the type of striking and brutal KO’s that Holm has thus far. She’s a boxer that executes game plans, Rogan even said that several times. She wins by controlling fights and out scoring. KO’s happen, but aren’t sought. She maybe boring, but this type of demeanor was seen in both Jones and GSP. It works very well, and she is only going to get better. Top 5 women all would have serious problems in stand up with her. It’s a matter of could they take her down.

      • dandogood

        no one ever heard of Holm. I don’t know of one world title Holm won. Holm is very slow has zero MMA skills and is not top 20 in the woman.

  • dandogood

    watch Holm get Knocked out on U Tube.