UFC 183 Results: Miesha Tate Survives Early Scare to Defeat Sara McMann

January 31, 2015
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Despite Miesha Tate and Sara McMann each having lost recently to UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, their fight at UFC 183 on Saturday night was seen by many as a bout that would keep the winner in immediate contention for the title.

McMann quickly put her Olympic-silver-medal wrestling on display, putting Tate on the back foot with some solid right hands, and then driving her to the mat with a takedown and keeping her there for the rest of the round.

McMann didn’t do a lot of damage, but she took side control for most of the round, landing several hard shots, but also going after a couple of submission attempts that she couldn’t quite lock out.

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The second round was more of McMann driving Tate around the Octagon with powerful right hands… up until the final minute and a half of the frame.

UFC-183-Miesha Tate-weigh-inTate found another gear, perhaps out of desperation, and stormed McMann in a flurry of punches, driving the fight to the mat, and securing a guillotine choke. She worked the choke for the final 90 seconds of round two, but couldn’t quite put McMann away with it, although she did add a couple knees to the body for good measure in the final seconds.

“I think if I would have had 10 seconds more (I could have finished her),” Tate said after the fight.

As much as the opening frame was all about McMann, the final round was all about Tate.

Although McMann threw Tate in the opening seconds, Tate turned the tables as they hit the mat, putting McMann on her back and immediately taking control.

“She almost had that takedown, but (I knew) I can’t give it up, so I had to fight tooth and nail for that last position,” Tate later commented.

Tate spent much of the final round in side control, driving short elbows to the body and forearms to the face. McMann squirmed and scrambled, but couldn’t get out from under Tate, who kept attacking until the final horn, even going after a Kimura in the waning seconds.

The judges scored the fight a majority decision for Tate: 29-28, 29-27, and 28-28.

The win over McMann puts Tate on a three-fight winning streak since her loss to Rousey in late 2013, and keeps her in the running for another shot at the champ.

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  • petefrontkick

    if McMann wouldve kept it standing she wouldve won, Tates grappling was the key..had it 29-28 for McMann she won the majority of the second round

  • NewsWatcher83

    not impressed at all.. Ronda would beat both of them in one night. And Im a Mcmann fan.. or was

  • The Prognosticator

    Tate’s victory over McMann was a disastrous development for Women’s MMA from a marketing perspective. Now when Rousey beats Zingano, she will have defeated every top 5 female in the Women’s Bantamweight division. Additionally, Meisha Tate will be the #1 contender and a third fight between her and Rousey would be a tough sell to say the least as virtually no one believes Tate can win. Furthermore, the story line that McMann was simply too inexperienced in her first fight with Rousey, but now has developed the MMA skills to match her Olympic pedigree is now shot. It will be extremely interesting to see what the UFC does now with this division. In my opinion, they can either (1) hype Holly Holm who has no UFC victories or notable victories in general; or (2) hype Bethe Correia who also has no notable victories; or (3) try again for the circus fight with Carano. Personally, the only fight that now interests me is Rousey versus Cyborg. I would not purchase any other card headlined by a Rousey fight. JMO.

    • deepgrim

      holly holm could be the next if gets a good first round Ko/Tko at 184. I dont think they would be able to market mc mann for the rematch at all, meisha has a larger fan base at the very least. Think the cyborg fight is the one most people want to see, but im interested to see how holly holm will do

      • The Prognosticator

        With all due respect, I just stated that the McMann versus Rousey rematch the UFC was gunning for with the Tate versus McMann matchup is now shot. If McMann had won, which the UFC and the oddsmakers were anticipating, then they would’ve had their next story line and Rousey fight all lined up. However, with McMann’s loss, that is out the window, and no one wants to see Rousey versus Tate 3, thus leaving the UFC with the three options I set out before.

