UFC 183 Video: Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz Staredown

January 29, 2015
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Check out the staredown between former UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and former Strikeforce champion Nick Diaz from Thursday’s UFC 183 media day in Las Vegas.

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  • Joche

    That was sweet … WTF.

  • Darin

    There is a reason Silva asked for the fight with Diaz. Nick will stand in front of him and exchange strikes. He is also an emotional mental midget that Anderson will be able to toy with. Anderson will drop his hands and dodge punches, Nick will talk trash and flip him off. When Anderson feels like it, he will drop this moron. But he does NOT deserve a MW title shot for tooling a washed up has-been welter weight.

    • blob

      Yeah because Silva’s standup looked so phenomenal against Weidman lol.

      • Lucas Freire

        Well, Weidman is the guy who just beat Machida. Who is Nick Diaz? The guy who got a win against a smaller BJ Penn 4 years ago? lol

        • Guest

          nick diaz is the guy who carlos condit ran from to get an easy win, got GSP scared to trade with him and knocked out current welterweight champion robbie lawler.

          • Lucas Freire

            KOed current Champion 11 years ago? That fight isn’t even relevant given how Lawler evolved since then. It’s like calling out that Ryo Chonan sub’d Anderson Silva.
            While I admit Condit fought safely, GSP was scared? lol want some stand-up statistics of the bout or the fight video?

          • groinkick

            blob, the only reason Silva didn’t do well against Weidman on the feet is because he was in constant fear of the takedown. Sonnen gave the blueprint on how to beat Silva. A tall, powerful wrestler with good submission defense. Let Weidman step in the ring under pure kickboxing rules, and see Silva destroy him.

          • groinkick

            Lucas, GSP was only able to strike because he used lots of wrestling. When Diaz thought he was going to shoot, gsp used strikes. When he thought he was going to strike, he went for takedowns. Do not be confused, and think GSP could have actually stood in a pure striking match against Diaz

  • R Jordan Leavitt

    i think that nick may be better than ever. we you seen him so focused ever? i think it will take longer than expected for silva to win maybe decision