UFC 183 Video: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Weigh-in Face Off

January 30, 2015
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It’s officially going down. Former middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz officially weighed in at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on Friday. Watch the fighters come face-to-face the day before the pay-per-view event.

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  • Kevin G Flenniken

    IMO I think Diaz will be to slow for Andersons counter attack, doubt it will go to the ground. Nick may have a chance in the later rounds but Silva has been in deep water before gas has never been a problem and both are coming off long lay offs. Andersons speed and true MW size wins him this fight in the 3rd. Hope Nick sticks around either way.

  • Sarge


  • cheflacsto

    Anderson probably wins with ease, unless he is tentative because of the leg, then anything can happen. Just hoping for a good fight. Now that this month is over and Weidman is injured again, we are gonna be waiting awhile for a good fight card.

  • dandogood

    Nick lost to Carlos Condit and GSP. Nick is not in Silva’s league and is too small. Terrible fight for Diaz