        • deepgrim

          what im saying was even if mc mann had have beat tate i dont think they would have gone down that line with a rematch, no one wants to see that and mc mann doesnt have enough fans to even try to go that route. They would have been more likely to go bethe correia angle over them too, but holly holme will be the one if she makes a big statement

          • The Prognosticator

            I disagree, it would have been hyped like Brock versus Mir 2. Also, they would’ve taken the Rousey soundbite where she said McMann was the strongest female she ever locked up with and played it ad nauseum. This was the UFC’s plan in scheduling McMann vs Tate. I also doubt they would have gone down the Correia angle as she has not beaten anyone in the UFC’s top 10 bantamweights. Additionally, now that Bazsler isn’t even in the top 15, Correia has beaten no ranked opponents. Finally, a victory by Holm at 184 against a #12 ranked Pennington even by KO/TKO likely does not warrant a title fight with Rousey. The UFC was clearly gunning for McMann as Rousey’s next opponent.

          • deepgrim

            i dont believe that at all to be honest, the brock/ mir thing was completely different in the first fight brock kicked franks ass for 90 seconds before getting caught in the knee bar, and at this stage was now champion and a huge draw- while mc mann was getting her ass kicked and never looked comfortable. Correia hasnt beat anyone of note but she is talking a bit of trash and in the ufc that takes you places. Holly holm is an easy sell if she gets an easy tko, unbeaten mixed martial artist with champion kick boxing skills and training at jacksons gym. In the ufc it doesnt always matter if you deserve a title show, its whether you can sell tickets to the fight, mc gregor is the best example of this, and i personally dont think mc mann has many fans

    • kudahfee

      Just like any other weight class contenders will establish themselves. At this point it really doesn’t matter who ronda fights as long as there’s a storyline or the contender is cute. Jessica eye, holm, the latin chick from tuf, bethe would all be good opponents in the near future. Put bethe vs meisha for the title shot next, the meisha vs ronda 3 would still sell & the bethe fight has a storyline. Then if holm wins her next fight put her against eye & that could be a contender fight to. I’m just hoping at least in her next fight ronda goes rounds competitively & doesn’t look so dam dominant. The weight class is not bad at all ronda just makes it look bad. If zingano can give ronda a fight & at some point hurt or at least put ronda in a bad position a few times it would help the future of that weight class. Just imagine if ronda lost or even won a close competitive fight as long as ronda continues to destroy opponents in the first round the rest of the division will continue to look weak.

      • The Prognosticator

        Jessica Eye is 1-1-1 in her last three fights and is coming off of a victory against the #15 ranked woman in the bantamweight division. She has not earned a title shot by any means. A win by Holm against the #12 ranked woman in the batamweight division does not warrant her a title shot either. If by “Latin chick” you’re referring to Pena, she has not fought any ranked opponents. Andrade is coming off of a loss. Nunes was TKO’d by Carmouche and has not done anything to warrant a tile shot since. Like I said, Tate’s win has put the UFC in a bind regarding Ronda’s next opponent because virtually no one wants to see Tate Rousey 3. See, Meisha Tate talks Title Shot’s comments section on this site.

        • kudahfee

          Eye barely lost those fights you looking to much into earning title shots. There’s not enough fighters to base title shots of who you beat last. Only contender that really earned a title shot vs ronda was zingano. If the ufc thought like you ronda wouldn’t have no one to fight. Like I said it really doesn’t matter who ronda fights as long as they have momentum & they’re cute. If Holm beats the shit out of Pennington as the co main fans will instantly want to see her vs ronda so Holm vs eye would be huge. All some of these broads need to do is look really dominant & they will instantly be seen as contenders especially holm eye & pena because their cute. Tate vs bethe is pretty much the real contender fight & if bethe wins she beat a top 5 fighter & if meisha wins its no way you can deny her title shot. It’s not as bad as you make it seem ronda will probably only fight 2 times this year anyway.

          • The Prognosticator

            In your hypo, Ronda still needs a fight between Meisha vs Bethe, so then Holm basically must win, so Ronda can have a meaningful fight even though Holm doesn’t deserve the shot. Sounds like option #1 above. What a surprise.

  • Guest

    whoever scored the fight a 10-8 in the last round shouldn’t be judging.

  • Oskar Mülleimer

    True, nobody thinks Miesha can ever beat Ronda, BUT you never know.
    Give her enough attempts and she might eventually be able to pull a “Marquez” on her third or fourth title shot, LOL.